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Primal Challenge Journal (Mike McMillan)

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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Mike McMillan)

    5 August, Wednesday

    1 hour hike

    Breakfast - fruit salad - 3 kiwis, orange, nuts & seeds (MDA trail mix ingredients), mixed berries, banana, natural yogurt. 1 Apple. 4 fish oil caps.

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    Snacks; sardines in olive oil, 95g can

    handful of sliced roast beef, apple & banana

    Some creatine pre WOD


    Partner Murph

    (Divide between partners, taking turns to rest)

    Run 1600m between partners. (800m each or split as you like, run at same time)Did 3 laps

    100 pullups - did 50 in 10s

    200 pushups - did 90 (poor partner!)

    300 squats - did 150

    Run 1600m between partners. (800m each or split as you like, run at same time)Did 3 laps

    Post Wod snacks;


    Lunch; salad - spinach, red salmon 210g can, tomato, heaps of olive oil.

    Snacks (it was a tough workout ok!); 2 apples, 5 fish oil caps, 1 orange.


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      Go Mike! This is looking truely primal!


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        More snacks at home! 2 boiled eggs, some grated cheese, 3 handfuls of trail mix (just almonds, raisins, blueberries, pumpkin & sunflower seeds)And 1 apple.

        Dinner - later...a packet of freedom bacon (no nitrates thanks!)3 eggs, grated cheese, onion and some butter to cook it in. yum!

        And another apple!

        Feeling hugely full now, in a good way!


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          6 August - Thursday

          B - mixed berries/trail mix/yogurt (plain)

          S - kiwi/banana

          white tea/trail mix

          handful roast beef slices/banana/5 fish oil caps

          L - salad; 3 boiled eggs, red capsicum, tomato, spinach, 210g can pink salmon, olive oil, lemon juice

          S - kiwi/2 oranges/trail mix/white tea

          S - trail mix/8 dark choc squares/creatine

          D - crockpot dinner; spinach, beef steak, can of tomatoes, peanut butter sauce, ground hazlenut sprinkled on top.

          S - more dark chocolate and an apple.

          No WOD today, needed the rest, and family committments took priority. Bit heavy on the dark choc today!


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            Friday 7 August.

            WOD - Crossfit Endurance: Run - 2mins on/1min off x 6

            B - mixed berries/trail mix/yogurt, 5 fish oil caps, black coffee with 1 sugar

            L - leftover crockpot dinner - beef steak, spinach, tomatos, peanut sauce. 2 boiled eggs/5 fish oil caps

            S - 3 bananas/3 dark choc squares

            S - mixed berries/trail mix/yogurt.

            4 dark choc squares

            S - 1 Beer

            S - 4 dark choc/apple/trail mix

            D - beef mince, red capsicum, onion, garlic, 3 courgettes, sesame oil, sesame seeds, almonds, soy sauce

            S - finished the dark chocolate/apple

            OK, no more dark chocolate from here on!!!


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              Saturday 8 August

              B - mixed berries, trail mix, yogurt (admitedly a sugary mixed berry kind)

              black coffee with one sugar

              L - salad; small tomato, lettuce, red onion, olive oil and balsamic, 210g tinned tuna in olive oil, 2 radishes, 1 green capsicum, cucumber. 5 fish oil caps.

              S - 2 mussels/apple

              S - apple/100g sliced ham

              S - apple/100g sliced ham (again - it was so good this first time!)

              S - 2 snack packs - cranberries, raisens, cherries, choc covered raisens, yogurt coated raisens. Yes, sugar!!!

              S - banana/trail mix

              D - meaty frittata; spinach, minced beef (grass fed, hormone free)onion, garlic, salsa, 7 organic eggs.

              S- apple/banana

              S - a few spoons of organic coconut oil

              No WOD today - is my usual rest day. Race 6k off road trail run tomorrow.


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                O for awesome Mike!Looking good


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                  Sunday 9 August

                  B - creatine drink, 2 boiled eggs & an apple

                  S - trail mix, organic yogurt. black coffee with 1 sugar

                  S - pre race jelly beans!

                  WOD - Race 5 Xterra Trail run 6k. Came 3rd, first masters in. Beautiful day out there in the forrest. Although placing was ok, race effort was below par, mostly due to still recovering fitness after dealing with a bug the week before last. Despite that it was good fun, with some good cat & mouse action in the event. Need to improve my downhill running!

                  S - post race jelly beans! sugars not as bad around the WOD right? Hmmm, then 3 squares of dark choc. oh well.

                  L - large black coffee & sugar. Kumara (sweet potato) salad with spinach, parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes. 1 chip!

                  S - 2 bananas, 2 snack packs - cheeries, raisins, cranberries, choc/yog coated raisins. 1 nacho! Glass of white wine and 1 chocolate.

                  S - apple/green tea

                  D - leftovers from Friday - beef stirfry

                  S - apple

                  D - second dinner! Leftovers of meaty frittata from saturday night.

                  S - kick arse dessert; mixed berries, trail mix, organic plain yogurt, banana, cinnamon& 1 tsp honey


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                    You are right Mike, your primal diet is way more than mine! But so is your workouts! Hopefully once i get the knee right i will up the intensity of my workouts. Otherwise looking at the indoor bike wind trainer and even considering buying a surfski! My weight down by 1.2kgs from last monday!


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                      Monday 10 August

                      Creatine drink

                      WOD; 6am CrossFit Workout - Mile and a Half Fran

                      Run 1.2km

                      21 Thruster (40/30kg)

                      21 Pullups

                      Run 800m

                      15 Thruster

                      15 Pullups

                      Run 400m

                      9 Thruster

                      9 Pullups

                      A very satisfying WOD! About 16 minutes.

                      B - mixed berries/boysenberry organic yogurt/apple/trail mix. 5 fish oil caps.

                      S - white tea, apple, 100g shaved ham (free range!)

                      L - kick ass salad; rocket, spinach, green capsicum, cucumber, 1 tomato, 210g tuna, lemon, olive oil.

                      S - handful of biltong (South African jerky)/apple/banana/6 fish oil caps

                      S - Salmon (olive oil blend)95g

                      S - apple/boysenberry yogurt 5 tsp

                      S - white tea/100g shaved ham/apple/biltong

                      S - trail mix/white wine

                      D - curried shrimp/prawns with veges; brocoli, carrot, coconut milk, olive oil, green curry paste.


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                        Tuesday 11 August

                        WOD 1; 1 hour off road hike

                        B - mixed berries/boysenberry organic yogurt/trail mix/banana. 4 fish oil caps.

                        S - black coffee with 1 sugar

                        S - white tea/trail mix/biltong

                        L - kick ass salad; rocket, spinach, 2 tomatoes, cucumber, 210g red salmon, lemon juice, olive oil.

                        S - apple/white tea

                        S - creatine drink

                        WOD 2;


                        Max handstand hold (1min 15?)

                        Max box jump (80cm then mental block/fear!)


                        50 Double Unders

                        20 Good Mornings (20kg)

                        20 Knees to Elbows

                        20 Box jumps (50cm)

                        Three Rounds

                        Then post WOD fast - nothing till breakfast tomorrow!


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                          Wednesday 12 August

                          WOD1; 30 minute offroad hike

                          B - mixed berries/trail mix/banana/apple. 4 fish oil caps. 100g shaved ham.

                          S - black coffee/1 sugar

                          S - 100g shaved ham/apple/trail mix/white tea

                          S - creatine


                          Mt Eden Gauntlet:

                          Run downhill to rope - 1 climb

                          Run up hillside - air squats at top til last person gets there

                          Trail run/Gate lunges - pressups till last person gets there

                          Fast Trail run to wooden fence - squats til last person gets there

                          Up fenceline -Burpees (chest to ground) to top untill last person...

                          Trail run /bearcrawl downhill

                          Tree climb/hurdle

                          Run to plateau

                          Wall shimmy/fence walk (we skipped this due to hoards of primary school kids having their cross country run there)

                          Run downhill trail

                          Steep uphill clamber - pressups at top til last person gets there

                          Walking lunges to next hill (did half of usual due to the kids)

                          Uphill run

                          Situps at top

                          Uphill run


                          Run a bit more trail and then bearcrawl downhill to end.

                          L - kick ass salad; cucumber, red capsicum, 2 tomatoes, rocket, spinach, 190g salmon (olive oil blend), olive oil.

                          4 Fish oil caps. biltong/white tea

                          S - banana

                          S - trail mix/apple

                          S - trail mix/apple

                          D - pumpkin, pork (crock pot cooked)& broccoli, organic unsweetened yogurt.

                          S - glass of white wine

                          The food log is working for me now - it keeps you honest when you see a map of your eating!


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                            Thursday 13 August


                            Weighted Hill Climb Time Trial

                            Run: 1 mile Hill climb, Incline between 6-12%, Add 10-20lb weighted Vest. 20lb = 9.07kg

                            I used a camelbak with 10kg weight in it. Time was 8.57, versus 7.30 with no weight.

                            B - trail mix/mixed berries/2 bananas/apple

                            black coffee & 1 sugar

                            L - kick ass salad; red capsicum, 2 tomatoes, cucumber, 170g tuna/olive oil/rocket/spinach

                            S - apple/5 fish oil caps

                            S - trail mix/white tea

                            S - billtong/apple

                            S - sardines 95g with olive oil

                            D - food hall at the movies! went turkish; chicken/lamb salad; chicken/lamb/carrot/parsley/red cabbage/lettuce/garlic yogurt.

                            S - gingerbeer

                            S - 2 red wines/4 dark chocolate sticks


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                              Friday 14 August

                              B - mixed berries, trail mix/apple

                              black coffee and sugar

                              WOD; CrossFit Endurance Intervals

                              Run: 3 x 1000m /with 2 min recoveries. Best possible pace; 3.23, 3.58, 3.32 (middle one was into the wind...)

                              L - survivors salad - rocket/spinach/tomotao/cucumber/olive oil/170g tuna

                              5 fish oil caps.

                              S - 2 apples

                              S - 4 beers

                              S - trail mix/2 bananas

                              D - scrambled eggs/cheese/italian herbs/pine nuts

                              S - kiwi/apple