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    Ok, lets have a go at this then.

    B: Ommlette with a dash of cheese and ground pepper (awesome!).

    L: Tuna salad

    D:Grilled Chicken and salad (Used some mayo).

    I cycled for around 6 miles (my daily commute to work and back). I know this is very much not Paleo (I suspect that early man lacked the bicyle)but I've been trying to do it in sprints (really fast, slow, fast slow etc) up and down hills to mimic the sprinting idea Mark described in one of his posts.

    I'm not a member of a gym but I do have a dumbell! Yay for me! Did some intense bicep curls and tricep extension and then 60 pushups (Three sets of 20, urgh).

    Does anyone know if this sort of exercise will be effective?

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    Height = 6 ft

    Weight = 218 pounds (Ah!! How did I let it get so bad!)

    I have no idea about measurements but Iím going to get them and post them ASAP.

    Wow. Ok, So it's Thursday morning now (beginning of day 4, woot!) and I've just had a tin of tuna for breakfast. Normally I don't eat breakfast but I felt really peckish today and I've had a bit of fish. It was really good, fantastic even.

    I haven't done much exercise other than the odd push up and my daily cycle commute. I've had a few gigs this week and I've felt so exhausted that I've struggled to keep up a routine. Maybe I should join a gym now? Could jumping around on stage be considered exercise? I get quite sweaty.......

    Yesterday I thought I'd have a crack at the whole intermittent fasting thing. I've dabbled with it before, so I knew what do expect so it wasn't too hard at all. I had a big salad for lunch and then didn't eat until the tin of tuna a few moments ago.

    I feel really light. I haven't weighed myself today but I clogged up I guess you could say. I feel full, satisfied with what I've eaten but without any of the bloating I am accustomed to.

    Also (I won't be too graphic here) my toilet habits have changed dramatically in just a few days. Normally I'm quite 'busy' in the mornings but this hasn't been happening at all this week.

    I have my final gig of the month tonight and then Iím free to start adding some routines. Iíve been debating buying some push up bars as Iíve found my wrists hurt a bit after doing a lot of push ups. And maybe another dumbbell set as I only have one right now.