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  • Primal Challenge Journal Hunterher

    I've been following a primal diet basically for about 6 weeks but too much dairy and too many nuts. This weekend I finally hit a wall (mentally) and have been struggling to treat myself properly through my nutrition. This will be a great help to me and a boost to my dedication. Tonight I am simply too tired and crashing from all of the nonsense I ate in an attempt to numb myself. Posting will probably be in the mornings.

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    I did so much better on caffeine and dairy today! I did have one cup of coffee this morning with 2 Tbsp half n half but I was having 2-3 a day and probably more half n half in each cup. I was also eating waaaay too much cheese, sort of fell back to relying on that in place of fixing filling, hearty meals. I only ate 1 string cheese today. Not so great on the nuts, ate about 20 almonds which was fine (found some in the pantry I thought were gone) and then I ate 1/4 cup cashews which is what I have a problem with-I have a very hard time leaving those alone and they are higher carb and so addictive it can get ugly fast. I may have to throw them away if I start to get into them again. I'll chop them up and then I won't want to eat the crumbs but can still use them to bread the fish like I planned.


    B coffee with half n half one packet of splenda

    no food at breakfast and then I did not eat again until about 2 hrs after my workout.

    L BAS (big ass salad) 1.5 c organic baby spinach, 1 Tbsp sunflower seeds, two campari tomatoes, 3-4 oz baked chicken breast, 2 Tbsp ken's steakhouse northern italian dressing, 1 boiled egg. Since I was basically fasted, then worked out and then ate that it wasn't quite enough-I ended up eating another boiled egg, the string cheese I mentioned and a sugar free jello (I normally don't do artificial sweeteners though it reads like I go crazy with them).

    D green beans cooked in olive oil and minced garlic and sauteed pork chops in a wine reduction sauce finished with butter.

    Snacked on the cashews and some homemade jerky before dinner, wish I could take back both of those but all in all I am proud of my behavior and choices today. Son needs a bath so I have to cut this short.

    Workout of the day: 20 min HIIT on elliptical at the gym. Thoughts on that next time.


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      Not had the time I wanted to spend posting here. Suffice to say things are going well and the weird bloating/weight gain I experienced the past week or so seems to have gone and I feel good again physically and mentally. I'm thinking medication is the culprit.

      Worked in the yard for about 2.5 hrs last night and feel great today (but sore)! Hoisting full sacks of wet grass was cool, my own sandbag workout but with grass that needed to go. Getting sweaty so it's dripping off your nose feels good in an odd way.