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    New to posting so I hope I do it right. Started out really on Sunday the 2nd planning meals and exercise activities for the first week. I incorporated 3 days with just two meals to see how my body reacts to the fasting. Meals on Monday went well, eating some leftover strips of grilled chicken and some cut-up cantaloupe and strawberries. Lunch consisted of a can of olive oil packed sardines and a cup of blueberries. Finished out the day with a dinner of fillet mignon -medium rare, with a massive green salad and Marks Balsamic Vinaigrette. Added some pine nuts to the salad which I'd never done before. Tasted great!! For exercise, my wife and I walked a mile and a half. To add an additional primal spin to it, I put on a weighted vest of 25lbs. and carried a 12lbs medicine ball. I parked my Brooks Adrenalines and opted for my circa 1958 Chuck Taylor high tops. I read somewhere on MDA that these were a good option for a simulated barefoot experience. I feared my feet would be sore this morning but they felt fine. Day one checked-off as a success!!