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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Luvbirds)

    8/3 Monday:

    L-Chicken Legs and Salad

    D-Broiled fish and Scallops, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Onions, Sun dried Tomatoes Saute. Fresh Tomatoes with Mozzarella. Spinach Salad.

    One hour hike and 15 minutes Weights

    8/4 Tuesday:

    L-Left over Fish & Veggie Saute

    D-Beef and Veggie Stir Fry

    One hour hike

    8/5 Wednesday: Dave Matthews Concert tonight! Tailgate!


    D-Chicken, Red Pepper and Pineapple Kabobs

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    L-Chicken Thighs

    D-Beef Kolrabi Wraps and slaw (thanks Mark!)

    No hike, but played tug with 100# Doberman for 15 minutes.


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      Messed up the rest of the weekend.....kept to maybe 50/50 primal....NOT GOOD! It's Monday morning and I'm back on board. New alcohol for two weeks...NONE! Primal 100% no excuses! The next time I can eat or drink anything outside of Primal will be at the family Reunion in two weeks, and only that Saturday, and Mom's commitment ceremony the following weekend. GRRRR so mad at myself....why can't I stay on track???? It's not that I don't know what the right things to eat are...I've been eating this way for many years...I just cheat, and then pay for it by feeling crappy physically and mentally.

      I did have a very productive weekend working out in our garden, lots of work got done, and I will now be planting a large shade garden and then putting down mulch....very pleased with the work so far.

      I am heading out.....taking a nice hike with my Petey, then grocery shopping only for meals, letting my sons do the shop for junk food if they so choose, and then off to the nursery for more plants. Later....I'm taking Petey for a second run and a swim.


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        Also want to dog Petey is 100% primal too! I feed him raw. His meal are kept as close to a whole prey model as possible. He has eaten this way since he was 5 months old. He has had weight issues that despite eating raw and lots of exercise, he puts pounds on easily, I think we have found out's due to too much fat in supermarket chicken and lamb, because of it, he had 20# of fat on him. His all time high was 112# He is now down to 92# and looks GREAT! Now if only mommy could lose her excess 10# eating primal...all would be good. I'm BACK! Get up off this damn computer and get out there!!!!


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          Primal hike!!! Felt like crap this morning after all my weekend cheating...but got out there anyway. Lots of wild blueberries for breakfast, a few deer around and then a BEAR! Always a reward for a hike!


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            Still sticking to the Primal diet, going for a hour hike each day. Skipping breakfast everyday and not missing it at all. I've started to do some push ups and squats during the day. No alcohol this weekend, not a drop! Also committing to longer hikes on Saturday and Sunday. I plan on spending the weekend doing only healthy things for myself as hubby and sons will be away.


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              Nice hike with Petey this am...picked blueberries for breakfast.

              Tonight I'm trying some new recipes from the site, zucchini pizza crust and Crab Cakes.

              Looking forward to another hike with Petey at 7pm and then a late dinner afterwords.


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                I had a great day! AM hike and a PM hike, two different parks.

                Ate good today

                B. 2 egg omelet with greens, red pepper and mushrooms, 3 natural sausage.

                L. Zucchini pizza with fresh tomato and basil

                D. Crab Cakes, Corn on the Cob and Cucumber Salsa

                Treated myself to an order from U.S. Wellness. I ordered some Pemmican, Jerky, Beef Sticks and Soap Nuts.

                I feel as though I'm finally on track to do the challenge, it was a hard start for me, too much going on here at home to put myself back on the front burner. It was a very long Summer having my two oldest around, and sooo many extra people here all the time. I can see the need to do that because I end up binging on crappy foods when I get stressed. I think having some healthy snacks in the house should help. I will get back on the weights this week, my 5 fingers should be here soon along with my sand bag...some things to spice up my boring weight work outs. Also spent a lot of time looking at the recipes on here, and getting excited for some new meals to make.


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                  I weighed myself this am and the number is holding, no loss, but no gain! I'll take it. I guess at this age I should be happy to have good health and fitness first, numbers on a scale really aren't important at all.

                  My Primal dog Petey is doing great with maintaining his weight loss! He is running so much better with a total of 20# off of his body.


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                    Although the scale doesn't reflect any weight loss, I am noticing that my stomach is losing fat, my pants are more comfortable!!!

                    Received the pemmican yesterday, must say it is definitely an acquired taste! It is better frozen.

                    Sticking to the eating part, now I need to do more weights. My sand bags should be here soon, so that will be my new WO

                    Kids heading back to college this weekend....down two boys and a GF....should give me a bit more time!


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                      I'm hanging in there...but finding it a bit hard to get any exercise in. My life gets less crazy when two of my sons go back to college,and our partners aren't taking vacations. Sept 1 in a better serious fitness start date for me.

                      I am going to continue with my good eating and not stress about the W/Os I have a few months until my 50th BD, and I want the 10# gone by then, and some muscle showing!!


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                        Well.....I pretty much crapped out over the weekend....too many parties and not enough will power. I didn't lose an ounce over the month, but I didn't gain, so that is ok. My sons are all back in school so now it's time to make TIME FOR ME!

                        Primal lifestyle I pledge to continue!


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                          And I begin again. This thread is from 4 years ago. I still haven't lost the weight and gotten back into shape. My Petey died from DCM at the age of 4 years and 9 months old. Living through the 20 months of knowing he was going to die, and then the last year and a half since losing him put me it the toilet. There really is no reason for any more excuses, that was all in the past. It's time to take care of ME NOW. If I don't I'm going to end up with health issues. Eating foods that make me sick and Binging is going to take years off of my life. I challenge myself to live 100% Primal for the next 30 days, no cheating, no cheating~NO CHEATING! You can do this!


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                            Day 1. I already did a 30 minute quick hike, some full body moves, at the tipi. Brunch was 2 organic eggs, 4 Natural Turkey Sausage, all scrambled with a huge pile of kale and greens. I took all my supplements. Now it's time for some work around the house and garden. Hoping and looking for more energy so I can get back to my life. Will head out for some sun now.


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                              Last week at a yearly doctors visit I realized that I am the weight I was 19 years ago when I delivered my 4th son. I've allowed myself to get to the point of being FAT. Although my doctor said I'm still in the *healthy* range, I don't agree. I started lifting weights at 16 and continued all the way until 8 years ago when my Dad suddenly passed away and I ended up severely depressed for more then 2 years. Since then I've never been able to keep up a good weight lifting schedule, nor have I run. Grateful that I get to hike most days of the week, for over an hour. That is the only reason I am not fatter.

                              I have no energy nor motivation. Right now I have all the time in the world to get back into shape, why aren't I taking advantage of it? I will follow the Primal rules and see if that doesn't help me to feel better and get my butt back in gear. One day at a time.