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  • Primal Challenge Journal BigFatty

    Today I start the Journal. Started the PB diet 2 days ago, but plan on jumping on full hog tomorrow.

    Today - Daily walk 2x 30 min.

    B- Coffee

    Lunch - Chicken Lecso (good) with rice (bad)

    Dinner - Pork Meatloaf (not real good - bread in the loaf and explained this to wife) and broccoli

    S - 2 small pieces of Dark Chocolate.

    It will be hard to ween off my daily beers and cokes. I will cut out coffee too - don't care for it much anyway.

    Tonight - to bed early so I am in the gym by 7!

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    Having some difficulties to get to the gym. Saturday morning.. no excuses.

    The daily walk is a non-issue.

    Yesterday's meals:

    B - Nada

    L - Chicken Gyro Plate - Chicken, salad and some fried potatoes with this... otherwise pretty good

    S - Peanuts

    D - Pork Meatballs - Wife is still not on the bandwagon here, and salad.

    S - Grapefruit

    Today was 100%!

    B - Eggs, Bacon, and mushrooms

    L - Turkey Salad

    S - Ice tea - brewed with sugar sub.

    D - Kolbasz, veggies, watermelon

    So far no soda and no alcohol... really good. Saw some cokes at lunch and felt the desire. That will pass.