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    5 August 09

    A brief introduction on why I'm posting...

    I'm a 30 year old American girl living and working in Asia. I got here late 2005 and did a lot of traveling within the first 8 months and didn't take care of myself during that time. I had a habit of binging on vacation and coming back with a weight gain of about 5 pounds for every 10 days of vacation and then slowly losing it through better eating and some exercise and then doing it all over again with the next vacation. During the end of the summer in 2006, I started getting really tired. I had blood tests done and tested positive for some autoimmune things.

    Years and many blood tests later, the only thing I've been told is that I MAY have chronic fatigue. Almost 4 years later, I'm still experiencing the fatigue daily and I want it so bad to go away. I've tried focusing on my diet, doing what they all say, eat lots of whole grains, only a little meat, keep the fats down, but it didn't work. I've tried eating anything I wanted, just eating less, and I lost weight about 15 lbs (and stopped my vacation binging) but still had the fatigue. Then, about 4 months ago, after some research, I found that a lot of folks with chronic fatigue had problems with wheat and dairy. In the last 4 years, I thought mood swings and irritable bowels were common for me. I took out the wheat for a month and things got better. I tried it once or twice after a month and had stomach troubles again. I started researching more and found that taking out all grains and legumes helped as well. Since that was most of my diet, it was hard at first to replace it all with protein and veggies, but it really helped. My stomach troubles were nearly gone and so were my mood swings. Then I found SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and that led me to Primal.

    For those that don't know SCD, it's a program to heal digestive problems (and has recently been picked up by families with autistic children). It focuses on cutting out the complex starches (grains, legumes, etc) and eating more protein, fruits, veggies, and nuts and seeds. Sounds primal engouh, but with SCD food is introduced in stages and if your body has a negative reaction to it, you try to reintroduce it in the future when you're much healthier. I've been loosely doing SCD for the last month and have found that I'm not ready for cocoa, sesame seeds, and a few other things. It's crazy how I never knew what healthy bowels were! Now I know for sure. My body tells me when I eat the right things and definately when I eat things I shouldn't/ I'm not ready for.

    About 6 years ago I tried a diet like this and felt great. So, I'm giving it a go again. I think Primal in combination with SCD will help with my health. I haven't been able to do much exercise since I got sick except for walking and yoga. I think the exercise portion of the primal lifestyle sounds doable so I'm interested to see if it makes a difference. Before I got sick I was lifting weights pretty regularly and after, I could barely do a 10lb bicept curl.

    So, that's my introduction in a nutshell. I'll try to include the foods I eat, as well as how I'm feeling, and what exercises I do.

    Thanks for reading and good luck to all!

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    5 August

    I spent 2 weeks in Europe and every day I had dessert (at least once). The last 4 days I finally caved and had bread. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I haven't had anything terribly bad since Sunday night, but it feels like I'm eating a whole lot more than before vacation. I didn't really binge while away, just allowed myself a few sweets and often cheese. I'm having cravings, but it could also be that I'm so tired. I haven't slept much since Saturday.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie (apple, spinach, water= enough for almost 1.5-2 pints)

    Hunger Pang: 2/3 chicken thigh, leftover green smoothie

    Lunch: 1 1/3 chicken thigh, 1 cup banana/coconut shake, 1 piece cashew butter blondie (ground cashews, eggs, honey, coconut oil)

    Hunger Pang: 2 handfuls cashews

    Dinner: Soup with brocolli and lamb

    Sweet craving:, 2 sunflower seed butter blondies,

    lemon curd (lemons, eggs, honey, coconut oil)

    Exercise: 20 min walk to work

    Health: Felt like I was getting sick today. Pretty tired from lack of sleep. Achey but better than the last few days.


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      6 August

      Breakfast: Green smoothie (mango, bok choy, water= enough for almost 1.5-2 pints)

      Hunger Pang: Was too busy in meetings to eat

      Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 pieces coconut bread spread with lemon curd, 1 piece sunfloweer seed butter blondie

      Dinner: Soup with brocolli and lamb

      Sweet craving:, 1 sunflower seed butter blondie,

      lemon curd

      Exercise: 20 mins walk to work and 20 mins back home

      Health: I slept maybe 3 hours last nite so this morning I felt like a zombie. Digestion has been best today since I got back. Although I was pretty tired, I wasn't as achey as when my stomach was off.


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        7 August

        Breakfast: Green smoothie (blueberries avocado, water= enough for almost 1.5-2 pints)

        Lunch: 1.5 piece calimari steak, 2 pieces coconut bread spread with lemon curd, 1 piece cashew butter blondie

        Dinner: 1 piece coconut bread spread with lemon curd

        Sweet craving: key lime ice cream (key lime juice, eggs, coconut oil, honey, coconut cream)

        Exercise: 20 mins walk to work and 20 mins back home

        Health: Still not sleeping through the night. Digestion was terrible. Bloated all day.

        8 August

        Breakfast: Broccoli & lamb soup

        Lunch: Pork chop with sauerkraut

        Dinner: Bison, red pepper, and snow pea stir fry

        Sweet craving: key lime ice cream

        Exercise: 40 mins walking

        Health: Still not sleeping through the night. Digestion was the same. Bloated all day.

        9 August

        Breakfast: Eggs & salsa

        Lunch: Asian buffet (mostly seafood), fruit

        Dinner: strawberry banana ice cream (strawberries, banana, coconut milk) with pineapple

        Exercise: walking

        Health: Still not sleeping through the night. Digestion was the same. Bloated all day.