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    Today is my last day of being non-primal. Im actually excited to start.

    I am about half-way through The Primal Blueprint.

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    Reminding myself to take weight and measurements tomorrow morning.


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      8:39 AM - Started going Primal today.

      Weight - 257

      I have been eating like crap the past 5 days. Lately I have been weighing 250-252 so first 5 pounds will be a wash from my perspective. I also expect to gain weight in muscle. Starting CrossFit.

      Measurements -
      Chest 48"
      Waist 43"
      Hips 45"
      Bicep (L) 16 1/4" (R) 16"
      Calf (L+R) 18 3/4"

      B - 2.5 Egg Omelet with sauteed spinach and mushrooms. (Shared with wife, 4 eggs total), slice of cheddar cheese on top,
      about 6 ounces of thin, lean grilling steak, 1/4 avocado, 2 small cups of coffee with half and half

      Small amount of sunflower seeds and mixed nuts (no peanuts), handful at best

      L - Protein salad from Freshii. A bunch of spinach, a little bit of green apple, about a half can of white albacore tuna, a few ounces of their balsamic vinaigrette.

      small peperoni stick, another handful of nuts, hard boiled egg

      D - 2 Sausages from Sausage King, 16oz. very lean pork chop, sauteed zucchini, small side salad

      Felt a little light headed and weak from 3-6pm

      According to I ate around 3500 calories. Too much meat I think. I will tone it down. Half my calories were in dinner alone. The good news is, my carbohydrates were at 46 grams. Fat and Protein were around 240 grams each.
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        CrossFit intro workout results from 8/10/2010:

        500 meter row - 1:50
        40 air squats - 3:15 Unbroken
        30 sit ups - 4:21 Unbroken
        20 push ups - 4:51 Unbroken
        10 pull ups - 7:30 (purple band for my fat-ass) - 5-1-1-1-1-1 Very broken set, took over 2:30 to complete pull ups

        Total: 7:30


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          Probably because of my meat frenzy last night, when I woke up this morning I was not hungry. Probably a good thing considering my 3500 calories from yesterday.

          B - 1 hard-boiled egg, small handful of sunflower seeds, 1oz of smoked salmon, half of an apple, 2 cups coffee with half and half. 1/2 scoop of NanoVapor (6grams carbohydrates)

          L - Leftover lean pork, 1 Sausage king sausage, leftover zucchini.

          Small handfuls of nuts here and there, and sunflower seeds

          D - Ritz half pound jerk chicken, callaloo, so when I got home had 1 more sausage king sausage, rest of pork, strawberries, blueberries, with a few ounces of half and half, some nuts, and a small pepperoni stick

          Felt a little lightheaded, weak, or just funny a few times today, but this was only before I ate.

          All around, a better day nutritionally than yesterday. 1000 less calories.

          2600 calories, 168 grams Fat, 72 grams carbohydrates, 209 grams protein....a little higher than what I wanted on carbs, but it was worth it
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            First Crossfit workout

            Various warm-up exercises

            9 x 5 squats increasing weight to 5 rep max.....stopped at set 8 at 305 pounds, didn't want to injure/overstress my legs since they were getting very tired and near cramping, and still had a workout to do

            12 x 50 meter sprints. Pulled hamstring last time I did sprints, so I took it easier than a full on sprint 1:3 work/rest

            3 x 10 hamstring body raises. I am not sure what these are called


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              8/26/2010 --- 2 weeks as of today

              Weight - 250.2 Down from 257

              Chest - 46 3/4" Down from 48
              Waist - 41 1/2" Down from 43
              Hips - 44" Down from 45

              No heartburn to speak of. Less gas.


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                Weight 249

                Chest - 47"
                Waist - 40 1/2"
                Hips - 43 1/2"

                Definitely a little thinner in the fatter areas. Doing CrossFit a lot. Probably gaining some muscle mass. At least I hope so.