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    Well, it's been a year and a half since I last posted. I went off of Primal, and paid the price and my weight has gone up to 260 pounds. Ok, it's somewhere around 255. I was dieting, but I'm a carb junkie.

    I had to go to my doctor the other day, and she was concerned about the fact that I am having problems with severe depression (which is odd for me because I'm a chronically happy person) and I quit menstruating (sorry for the TMI, it's relevant to this post). I'm only 35 and have had no symptoms of menopause. So, had several vials of blood drawn for testing last Friday.

    So, she just called and said the testing showed some issues. My cholesterol doesn't look that great, my TH level is slowly creeping up (which means my thyroid is creeping towards hypothyroidism), and she's still trying to track down the cause of my lack of menstruation so I need to go see about having an ultrasound.

    But she told me the best thing I can do for myself right now is to adopt a low-carb lifestyle.

    Guess what she suggested?

    Yup! So, it looks like I'm back on bare feet again.


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      Hi! Nice to meet you. =) Welcome back here; I'm looking forward to tracking your progress.

      --Mshathvri (new to the MDA forums)
      Beastly musician / My Primal Blog

      My plan for the year (July 23rd 2012-July 23rd 2013):

      Walk to Mordor. I have walked 12.33 miles out of 1779.
      Do Convict Conditioning / balance exercises.
      Eat primally.
      Take a progress picture once a week.
      Don't weigh myself.

      Starting weight: 223
      Current weight: ???
      Goal weight: 145

      Waist measurement 08/03/12: 42 inches and three quarters
      Goal waist measurement: 30 inches


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        Originally posted by Mshathvri View Post
        Hi! Nice to meet you. =) Welcome back here; I'm looking forward to tracking your progress.

        --Mshathvri (new to the MDA forums)
        Thank you! So far I've lost 15 pounds!


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          Got the husband on the plan with me now! He's shocked at how much weight I've lost in such a short time.

          Had such a marvelous cup of coffee this morning. Cream and vanilla extract. YUM.

          I started on levothyroxine this morning and I'm hoping for the best. My thyroid has been creeping towards underactive for years and I've been suffering from moderate to severe depression for months now. Which is really unusual for me because I'm normally such a happy, peppy person. And I wasn't feeling bad about myself or anything...the depression mostly manifested itself as extreme fatigue, apathy, and very flat affect. It sucked.

          An increase in antidepressents and getting into Primal has done WORLDS to correct that, and I think this thyroid medication will help too. I had a nice long walk with the dog this morning (in my vibros of course!) and I really enjoyed getting out in the sunshine and having fun!

          I really wish I had a bicycle right now. I wonder if at 245 pounds I could ride one? I'm afraid of going shopping for one and being told I'm too fat to ride a bike.


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            Way to go on the recent loss! That's amazing.

            I have a family history of thyroid issues (Grave's and Hashimoto's), and my own journey to primal has a lot to do with trying to mitigate it. I'm 37, and this is about the age my aunt and mom started having all sorts of weight/emotional issues which took years to diagnose as thyroid deficiency. I hope the new drug helps you. Low thyroid can make you feel very blue.

            Take care!