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    Official start tomorrow.

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    It was an ok day today.

    Not the best diet-wise. But I did weight train, jog for about 10-15 minutes afterwards and finally took the family for a quick splash in the local swimming pool.

    I couldn't help eating some fries with dinner. :|

    I'm really hooked on drinking pepsi max and i drank a few small cans today.

    In general it's pepsi max and coffee that I crave

    I packed my own lunch like usual. Which always consists of some meat. Then I get my vegetables from the company's cafeterea.

    And I have plenty of meat for tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast, take my vitamins and make sure I take my fishoil pills.

    Maybe I should try to replace coffee with this green-tee energy blend I bought a while back.

    Well, off to bed. I tend to go to bed way to late.

    And I haven't even had the time to read throught the first newsletter. Sigh.

    Good night and see ya tomorrow!