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  • Primal Challenge Journal (chad.leppanen)

    Day one of my own personal challenge. I've really got to get myself back on track with everything. Ever since midterms this last March I've slowly been faltering with my workouts, as well as my eating. I was moving at a sonic speed, and I had lost well over 100lbs total since I began my journey about a year before.

    Now here it is in August, and I've slowly been creeping back up the scale. A lot of things happened, some beyond my control, but it's time to take back my life and make it mine again.

    My challenge for myself is just to clean up my daily intake, and start working out on a daily basis once again.

    So far today I've done one workout, and I have another martial arts workout later this evening. The martial arts have been absent in my life since things took a sour turn for the worse, but even after my first session back, I felt a lot better and focused again to begin training my body, mind, and spirit once again.

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    Well, I went completely primal for a few days and left technology behind me. Actually, I went camping with a few friends, but it was great. It was a most excellent time and I cleared a lot of the mess, the clutter out of my mind and spirit. We even worked out in the woods (something I kind of made up on the fly but it worked!)

    Today I'm going to go conquer some interval training, and then focus n my Jeet Kune Do studies some more. Check back with you all later!