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  • BFF's Primal Adventure!

    Technically, it is 12:06am and today begins yet another attempt to get this thing right. Only this time, I'm posting it here, where you guys, who don't think I'm crazy, can help

    To start: I'm a "bad" diabetic. My last a1c was 7.8, which was almost as bad as an undiagnosed diabetic. I'm type 1, and my insulin needs vary wildly from week to week, so its hard to keep up.

    My weight is high -- last count 215.8, although it'll be MUCH higher when I wake up later today, because I indulged in lots of wheat for hubby's birthday. Last time -- next year, he eats pizza alone.

    I'm currently trapped on the recliner since I split open some skin on my foot and I'm not allowed to walk on it til Saturday, when I get my stitches out.

    My plan for tomorrow is simple: eggs, butter, and perhaps some corn (taco shells, mostly). I'm going to be detoxing off the wheat, so I'm going to feel HORRIBLE and sluggish, and will probably be very sick. But I'll take advantage of my injury and my illness to knit some (knitting may not be primal, exactly, but it is ancient and is both play and taxes my brain!) and maybe play WoW. I'll try to clean without staying on my feet too much -- maybe sit on the floor and work there

    I plan on drinking LOTS of water tomorrow, as this seems to help with the detox.

    I am woefully unprepared for a TRUE Primal experience, because Hubs is really bad at grocery shoppping. So I'm going to wind up doing around 50g of carbs a day, mostly in yogurt (I'm taking antibiotics to prevent infection in my foot, since I'm diabetic, so I'm eating extra yogurt). Lots of eggs, butter, some almonds, and maybe some air-popped popcorn dripping with real butter to help me over the carb humps. I still have some chicken sausage from Trader Joe's and lots of frozen veggies, so there we go. I'll start there.
    29 years old, type 1 diabetic with insulin resistance -- HORRIBLE a1c, and borderline cholesterol problems. Carb addict.

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    I did none of what was stated above. Mostly because being stuck in one's chair is excessivly boring and one reason I'm fat is that I eat when I'm bored. I managed to avoid gaining anything more than water weight (I hope) but I ate grains with abandon. Which added to the "I'm stuck in this chair" depression. Which made me eat more grains.

    But I got my stitches out on Saturday -- yay! And Sunday was the family BBQ, so I didn't eat too much that was bad. AND I went for a nice mile-long walk last night (not a lot, I know, but my foot was aching by the end, so it was enough). Today -- well, I tried to have salmon for breakfast, then realized how much I hate breakfast and posted about it. So, no more breakfast for me unless I WAKE UP hungry (which happens on rare occasions, usually during my period). I tried to eat some greek yogurt to counteract the antibiotics, but my hubs bought the wrong kind and I hated it. (I'm really picky sometimes!)

    BUT I did go through the cabinets and get rid of the non-Primal food, and anything out-of-date. I even tossed things with corn and rice, which I usually allow myself in moderation. But I want to do this 100%, at least for a month, because the "this little bit won't hurt me" mentality is why I keep slipping up. And I'm currently putting together a shopping list made up entirely of meat and veggies (and dog food). I even plan on trying avacado, because I NEED to add calories to salad. I take FOREVER to eat a big salad, like more than my usual lunch-period allows, so I need to start zeroing in one small but fat-and-calorie-dense salads. Salad dressing is a good start -- I'd like to eat some kind of meat, the avacados, and I don't know what else. I'm taking baby steps here. I'm also looking into eggplant parmesan, since I'm not giving up dairy yet. I want to start making cold-brew iced tea with a touch of honey -- and trying new meat. I really only eat ground beef and chicken pieces :P Steak makes me sick to my stomach, so that's out. Oh, and I need more heavy cream for the chicken caflouti.

    Hubs is making chili tonight (yum!) and I'll be going for another walk when it's cooler out. Maybe I can make it a mile and a half today.
    29 years old, type 1 diabetic with insulin resistance -- HORRIBLE a1c, and borderline cholesterol problems. Carb addict.