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  • Primal Challenge Journal - Bender645

    Have had great success with PB and similar since Jan. Need to continue doing what I know works and plan better when traveling. I have great control when home, but the road, the implied stress, and lack of planning have led to some bad choices and slower than desired progress - the old two steps forward, one step back routine.

    Goal - continue to reduce bodyfat (26.5% today)

    Reduce weight - 231 today, 225 is a good target

    maintain weight/kettlebell and sprint workouts

    Bike 60+ miles

    Hit my extended fast twice monthly (36-48 hours).

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    Big workouts:

    Yesterday: 3 rounds of 3 reps each

    1 leg squats, 1 arm pushps, pullups

    followed by 6 sets of 20, 24K one arm kettlebell swings

    Bike 5.5 in the eve.

    Fast till 4:30 - several small primal meals until 10:30 - Tuna in olive oil (2 cans), raw cheese, a peach, peanut butter and hemp seeds, 1 cup raw kefir, 1/4 72% cocoa bar from trader joes.

    Today - bike 3.5

    breakfast - hame & cheese omlette

    Afternoon snack - kefir, nuts

    Dinner - pork roast, coleslaw


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      Hit the RKC snatch test numbers today - 100 24K snatches in 5 minutes. This is a Personal Best.