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  • Primal Challenge Journal - Gordonzo

    Just got back from a long weekend wedding trip. I started the challenge this morning. I'm looking forward to taking the next step in being primal. I've already lost 20 pounds in the last 6 months and am getting more disciplined in exercising. I have been walking to work a couple of times per week in my vibram 5 fingers since June. I've noticed a huge difference in my feet and legs now. I no longer need orthotics or ankle supports.

    Today my food intake was:

    B: coffee

    L: Chicken and beef stirfry

    d: a nice piece of salmon, some carrots and a few cooked beets.

    S: 5 tablespoons of yogurt


    walked dog for 1 hour

    walked to work and home = 1 hour in total

    did 3 sets of 4 pullups

    did 2 sets of 15 situps

    did 2 sets of 15 pushups

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    Well once again I started off with the intention of IF but by lunch time was feeling light headed. I went and bought some nut mixture - no peanuts.

    My goal is to lose another 10 pounds -getting to 180 lbs. Reduce my body fat and strengthen my core muscles. I hope to increase my pullups to 10 in a row, do 25 pushups and 50 situps.

    I intend to do some sledge hammer exercises tomorrow morning and go for a bike ride before work.

    I slept in today as I was up late working on Church work so I didn't get any exercise done before work. Plan on doing some tomorrow.

    Today my food intake was:

    B: coffee

    L: 2 handfulls of mixed nuts

    S: 1 handfull of mixed nuts

    D: bowl of homemade beef vegetable soup, some steamed green and yellow beans, and a serving of boiled beets with butter.

    S: a handfull of carrot sticks


    Walked to and from work - in my 5 fingers - total 1hr

    Coached my daughters soccer game after supper - she's 6 so coaching is very active. 1 hr Fun time

    Walked the dog before bed (barefoot) around neighbourhood for 45 minutes.


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      Day 3,

      In my quest for reducing toxins from my internal/external body, I've switched to a Salt Crystal as a deodorant. Seems to work much better than just deodorant.

      Food intake today:

      Early Snack : Protein Shake with banana

      B: scrambled eggs, peameal bacon, 4 slices of melon and a coffee

      No L:

      S: handful of mixed nuts

      D: good size portion of fried beef with carrots and snow peas. Bowl of Beef Vegetable soup.


      Got up early and biked to Trent University and back and pushed the tempo. Don't know how far it was, but it took me 45 minutes.

      I then did 3 sets of 4 pull-ups

      3 sets of 15 situps

      2 sets of 12 pushups.

      With some stretching in between each one. I really love the GROK stretch that marked showed in his sprinting video.

      After walking to work for two days in my five fingers I've now developed some pain in my right calf and ankle. The biking helped. But now my glutes are sore


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        Day 4,

        Feeling tired and sore/stiff. I think I will take an off day from work outs. Not looking forward to Saturday as I'm going to a Jays game and not sure how well I will be able to eat.

        Food Intake for the day:

        B: banana and yogurt

        L: Beef Vegetable soup, some cashews and a banana

        S: two handfuls of mixed nuts

        D: 2 chicken, 2 beef Kabobs bbq'd with green and yellow beans.


        Walk to work - half hour ----that's it.


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          Okay, Wow!!! You are making me look bad!! Good job. I am going to try and step up exercise this week. Walking three times at least to work this week. My sister is visiting so eating will be a challenge as we are out and about.

          Keep up the good work!!!


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            Day 5

            I went to see the Toronto Blue Jays beat up on the Orioles. It was fun but man is hard to "behave" when you're at the Skydome. I'm not that proud of my day, but will chalk it up to a bad primal day.

            Food Intake for the Day:

            B: Coffee

            S: Iced Cappacino

            L: Saugage with saurkraut -Bun and all- "StreetMeat"

            S: 3-4 handfuls of popcorn

            D: 1 pound of hot wings with two budlight limes.

            I really wished I had been able to stay clear of the street meat and the popcorn - didn't enjoy either as much as I'd thought. Wings and beer were a nice indulgence that I actually enjoyed.


            walk, walk and more walk around the Skydome and lots of stairs. We were 4 rows from the top. All this in my 5 fingers.


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              Day 6,

              Stayed up way to late fuming over my bad primal day. I was doing so well all week and really felt I failed in Toronto. Today I was slow getting up and then went to Church.

              Food Intake for the Day:

              B: Pear and banana smoothie with a coffee

              L: 2 egg omelet with fried green peppers, garlic and old cheese. bowl of beef vegetable soup

              S: 4 rice crackers

              D: salad with mixed veggies and grilled chicken

              S: bowl of fresh blueberries


              Walked to the park and did 3 wind sprints with my dog Parker at the Park, in my barefeet. that was fun - we both enjoyed it. Did some monkey bars with my daughter. Ouch that really hurts the shoulders. I need to work on that to keep up to her. She kicked my butt!

              After supper did some running sprint races in the back yard with both my kids. Then jumped on the trampoline for 20 minutes. We had a blast.

              Plan on trying the mountain climbers tomorrow morning for a workout with the sledgehammer workout.


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                where are you Gordonzo????


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                  still looking for you Gordonzo???