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  • Primal Challenge (KJVJ)

    Already posted earlier but looks like it didn't keep. My apologies if this is duplicate, but I couldn't find my other post.


    Have already done Primal eating, with one cheat day per week. Went from 185 to 175 quickly without all the bread. Going to take out the cheat day (Better go apologize to my favorite sushi bar ) and plan to take a picture each week to see progress.


    - Eat and Exercise Grok style to get six-pack abs in time for Caribean cruise (1 Month from today).

    o Need help choosing goals here. 10% Body fat and 50% Lean Muscle a good goal for this month? Currently 12 & 44

    - Pickup a new sport (looking into Ultimate Frisbee league)

    - Set sleep pattern to be more like Grok’s. Early to bed, early to rise.

    1: Day 1: Monday, August 3rd, 2009

    - B: Eggs with variety of green vegetables and red pepper scrambled in plus Green Tea

    - S: Small Pear, Trio Nut/Seed/Fruit bar plus Water

    - L: Large Spinach Salad w/ turkey/cucumbers/tomato/orange pepper/mushrooms/Mrs. Dash, a handful of raw almonds plus Water and sugar free gum.

    - S: Trio Nut/Seed/Fruit bar, 2 Cucumbers, Water, Gum

    - S: Two handfuls of Almonds, two apricots, ˝ cup berries, gum

    - D: Roasted Chicken/Mixed vegetables/bowl of berries and orange/carrot juice

    - S: More Roasted chicken and some berries

    2: WOD:

    - Before work:

    - At work (desk job, grrr):

    o Hourly: Walked 5 minutes including stair

    o Hourly: 25 Hand Grip Squeezes each hand

    - After work:

    o Art Devaney Power Law style workout – Upper

    ? Dumbbell Military Press/Lat Pull Down

    ? Dumbbell Press / Lat Pull

    ? Dips / Leg Press

    ? Incline Sit-ups with weight / Plank

    ? Dumbbell Curls

    3: Journal:

    - Wondering if I need more fat in diet to curb hunger cravings. Feel like I eat a lot.

    - Craving dark chocolate.

    - Workout had great energy then hit a wall. Workout lasted almost an hour, probably went too long. Forearms failed before main muscles failed on some exercises. Will move hand grip squeezes to non lifting days.

    - Did not get to bed until late. Took a stemulite pill before going to sleep for what it is worth.

    - Want to make the Masaman curry recipe sometime soon.