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    Well, I did start on Monday, however I decided I needed to have some chocolate and bought low carb junk food (Atkins Bar) Not such a hot start considering I get sick when I eat them. On the positive side, I went to the tire store a got 2 tractor tires (free), brought them home and rolled one around the yard. End over end, not the easy way. Gonna get a sledgehammer too and beat the tar outa them. My family and I are going to have races to see who can move the tires faster across the yard. Its fun! Other than the Atkins, I only ate a small serving of Spaghetti sauce (no pasta). Those bars really do make me sick -rebellious I suppose. I really will do better than this as I have been off of grains and sugars for almost eight years and do know how to eat right. Lost over 100 lbs too! Trying to incorporate more exercise.