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    Breakfast: IF

    Lunch: Pork blade steak, salad of dark leafy greens, carrot, and radishes

    Dinner: 6 strips of bacon, 1/2 avocado

    Snacks: 1/2 avocado, 3 squares dark chocolate, juice/club soda

    I can't believe I've gotten through an entire morning fasting without getting hungry. Two weeks ago, this would have been utterly impossible. I was risking a hypoglycemic episode if I did not eat breakfast.

    I'm still going through waves of carb cravings, but they aren't anywhere NEAR as strong as before I cut out grains. I realize I'm indulging in chocolate and a little juice every day. As it is, I will lose a substantial amount of weight and corrected some very serious health issues. I think I'm doing ok for now. Tweaks and adjustments will come later.

    I can't wait until I get our farm. I'm looking forward to getting our goats, and being able to have fresh goat's milk, cheese, and butter we make ourselves! I remember when I was a pre-teen, I worked on a farm every summer. I was allowed to have a glass of fresh warm milk from the goats every morning when I milked them (and we had Saanens, which are the Holsteins of the goat world! There was always MORE than enough for making various products!). There really is nothing quite like pausing for a glass of raw milk after a tough morning of mucking and feeding and you're hungry for a snack. Just a few ounces makes you feel comfortably full and complete and is oh so satisfying.
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      Hey Longtail, congrats on finding this site. I'm still fairly new to PB too and I feel really lucky to have found it. I was not way overweight, but was steadily putting on pounds and there were some indications of pre-diabetic symptoms. I'm feeling pretty good these days after just a few months of pb - still drinking on the weekends though, so the weight loss has stagnated a bit.
      Anyway, I caught the part about you getting a new dog and had to share about my little assistant. He's been a great impetus for me walking. I otherwise have a tough time motivating to walk. I play a game with my pup which incorporates the sprints into my walks. I posted it yesterday here:
      It just seems to make the sprints have a purpose.
      Best of luck with your changes!


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        Thanks, Piscator! I feel lucky myself and I think good things are on the way.


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          Breakfast: Steak and salad with dark leafy greens, broccoli

          Lunch: IF

          Dinner: Shrimp Grok-a-mole (Delicious!), fresh blackberries off the vine

          Snacks: none

          It's going to be bloody hot today, so I'm going to make this a slow moving day. I battened down the fort with mylar blankets on the windows (behind the venetian blinds so the neighbors don't think I have a grow operation going!), the fans set up strategically, the dog (and me) walked early, and my deck garden watered before the sun comes to that side of the apartment.

          I plucked a few of my broccolis growing in a Rubbermaid bin for my breakfast salad. :9

          I didn't mean to IF again today, but I ended up doing so. Was working on some artwork and lost track of time. Normally I'd be sucking down Cokes and munching candy bars while working, but it just didn't enter my mind. Will wonders never cease (I hope not!)!
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            I'm originally from Houston, and my first summer here in the PNW (five years ago), I couldn't believe how bloody hot and humid it can get!!! As such, my first place didn't have A/C. There were a couple of nights I had to sleep outside because it was hotter in the apartment than outside. Now I've me got a new cave, uptown, with central A/C.

            To answer your Q about learning another language so as to figure out what the docs are saying: LOL, no, it's not quite that bad. You'll learn the myriad of accents. (Chinese is the most difficult to me, but others seem to have a lot of difficulty with the African and Vietnamese docs.) Actually, some of the very worst dictators you'll ever get are plain ole sloppy, inconsiderate American motormouths. We've got one here who talks like Yoda: "See the patient back in followup tomorrow, I will."

            Despite the downward spiral of the field, I really enjoy being an MT. Even after 15 years, I continue to learn interesting and useful things on a daily basis. And I get to hear all sorts of hilarious, scandalous, sad, and frustrating things all day long. Transcribing the ER notes are particularly fascinating. Every three-day weekend, there's tons of trauma cases coming in, and you'll be transcribing those history and physicals STAT as the trauma team is wheeling the patient down the hall into surgery.
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              Well, I meant if there is a call for bi-lingual translators. I worked with a lot of reports that were transcribed from Spanish, and I see courses for Spanish MT. So I was wondering if it'd make me more valuable. It probably would anyway though. If nothing else, I could be a translator for a hospital or clinic who needs someone to explain things to a Spanish speaking individual.

              I know I'd really enjoy MT work. I'm so sad to hear that they want to offshore it. Maybe, hopefully, at the rate the Rupee is climbing in value, it won't be a cost-effective solution soon.


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                Breakfast: A few ounces of cold pork

                Lunch: Bowl of yogurt with blueberries and handful of nuts.

                Dinner: Salad with bleu cheese dressing (fished out the croutons), BBQ half rack of ribs from Claimjumpers with a side of asparagus and roasted vegetables.

                Snacks: Glass of juice with club soda

                I barely made a dent in the ribs. I'll freeze them for later. Mostly I chowed on the veggies at dinner because that's what I really wanted.

                I've been taking pictures of myself. I took the first front and side shots when I started and took them again one week later today. There is already a NOTICEABLE change in my physical appearance. My face is defining more, and my belly has shrunk a bit.



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                  Breakfast: Banana smoothie with protein powder. A few shrimp. A few black berries.

                  Lunch: Shrimp, two tsps of CLO, a tomato, and a cup of tea with milk and a tsp of honey

                  Dinner: Spaghetti squash bolognese with a few shreds of mozzarella cheese.

                  Snacks: Strawberries

                  I think the BBQ sauce from yesterday kind of messed me up. I didn't have very much (just literally a few bites), but I had the runs last night and now feel kind of bone-achey exhausted today. I slept really late.

                  I'm still keeping exercise at a mute because it's still bloody hot. Things will be better later this week though.
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                    Shrimp, fruit and a banana smoothie...That's some combination! :-)


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                      Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
                      Shrimp, fruit and a banana smoothie...That's some combination! :-)
                      Aaaaaack! I meant I had a banana smoothie. I also had some shrimp and a few berries on the side!

                      Though I may have to try a banana berry shrimp smoothie at some point. I have a knack for weird concoctions. I made sardine ice cream once and it turned out pretty good! Bananas are also really tasty in marinara sauce and on pizza.


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                        Breakfast: Leftover steak, tomato, strawberries

                        Lunch: IF

                        Dinner: Leftover spaghetti squash bolognese with a few shreds of mozzarella cheese

                        Snacks: few squares of chocolate, tall glass of organic mango lemonade

                        Today was pretty quiet. Last of the hot days, thankfully. I got a lot of work done on commissions and comics.

                        I had a BAD carb craving that I was thankfully able to stave off with dark chocolate. I hope those cravings go away soon. They sap so much energy. I've still got a week or two to go to get off carb flu.
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                          Breakfast: Tsp. COL, part of a pork chop, mixed dark leafy green salad

                          Lunch: A few slices of roast beef deli meat and a slice of cheese

                          Dinner: tsp. of COL, bacon, eggs, half an avacado

                          Snacks: 2 cups of coffee with a splash of milk and two packets of Splenda, few squares dark chocolate

                          OK, turns out my carb craving yesterday wasn't from adjusting to less carbs, but from menses starting. Which is a shock, because normally I KNOW when that's gonna happen. But the carb craving was sort Another perk of this lifestyle, I hope? Reduction in PMS symptoms?

                          I ended up drinking a tall glass of organic mango-lemonade. Lots of sugar, but was good for me too. Could have been worse, I could have eaten the Milky Way or Twix I have sitting in my drawer.

                          Getting dressed this morning, I am really seeing how my body is changing. I have DEFINITELY lost inches and I can see my figure coming back along with my face. I don't own a scale, so I'm going by what I see. And I LIKE what I see.
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                            Haven't had much to say lately, but I've been watching your blog here. Huh, so your period started with less drama? Interesting! After I'm done with this baby and off birth control (gonna get fixed) I wonder what mine will be like... who knows!

                            Great idea to take the front and side pics. A lot of folks seem to plan to do that but don't get around to it.
                            "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                              Breakfast: Pork chop

                              Lunch: Salad, tall glass of milk, and several small primal chocolate chip cookies

                              Dinner: Bacon, avocado half, roma tomato, 2 tsps. COL

                              Snacks: cookies

                              I decided to try out my new almond flour I got. I found a recipe for primal chocolate chip cookies, and they came out REALLY good. Very earthy and rich and satisfying. Still not the healthiest primal food, but still much better than conventional! Hey, it's that time of the month, chocolate is considered a legitimate food group.
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                                Sounds great! Would you mind sharing the recipe with all of us?

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