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  • Primal Challenge Journal (DesertTomte)

    Day 1 (Aug 3rd)

    Didn't sit down to join the challenge until late in the evening so the day was not very primal. Lets move on.

    Day 2 (Aug 4th)

    B: egg white omelet - two egss worth - and 1/4 cup shredded lite cheese. 1 cup OJ

    S1: 1/4 cup soy wasabi almonds

    L: Quizno's cobb salad w/o flatbread.

    S2: Cashews, cherries, raspberries

    this is where things started slipping.

    D: Whole wheat spaghetti, lean ground beef, tomato sauce, string beans. Yes the pasta is a no-no but I did hunt and kill it myself....

    half a chocolate cupcake.

    S3 two squares 72% cacao chocolate - you know - for the anti-oxidants.

    Exercise (not routine)

    Walked the dog round the park. Good news is that the dog was more tired than I was.

    Looked at the bike today.

    Props to Tundra Tomte.

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    Nice. I'm sure primal man would look long and hard at a bicycle before deciding whether to sit on it and ride it around. Once he did though, look out. Grok on a mountain bike with a camelback and an atlatl ... he'd be the superstar provider of his tribe in no time.