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Primal Jrnl - Twinmama's Ab Busting Journey

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  • Primal Jrnl - Twinmama's Ab Busting Journey

    Hey there, I figure I should finally carve out my own little space here.

    Named Ab Busting Journey, 'cause I plan on seeing my abs by my 40th Birthday - Summer 2011!

    I've been around a while, read the book, feel quite comprehensive. But I know I have much to learn, and mostly put to use! Have been eating mostly primal for about 2 months and have been practicing a while longer. Was so sick, however, in the last 8 weeks, that I've done NOTHING but watch my foods. So, at least I've maintained my weight...

    And so, GULP, My stats: 5'5", 183 lbs. (my highest 189#) with an over the belly button measurement of 43.5 Inches. Did you just throw up a little bit? I did. I'm not ashamed of my body...disgusted is a better word. I feel I really let myself down. But that's history... blah...blah...blah...

    I posted last week about how trashed my stomach is from starting out a pregnancy overweight (165 at the time), and then carrying twins. There's nothing normal about how it looks... you can read more here:

    I have a weird background. But probably no more strange than any other. I was raised in the world of bodybuilding. I think that's where I learned to screw up my otherwise healthy nearly primal style when I wanted to lose a few pounds.

    I spent my teen years in a ballet studio. Had I not twisted a knee, I would have pursued a career with a company like Lines: (if they would have me) Instead, I put myself through college teaching ballet and jazz to youngsters, teens and adults and have a boring-ass degree in finance. When in retrospect I wish it had been nutrition. The one thing I've read about since I was 12 pretty much no matter what!

    I have 2 five year old boys. I wish the hoops they put me through effected me in a positive weight loss fashion. But it doesn't. They are totally awesome, however. They have proven quite the living experiment in treating children with the same rules, and getting 2 totally different types of response minute by minute.

    I love to garden. However, walking pneumonia over the summer was a bad combo with digging in the dirt. Hoping for tomatoes. But have lots of Poms on the way, and I'm at least enjoying a crap load of Walla Wallas.

    DH is a pro chef. He's dangerously amazing! His meals are the kinds people pay $100's for. He's been giving me funny looks when I ask how to do this and that to various meats. He works long hard hours. And I've been given lots of props and TIPS on the dinners he's been coming home to. (hopeing he'll go primal... but we'll see!)

    I'm in the midst of setting up my home workout space. Well... how's that for an intro of sorts...

    Today, I had:

    B: Bacon and eggs

    L: Sashimi and avacodo

    D: Pork with carmelized onions and peaches

    (and 3 gross cookies, a pc. of dark chocolate, and a mocha (homemade version)...SHIT my hormones are

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    Hi Twinmama!

    Keep up the good work! I have two little kids myself so I know pregnancies can do a number on us if we're not eating our best (I sure didn't!)



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      Yeah, My one encouragement to those that haven't had children but want to some day. GET IN THE BEST SHAPE you can before hand. You will rebound WAYYYYYYYYY better. I was lucky that I only gained 40 lbs. I lost 30 in 3 days. LOL! I like being able to say that. It's the only time you could lose 30 lbs in 3 days, and it's ok!


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        Hi twinmamma, nice to see you here


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          OMG... I'm so happy. Made my 2nd batch/attempt of Carnitas today. Turned out yummy. And one of my little guys is gobbling it up! THIS IS HUGE... They've both had meat aversions forever!!! I always get excited when they actually eat meat! He keeps coming back for more! Now, I'm just waiting on the other to get hungry enough to try it!

          Gonna have to get a bigger shoulder next time!


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            Well... August 1... weird day. Mood swings on the wild side. Totally unexpected. Feeling the urge to sleep...sleep....sleep. Will perhaps head to the lake in the morning. Maybe I just need a full day in the Sun and play in the water!


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              How did you make the Carnitas? Slow cooker? Please say slow cooker, because that's my only cooking "skill".


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                Cooked it in the oven, on 275. Used mostly the recipe that is listed and I can't remember which member is responsible. You can go to recipes... and search...

                Here's how I did it:

                2 lb of pork shoulder (may as well do 3-4 lbs next time... went fast NO LEFT OVERS!)
                marinated for about 30 minutes in juice of orange +juice of lime with about 2 tsp of cumin (conservative as I wasn't sure if I'd like that!)
                Chopped 2 med. onions. placed at the bottom of "dutch oven" Pot with lid... I will do more onions next time... EXTRA YUMMY!
                Tossed on bay leaf on top of onions.
                Scooped in a big ol' blob of bacon fat (and therefore use NO SALT)
                Placed meat on top of that.
                Poured juices from marinade over meat.
                Put in oven at 275 at 9am,
                Pulled from oven around 5:00 pm.

                I was starving when it came out, so I just ate it straight from the pot, with the onions that were soooo YUMMY! DH, came home much later, and since it had cooled, we took the pulled meat, through it on a skillet with the fatty juices and onions, and crisped the meat a bit... I was jealous... That looked even more yummy.

                There were fat pcs. that didn't reduce down, So, I scooped those with some of the juices and tossed in the freezer. I will place at the bottom of the pan and make another batch this week. Pork shoulder is CHEAP! and 3 out of 4 of us really liked it... DH says it should be fine to recycle the juices and such as long as I don't let it sit around too long.

                I'm thinking once I have a big batch of Pork Shoulder "stock" I'm making french onion soup with it... skip the bread, add a bit of cheese... Fall, here I come!

                I have a house keeper that comes once a week that keeps my house from getting GROSS... She is a doll, and Hispanic, she's trying to lose weight, so I talk with her about the different things she could try. She's almost 100% off soda now (probably 90%) and has lost a noticeable amount of weight. She tole me last week that she'd teach me how to cook some dishes... and then I'll just Primalize them... which is NOT hard... basically skipping tortillas and such.
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                  So.. I've been having an AWESOME week. The weather has been fab. I spent Mon. at the lake with my family. Soaking up some sun. And Tues-Today working in my yard. I've been weed wacking (selling that pc. of crap by the way), hedging, pulling weeds, pruning bushes... You name it. My whole body is SORE. Lame but good. And then I top off my afternoon watching my boys take swimming lessons. They are so freakin' entertaining. The can't get the breathing thing down. So they swim as far as their little lungs can take them. And of course, they have crazy strokes...

                  Anyhow.... tonight I made Italian Chili... basically a THICK pork based meat sauce... no noodles... DELISH!!!! I'm full... and exhausted. So, I'm outie!

                  Less time on the computer... That's a good thing!


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                    Today... did not work in yard. I'm amazed at how sore I am from the last few days of yard work. It's exciting to feel change. And I'm healthy! Woo hoo! Did mention I spent All of June and July sick? Ear infections, walking pneumonia... coughing up a lung. Just gross. I am just so excited to feel good.

                    I'm a little nervous that school starts in a few weeks. I'm afraid my petri dishes will bring me a new cootie... I might start sterilizing them at the front door.

                    Moved my living room furniture around for about an hour today. My neighbor gave us her piano. DH and friends brought it in. I only had to move it a few feet back and forth to find the right spot. That thing is Heavy! Dang! Kids think I'm crazy. "mommy, what are you doing with the table? Where are you going with the couch!"

                    Skipped Breakfast, had some random stuff for lunch, salad, avacado, some fage... Dinner Pork Chops with Peach and onion...

                    JEALOUS!!! DH made Duck Confit last night for a huge dinner party. I'm drooling over the thought. I CAN NOT believe he didn't have one tiny bit left over to share with me...He's lucky I didn't know about this last night and went to bed before he got home. I'd a changed the locks! I plan to add this to my menu! Hopefully soon.

                    Tomorrow, Carnitas again... YUM!


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                      Ok... So the reality is I have WAY MORE FUN reading others' journals. They are way more inspiring. More inspiring that writing random notes here. But I'll keep it up for a while. We'll see.

                      That said, I had a bit of an ahhh-haa moment today. I've been around PB for a while. And really just focusing on cutting out crap. At this juncture, it's now about some hard core cutting. The nitty gritty. I've not gained, nor really lost much. Which is fine... The Ahh-ha comes with the mental recognition that I just FEEL BETTER.

                      I spent the first 8 weeks of summer vacation really sick. But managed to control my food intake. Basically, I didn't give myself permission to go off the food deep end just 'cause I was sick. This prevented me from gaining while I could barely move around and function. Taking care of 2 fireball boys while sick is about all I could do. Everyone lived through it, so I'll call that a success.

                      The thing is, I've literally spent the last 5 years totally and completely sleep deprived. Once I hit about 2 months PG, sleep was something I only dreamed of. And I fully beleive it's the lack of sleep that has broken my immunity down to something not even recognizable to me. I'm the person who NEVER got sick. I had strep once in highschool, and a flu in college. Maybe some allergies every now and only then depending on pollen counts. But that's it. I have spent the last 3 years a disaster... And probably a bit worse off than a person who is sick all the time. I didn't know how to trudge through it.

                      Anyhow, I just feel as though my body is healing.

                      My kids are starting kindergarten next week. I can't wait to go take the Zumba classes that I've been eyeballing for some time now... FUN and a workout! WITH CONSISTANCY!!!!
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