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    Day 1

    Well, here it goes. I'm not sure where to start with this. I debated as to whether I would write a journal. I have a lot of thoughts running through my head, and writing them here may help me along the way. Also, some accountability in what I do from day to day...but I certainly don't expect people to read this.

    My best friend (Bane) has been doing this for several months with great success. While he has been doing this, I was very loosely following the eating portion of Dr. Bernstein. A few years ago, I did Dr. B for a few months. I went from 280 lbs down to 220 lbs. I LOVED the results. People were shocked. I felt great. My health improved. Tons of benefits. Then I decided I would quit that cold turkey. I went on a cruise...and ate and ate and ate. I ended up slowly putting all my weight back on. So earlier this year, I followed the very strict eating component of Dr. B again...and again I lost some weight. I went from 284 lbs down to 242 (I think) a few weeks ago. Then I started taking some vacations, camping, etc...and basically got lazy in the eating dept.

    I was talking on the phone with Bane today. He showed me his progress pictures and my jaw dropped. Instead of waiting until summer was over to start some sort of strict eating "diet", I have decided to start now. I signed up on this site and began to read some of the information.

    I guess I can say that I went Primal at around 2 pm today. I went and stepped on the scale (which I normally don't do in the middle of the day. I weighed 261 lbs!!! My jaw dropped yet again.

    I like the fact that I don't have to starve myself. After the severe restrictions I have dealt with doing Dr. B, following this way of eating going forward should be very manageable.

    As far as exercise goes, I think I am fairly active. I walk my dog several times a week, I camp every other weekend which gets me mountain biking and hiking. I play slow pitch once a week. With 2 boys age 9 and 11, I am pretty busy with them. I also have a gym membership that I signed up for last September. I could count on 2 hands the number of times I have actually gone. I'm self employed and my hours are very inconsistent. My mornings are taken with getting my kids to school. I work many evenings. I feel guilty going to the gym during business hours....I feel I should be working.

    As I'm writing this, I really don't know a lot about this. I think I know enough to get started. For supper, I bbq'd a steak...and ate a simple salad. I had a peach for a snack afterwards. I then went t the store and stocked up on fruit and veggies. I pulled some meat out of the freezer. This should be a good start. I will read as much as I can, and will obviously learn more as I go. I will bug my buddy with endless questions as well.

    A bit about me:
    261 lbs
    36 yrs old (almost 37)

    I've thought a lot about goals. I've never been good at setting them because I feel like I am just going to be picking a number out of thin air. In the past, I had gotten down to 220 lbs, and I know I can do better than that. I would be THRILLED if I could get to 200 lbs as a long term goal. I still need to sit down and figure out how much per week I expect to lose and work out some interim goals.

    I feel inspired tonight. I ate a health meal for the first time in a while. I was watching a bit of tv tonight...and I decided to drop to the floor and do some pushups. I did 4 sets of 10 assisted pushups (had my knees on the ground). I think a big chunk of my exercise for the next while will be random mini-workouts along with my walks, hikes, etc.

    I guess that's it for tonight. A bunch of rambling for my first entry. We'll see where this goes from here.

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    Welcome! It's great to see you here! I've seen Bane's recent progress pics so I know exactly why you were inspired to start PB RIGHT NOW. It's awesome that you have a good friend who's already so familiar and successful with primal living, he'll be a great resource for you. And you'll want to read the book, obviously, which won't be hard because it's a super interesting read. There's a brand new ebook, too, on Primal Fitness (if you do a forum search or go to the main page of you'll find it) that's free and focuses a lot on simple, effective exercises you can do using your own body weight as resistance. Good stuff.

    As far as eating, you probably know the basics from Bane: high fat, high protein, low carbs. More veggies than fruit. Meat, meat, meat. Eat primal foods when you're hungry, stop when you're no longer hungry. It seriously is that easy.

    Again, welcome! Grok on!


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      I just thought it would be appropriate for me--Gottaluvalab--to say hello to you--BeagleMan.

      Good luck!


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        Hey bud! Man, you've been here a day and have a journal... might have to get my butt in gear and fire one of these up too.

        Yeah, we've been friends for over 20 years. Living a few hours away from each other right now though, so most of my tough love will be online. ha ha

        We weighed the same in highschool, I think like 160-ish. We had this bet for years (can't remember when it was made, but probably 10 years ago when he was starting to put weight on, it was even his idea) that if he ever got 100 pounds heavier than me, he owed me $100. At the time it was one of those "oh man, can you IMAGINE?" things, but before we knew it here we were. At the start of the year I was 201 and he was 286 and I told him to get his ass in gear. He kind of did, and I sort of half-assed the first month, so it still looked out of reach, but then I started this PB thing in Feb and cranked it up. It wasn't too long before he owed me, I think in March. I sent him a pic of my scale, and he mailed me $100 in cash the next day.

        I made him a new deal after that, if he gets to within 50 pounds of me, I'll pay him $125. So he'll have to get down to 215-220 to get the big payday. Stick to this and you'll get your money back, man.

        As for the Dr. B thing - I tried a little to get him to do the Primal thing with me at the start, but since he'd lost so much weight last time with that program, I didn't push it... I did get him to say he'd try it out after he used the Dr. B Nazi Death Starvation thing to get down to 220 or so, that it would be a healthy thing to transition to, but he had a super hard time keeping to that "diet" over the summer. I'd send him pics of my lunches, like 1/2 lb of meat with veggies, eggs, cheese, and he'd send me his pic back: a fucking orange, small diet granola bar, and a glass of water. (!!!!) A 280 pound man eating 900 calories a day, low fat. Jesus.

        Needless to say, he's going to enjoy the meals a tad more from now on.

        Anyway bro, welcome to the other side. We have such a history of saying "this is it!!" every. damn. year. Our New Year's Resolutions last a few weeks maybe. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this for this amount of time. I think it's your time too, buddy. Let's kick some ass.
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          I absolutely LOVE this story. You guys are hilarious. I just reread your post, Bane, and when I get to the part where he'd send you a picture of his bullshit lunch I can't help laughing.

          Sorry, BeagleMan. Laughing WITH you, not laughing AT you.

          I'm really excited to read your progress because I know you're going to be successful. Give it a couple weeks and you're going to feel like a brand new person, seriously.


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            Day 2

            Thanks for those that have popped in. I certainly can't imagine this being entertaining for others, but I will continue to write some things down for now.

            When I weighed myself yesterday afternoon when I said I had had enough...I was 261.0. I knew that would be rather inflated being mid-day...and I also forgot to mention...I had had Wendy's for lunch. ugh. I was reminded of that when I got in my truck this morning and saw the cup sitting there. I shook my head. So I figured stepping on the scale today, it would be lower...and it was. Was at 255.2 lbs. So a good start, but I chalk up most of that to time of day I weigh. Going forward, I will always weigh in the mornings. I typically take a look every day, although many people think it's better to do it once a week or so.

            For eating, I've been enjoying this. I only had the one meal yesterday after making the decision to start this. Today was:

            Breakfast - 2 eggs, 6 pieces of bacon
            Lunch - 3 egg omelette with some mushrooms, red pepper, and celery. I added a very small amount of shredded cheese.
            Supper - bbq'd a steak, a salad, and some carrots. Peach and a few grapes for a snack.

            I didn't have time today to read much, so I'm going with the little I've read and heard. I'm sure I am making some mistakes with the food, but overall, it's waaaay better than what I've been eating. I will fine tune things as I go.

            I had to move some furniture today...lots of it. So I had a good 3 hours of carry couches, dressers, beds, etc. Ended up being a good workout.

            Oh, I did go out at lunch today and bought a Perfect Chin Up set. I think that's what it's called. has adjustments so I can do different things. I'm going to set that up tomorrow likely and looking forward to mucking around with that.


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              Love dog people.
              Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                Day 4

                OK, posting once a day aint going to happen. heh heh. Weighed myself this morning. 251.0 lbs. So 10 lbs down. Of course, I don't expect to lose that a lot of weight body usually responds like this when I make a change. Fast results at the start, and then things settle down. Regardless, I feel good. I feel better about myself that I'm heading in the right direction again...this time doing something more manageable.

                Been weird with my wife though. She has followed me in the past with the eating component of Dr. B. She lost some weight and has been thrilled with that, but like me, over the summer has taken a break from doing anything. She hasn't put any weight back on. Her reaction to me doing this was not what I expected. She rolls her eyes, gets snarky even, saying I'm on my own for this. I have hardly explained what the premise of this way of eating is. Her and my kids call it a diet, and I think she thinks its just another gimmick. What I don't get is that she was doing one of those gimmicks, with success, herself. I hate the word diet. Other programs are just that - a diet. This is different. It's a way of life. It's a way of eating - or in a lot of cases, not eating certain things.

                The first few days of doing Dr. B's is agony. I would be miserable. I'd be almost in the fetal position by the end of the day trying to get by without cheating. After a few days, it would get easier. With this, if I am hungry, I eat. I've had cravings...lots of them, but in time, I will be able to ignore them more. So far, I haven't listened to my cravings.

                I didn't do any exercise yesterday. I worked all day and most of the when it was time to wind down, I crashed in bed. I don't want to kill myself right out of the gate anyway, so a day of rest won't hurt me.

                My goal today is to set up my chin up bar. It looks pretty easy. I also want to take a few minutes and figure out some goals. I also need to do a lot more reading on this site...and the book.

                So far, so good!


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                  In my experience it's not uncommon for people to roll their eyes when I tell them about PB. They either: a) are tired of hearing me extol the praises of xyz diet and think this is just one more in an infinite string of bad dietary decisions, b) like what they hear but don't want to get their hopes up only to fail at another unsustainable diet, or c) just don't care.

                  If your wife followed you through Dr. B's diet-- and I don't know anything about that except what you and Bane have written about it here but it sounds fucking brutal-- and wasn't able to sustain it forever (uh, because NO ONE could), maybe she's defensive about being introduced to yet ANOTHER diet that might be setting her up for failure. She could be in self-preservation mode.

                  In my opinion, the best thing you can do right now is just go about your business on PB without the zealotry. She'll make her comments and whatnot (which is probably just her way of testing the waters to see if you're committed to this) and you'll just keep eating primally and working out and doing all the PB stuff. You'll see results. Big ones. Quickly. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those results are going to be the ONLY persuasion your wife will need. Explanations at this stage of the game aren't going to work, she's been burned before. Let her see how well thing thing works and how easy it is to maintain, she'll be on board in no time.


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                    Originally posted by Cosima View Post

                    . . .

                    If your wife followed you through Dr. B's diet-- and I don't know anything about that except what you and Bane have written about it here but it sounds fucking brutal-- and wasn't able to sustain it forever (uh, because NO ONE could), maybe she's defensive about being introduced to yet ANOTHER diet that might be setting her up for failure. She could be in self-preservation mode.

                    . . .
                    There are people who swear by Bernstein, and by all accounts it works, but living on water and lettuce with the fear of the lettuce carbs sneaking up in to the night to kill you is not something to be entered into lightly. I exaggerate--but not by much.

                    If I had followed someone deep into Dr. B. land, I would be reluctant to follow again without a careful examination of the road ahead! You'll have to forge a smooth path for the lady.


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                      Day 7

                      Well, I'm down to 248.0 lbs. I wasn't expecting to drop that much in a week on this...but I guess at the start the losses can be somewhat substantial.

                      Thanks for the adivce on how to handle my wife. She is starting to come around I think. I'm doing just what was my thing, and she will see the results I'm having, and eventually start to accept it. I think it was Saturday that I woke up and she was just standing on the scale. She grumbled and said something along the lines of "fine, you can't do this without me." ha ha. She was trying to say that I couldn't succeed without her help. I laughed at her and said, do what you want. I couldn't do Dr. B's without her (because of how strict it was), but I can very easily do this without her. I can't say she is doing it too much, but because of the choices I am making with food, she is somewhat following along.

                      We had company over on the weekend for supper. We went to Sunterra Market in Calgary and got some large chicken and beef kabobs. BBqd those up, with a salad. The cheat part of my week were 3 Bud Light Limes I had that night. I guess that's not bad overall.

                      Physicaly activity has been so so this past week. I had to move a bunch of furniture around over a couple of days so I got some good lifting out of that. I played ball last night and ran a ton in that (3 triples and a highlight reel sprinting dive to catch a fly ball). I set up my Ultimate Pull Up bar...and tinkered with it now and then, but no real workouts with it. I do know that I can't come even remotely close to doing a pull up...heh heh. Some day. The nice thing with this pull up bar is that it adjusts to different positions so you can do different types of exercises other than the traditional pull up. That will keep my busy until I can lose some weight and build some strength to do one pull up.

                      After today it will be a week...and it's been a great first week. I feel great. I'm excited to do another week!


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                        Day 8

                        Bloody Hell! I stepped on the scale this morning and was up 3 lbs! At first I swore...then I started to panic...but I sent a txt message to Bane and he calmed me down. I guess it's normal to have some fluctuations. I didn't eat bad yesterday. Ate all good stuff. I maybe could lay off the fruit a bit (through the day had a banana, orange and peach). I went for a 1.5 hr brisk walk with the dog.

                        I shouldn't weigh myself every day, but I do. I just have to look at the longer term trends. It was likely fluid I'm not going to panic....again.

                        I've been so busy with work and stuff that I haven't been able to do much reading. I am doing this somewhat blind, other than the bits I've read and the countless questions I ask Bane.

                        Bottom line is I can tell even after a week that this is good. I feel better, I look better. Keep on keeping on.


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                          I wouldn't say it's "unhealthy", but that's probably a week's worth of fruit for me, man. (well, 6 days worth, plus 1 day from 2009, because that's when I had my last banana )

                          But yeah, I've eaten lightly and gone up 5 pounds overnight, and a few months ago I had an entire pizza for a cheat meal and I lost 4 pounds overnight. Day to day weight change isn't worth the headache.

                          Keep pluggin' along, big guy.


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                            Day 10

                            After the 3 lbs gain a couple of days ago, I dropped back down the following day...and then stayed the same today. Not bad considering I went out last night for dinner and decided to have a "cheat" meal. I'm not sure I want to do that again, but I had a chicken club sandwich....with...fries. Gag. I actually had a funny taste in my mouth the rest of the night. The fries didn't sit well. Actually the meal didn't sit well. Might have been because I had to go to a Michael Buble concert afterwards...heh heh. I quickly came home and pulled out all my Sports Illustrated and manned up. ha ha

                            Things have been a little hectic, so I haven't really had much for exercise the past couple of days. I haven't even had time to get groceries...which I need desperately - will make sure to do that tonight as I'm running out of things I know I can eat.

                            Today, I haven't eaten anything, other than a small piece of deer meat at lunch...and I mean small (size of a peperoni stick). I felt guilty about last night's meal, so I figured I would hold out till dinner. I'm starting to get hungry now though...and guess what, I have to go to Boston Pizza for supper (invited by parents and brother's family). So I will go there and watch most of them stuff their faces with greasy appetizers and I will sip on my water and wait for my steak to come. Then I will go home feeling great, while they go home and bitch and moan about why they can't lose weight.

                            My big challenge is going to be this weekend. My slowpitch team is playing in our wind-up tournament. I play Friday night and all day Saturday. In past years, it involves quite a bit of beer. I'm not sure yet what I will do about that. I'm still new at this...and part of me thinks I should enjoy the tourney and have a few drinks, and then ball is done with for another year. Another part of me says, I've worked hard the past 10 days, and I will keep coming up with excuses to have drinks, so I should just suck it up and stick to water. Stay tuned to see which route I choose...heh heh

                            Off to chow down a steak.


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                              Good luck. Another dog lover here! Personally I say have a beer or 2, but just mix it up with waters in between. You've got to make it so this lifestyle is sustainable. I wasnt looking to lose a lot of weight at all when I got started on this, but I knew that there was no way I was giving up my wine. Its a question of balance. But yeah by the same token, its also quite a cool feeling to say no, I'm not going to drink on this night and really get the buzz of knowing that you didnt cave.