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  • Yoga Daily's Primal Journal

    Official Start Date: July 19th
    Weight: 150+ (no scale, weigh about once a year)
    Vegetarian for 20+ years
    Carnivorous I come!

    I am starting week 3 of my primal, meat eating journey. It has been quite a big change for me and I am very happy with the results. I feel great and committed and excited to adapt to this lifestyle that I have always felt a strong connection with, before ever hearing about PB and Mark Sisson. It is my first time to undo vegetarianism and stick with it this long!

    Cillikat introduced me to PB over dinner and a glass of wine. She is as amazing in this forum as she is in real life, sharing her gifts of knowledge and inspiration with many circles of folks. Thanks, K, for your years of guidance!

    My typical diet looks like this:
    B: 2 eggs (from my girls out back!) with chopped veggies
    S: apple with peanut butter
    L: meat or fish with salad, chopped veggies
    S: cocoanut milk over berries
    D: meat or fish with as many veggies as I can chop and cook
    glass of red wine with dinner

    My challenges are wine (I sometimes pour another 1/2 glass) and around menses, chocolate, though this month it didn't seem to come up.

    My exercise is fun and spontaneous. I do yoga and walk daily and decide what else I'll do while I'm kicking around the park. I've also started the 100-pushup challenge. I do some weights and pulls ups and lunges and squats and lift heavy things when opportunities show up. I play a lot with my children and their friends and my adult friends, too, are playful and competitive so that makes staying active easy.

    I've been teaching yoga for a long while so that has helped me maintain good health but my body changing and could feel I wasn't getting everything I needed.

    I put on 10 lbs this past year because I had the most cortisol-infused year of my life and all I wanted was home-made baked goods and carbs. It was such a hard year and I am so glad to be on this side of it and taking better care of myself. So much pain but with it so much learned. Big gratitude!

    So, I'm hoping to stay healthy, shed a few pounds, be inspired and inspire...

    Thanks for reading!

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    Today I am lazy and cravy! Right on the verge of the moon cycle...lots of lounging and no family home so i'm in the quietest place i've been all summer.

    B: yogurt over blackberries
    L: 3 slices bacon, 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, toms, mush and onions
    S: coconut milk, peanut butter and blueberry smoothie
    D: london broil (on a salad) - never have cooked this piece-o-meat. how? and where does it come from on the sacred cow's body?

    rode my bike to teach yoga and other than that, i think its my first day off since going primal on july 19th!

    sleeeeeep is in order! and one more movie...

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      Week 2 Day 1 of the push-up challenge. I did my first full-form push-up yesterday. Yippee. IF comes easy in this much so that I feel light headed today.

      I wonder if teaching a bunch of yoga counts as slow walking. I'm definitely expending tons of mental and physical energy!

      Today my family returns and school starts Monday...trying to prepare and welcome the chaos.


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        Back to school today so a new routine begins!

        ~ 6am yoga

        ~ 8am walk or ride bike kiddos to school then 30-45 minutes ... weeeeee!

        ~ every other day - 100 push-up challenge (2nd week) plus military press or pull-ups, twice weekly

        ~ every 7-10 days - Tabata sprints

        play! play! play!
        yesterday my lifting heavy was carrying my 7 year old around 6 flags. whew! that was a hot one.

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          August 19th is my one month mark of primal mamacita. I'm feeling the need to ramp things up a has been nearly 100% primal and exercise the same but I'm wanting to get fierce with more energy output. I haven't a clue how much weight I've lost but I can feel the difference and DH says he can see the difference. WEEEEE. I'll take a photo on the 19th of every month to post all in a few months. Yikes, I've never posted bikini shots in my life but why not start this year??!!

          Thoughts on moving from vegetarianism...the more I eat meat the more I want it...and the bloodier I want it, too. That is F@*$&*#! crazy to me that I am craving bloody meat! Holy !@$%%! It is a slippery slope, though, if I miss a day without red meat I stop thinking about it. I see why I easily slip back to veg without knowing...but now I notice that I get really hungry so I'm diving back in...with gratitude. It does sometimes feel strange combining with my yogic ways but my deeper self knows it is right for me now.

          K, gotta go teach class today! Busy yoga mama...


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            Sounds like you're making great progress! You've definitely got the right person in your corner, too - Cillikat knows her stuff.

            Glad to hear you're taking to the carnivore lifestyle so well.


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              That is fantastic!! I am sure your pics will be just fine..... I posted up my reluctantly yesterday and ya know.... it was kinda liberating! Keep up the awesome work!

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                Thanks, Bane and TFG! I appreciate any and all encouragement. TFG, where did you post your pics? I can't find them.

                I'm off for a long hot walk and pushing-ups!

                Take good care...


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                  Strange observation, while heavy lifting my upper body in reps (esp. pull-ups) I almost feel like I want to cry. Big emotions come up...a bit of anger but more from a place of anxiety and fear - maybe? In the past it that feeling that has stopped from doing the work and since I don't want to QUIT, I am placing it right here in my journal for further analysis.

                  Today looks like this:

                  IF since 7pm last night, lasting until 12 noon today. 17 hours seems a good number for me. Any longer and the brain fails at expressing itself through words (not great when teaching!) Presently I am eating the yummiest concoction of backyard eggs, sauteed toms, mushs, onions, red pepps in delish butter with local sour cream, the best I've ever tasted. Ahh, my brain is feeling better already.

                  Work out: A nice long walk and nuzzle/play with my scrumptious, fireball boys!


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                    My dear irl friend! I was so wrapped up in me that I didn't realize yogadaily was *you*. And now it's so obvious.

                    So everyone, this post from my July 1 journal entry was written about yogadaily and another now primal friend of ours. They're the girlfriends I reference when talking about going out for a drink:

                    I've known yogadaily for....11 years I guess. I was there when her 2nd baby was born!

                    My dear friend, reading through your posts, it's clear you've become a huge asset to this virtual primal community just like you are an asset and a pillar in your/our intown Atlanta community.

                    Folks, if you all only knew her....she is magical. Inspirational.

                    Friend, my life is better for having you in it.
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                      Originally posted by cillakat View Post
                      I was there when her 2nd baby was born!
                      ...not only *there* but i actually give her full credit for me getting my large-headed child out!

                      too kind, dear friend! much love...


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                        Originally posted by yogadaily View Post
                        Strange observation, while heavy lifting my upper body in reps (esp. pull-ups) I almost feel like I want to cry.
                        +1 It hasn't happened recently but used to allll the time when lifting free weights.

                        In an interesting aside (since we're both involved with pregnant and birthing women), one laboring client seemed to be sounding 'pushy'. We were still at their house and were planning a birth at the hospital. During her 3rd or so 'pushy' sounding contraction, I told her that is sounded like she was pushing and asked if she still wanted to give birth in the hospital.

                        Her reply: "I'm not pushing....I just feel like I have to cry"

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                          Originally posted by yogadaily View Post
                          ...not only *there* but i actually give her full credit for me getting my large-headed child out!
                          That was *all* you 100% you. I was just there supporting the powerful woman that you are. That was such a great day. Beautiful birth.

                          Now, dx'ing the tongue-tie and getting that baby fed? I might have had something to do with that....

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                            Originally posted by yogadaily View Post
                            A DH says he can see the difference.
                            He can probably feel it too

                            Whenever Marc has been away from me for a few days and hugs me upon his or my return, I get a "Wow....Honey!!" lol

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                              I can't wait to see you today! XOX!