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  • Primal Challenge Journal (DebFM)

    I'm not usually into doing online forums, but I found Mark's site and got really excited about it and thought I'd join in. I thought it would help if I'm a part of something rather than doing it on my own, like usual.

    I started slowly cutting out potatoes/beans/grains about two weeks ago. It wasn't too bad easing into it.

    Here's what I've had today so far:

    b'fast: eggs with fennel and dill

    lunch: couple ounces of turkey with lettuce, beet salad with beets, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, basil and homemade vinegarette.

    Supper will be Mexican-spiced chicken in the crockpot with sauteed veggies (peppers, lambs quarters, onions) with a little guacamole on the side.

    I run my own mini herbal business and garden a lot (4 hours yesterday). My main goal with this is to exercise more with a long walk in the evening and continue to garden.

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    Day Two

    Despite really bad temptation today at my friend's house, I perservered! Wasn't easy, but I did it. Definitely have more energy these days! That's good, since I have little kids to run after...

    For eats today:

    B'fast: smoothie with oatstraw infusion, protein powder, peaches, a little cream & flax seeds

    Lunch: chicken, stir fried veggies, gazpacho YUM!

    Supper: chicken sausage, kale sauteed with bacon & onions

    Snacks: walnuts, wild blackberries - double YUM

    Excercise: yesterday I did 5 1/2 hours hardwork/heavy lifting in the garden so today I'm going for a two-mile walk after supper.


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      Day Three

      Market day. This is a hard day. I sell at a local farmer's market (medicinal herb products) & it starts at noon. I had a great breakfast, however, so I wasn't even hungry until 2 p.m. The market ended at 6 p.m. The kids go, too, and that always makes things a little crazy! I get the added benefit, though, of all that heavy lifting of stuff in and out of the car.

      Eats for the day:

      B'fast: collard green sauteed with a little ham & two scrambled eggs

      Lunch: two leftover sausages & gazpacho

      snack: walnuts and an apple

      Dinner: two pieces of fish & broccoli

      Usually I'm completely exhausted after the market but this week I wasn't. Love that extra energy!


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        Day Four - Saturday

        Worked in the garden for two hours in the morning and then went for a 6 mile/hour and half bike ride with the kids. Fun! Felt really good after the bike ride.


        B'fast: eggs scrambled with spicy jalapeno sausage, onions & peppers topped with a bit of shredded cheese & salsa, coffee w/ cream

        Lunch: turkey rollups with mayo & garlic, blueberries, apple & leftover sausage

        Snack: handful walnuts, decaf coffee w/ cream

        Dinner: baked chicken breast w/ homemade pesto (basil from the garden!), smashed cauliflower with Parmesan cheese

        hmmm...eating a lot of sausage this week! Next week, probably no sausage as we get our grass-fed meat for the month! Hurray!


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          Day Four - Sunday

          Lots of working in the garden today = lots of heavy lifting. If there's too much dirt in the plastic wheelbarrow it warps a litte when dumped...

          Eats for this day:

          B'fast: eggs scrambled with fennel, onions & dill; sausage, coffee

          Lunch: Big salad with weeds & left over pesto chicken

          Supper: Big night out for anniversary: coconut coated shrimp appetizer; baked haddock on bed of veggies, glass of wine & wee bit o'dessert - chocolate mouse with chocolate sauce. I ate about 1/4 & hubby finished off the rest! A really yummy dinner & aside from a little dessert, perfectly Primal! Woohoo!!


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            Day Five - Monday

            Whew, it was hot! But I was really busy, Did some light gardening (=got some good sun!), lots of laundry & then took one of my doggies for a walk in the evening. We had storms all around us, so the light show was pretty wild! Went to bed early.

            For today:

            Breakfast: scrambled eggs w/onions & garlic; 1/2C wild blackberries w/ a little cream; coffee w/ cream

            Lunch: blueberry smoothie: whole raw milk, protein powder, whole plain yogurt & lotsa blueberries

            Snack: some blackberries & nuts

            Dinner: Cold avocado soup (was delicious!!!); salad with leftover chicken breast

            I am feeling so good. Even when I'm hungry, I'm just hungry - no corresponding fuzzy brain, short temper or shakiness!!! Man, and the energy I have. Woohoo!


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              Hey Deb ! your food all looks sooo good .... yum-O !

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                nice website BTW !

                I am getting the dried nettle today, hopefully, to make the infusion ... thanks for the info !

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                  Great, Primalmom! I started with nettle infusions two years agon and the boost in energy was amazing. Us moms need all the help we can get!


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                    Day Six & it was nasty and hot. I cleaned really well the house in preparation for herbal medicine making. Aside from the typical gardening today was a quiet day, physically. Tomorrow - one of those body weight work outs? Maybe!


                    Breakfast: 2 sausages and 2 scrambled eggs. I have to admit that I missed my veggies! K-man made breakfast so I cann't complain, though! Also coffee with cream

                    Lunch: leftover chickie on a salad with bluecheese & pine nuts; homemade balsamic vinegarette. Kept me going until after 6 p.m.!

                    Dinner: steak tips, cold cucumber soup and (homemade)cortido. Yum.

                    Snack: few walnuts, apricot & a few blueberries

                    Made an 'replenishment' drink from juice of 1 lime and a pinch of sea salt in 1 liter of water. We don't have A/C here so when it's hot I really feel like I need to replenish the salt. Especially since, for some reason, I'm no longer such a wicked salt hound! When I was eating carbs I was pounding the salt. I was Celtic sea salt or seaveg + sea salt, but still! Huh. Go figure!


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                      Day Seven

                      Did one of those body weight workouts. Ouch! Then spent lots of time gathering in the garden. Time to make plant medicine!


                      B'fast: totally wasn't hungry and just didn't eat breakfast. No lightheadedness, grumpiness, etc. Can't imagine doing this before!

                      Lunch: chicken curry salad and kale fresh from the garden

                      Dinner: jalapeno sausage sauteed with onion & peppers, cold avocado soup & some leftover chicken enchilada filling

                      snack: blueberries snagged while in garden; apricot (fresh from local farmstand, even), and a few nuts; 1 cup plain whole milk yogurt with 1 tsp honey.

                      Not having any sweeteners for something like 10 days now, that little bit of honey was crazy-sweet. Nice. I had *NO* idea how addicted to sweet stuff I was! Maybe that had something to do with the salt addiction? Now, I've always read that sweet cravings are related to eating too much protein, but personal experience is telling me they're not. Guess who I'm going to believe! Me!


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                        Day Eight!

                        Eats: scrambled eggs with spicy jalapeno sausage, sauteed pepper & onions, salsa & a little cheese; coffee w/ cream

                        Lunch: Salad with lotsa lettuce, some weeds, turkey, ham & dandelion dip dressing. I'm thinking, probably a little too much salt from the turkey & ham. Gonna have to quit that!

                        Supper: beef brisket curry cooked in the crockpot w/ 4 turnips, some canned tomatoes & homemade chicken stock. Put a tablespoon yogurt on top. That was pretty good!

                        Snack: blueberries while picking a quart off our blueberry bushes; nuts (from sampling to find out whether the crispy nuts were done!)

                        Wasn't hungry enough today to want or have a "real" snack! Yea!

                        It rained all day, so the kidlets & I were hanging out mostly. It was CSA pick up, too. Veggies!

                        Also: measured myself! Eek! Still a curvy gal!


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                          Day Nine

                          B'fast: strawberry smoothie w/ yogurt, cream, protein powder & strawberries

                          Lunch: last night's curry

                          supper: lotsa steak, beet salad w/ feta, sauteed mushrooms

                          Had a touch of the flu, so I took it easy today & went to bed early.


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                            Day 10


                            B'fast: 2fried eggs w/ 1 TJ's spicy sausage. The sodium content on that isn't too high. Coffee w/ cream

                            Lunch: we went to Whole Foods so I picked up lots of chicken & some salad greens at the salad bar. I was disappointed with their salad bar, though. Lots of cold prepard stuff, not a lot of raw materials.

                            Supper: Fried haddock (with a light coating of bread crumbs :^0 !) & beet salad. Couldn't finish the beet salad.

                            No snackies today. Just wasn't hungry!!!


                            Almost 2 miles with the dog but she was pooped! I outlasted the dog!!! In her defense, it IS hot here and she is a Siberian husky. Her winter coat's coming in really thick so I think she was just too hot.

                            Also, took my blood pressure and it's WAY down from about a month ago when it was low 130's over 85; now it's 112 over 75. Woohoo!


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                              poor pup ! Great job for you and your BP

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