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  • Primal Challenge Journal (DirewolfX)

    Day 1 - Aug 3.

    L: Stir fry - Grass-fed Ground Beef, Mixed peppers, Onion, Carrots, Broccoli, cooked in Coconut Oil

    S: Frozen Yogurt w/ Almonds

    S: Whole milk yogurt w/ mixed berries and protein powder

    D: Eggs cooked with onions and peppers, cooked in butter.


    3x5 Deadlifts at 200 lbs.

    5x5 Overhead press at 105 lbs. (failed on last rep)

    3 sets of Pull-ups

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    So I realized I should probably post my goals and a bit of background about myself (I already posted the goals in the main thread at the top, but I think I'll put them here too).

    First my goals:

    1. Reduce my body fat. I've been stuck around 22% body fat for a while now (according to my electric scale thing). I'd like to get down to 15% (and then single digits), but I'm not sure if that's possible in just a month, so my goal is to get on the right track lowering my body fat and eventually get lean. My other goals will support this.

    2. Eat more vegetables. I think the second biggest hole in my diet is that I don't eat enough vegetables. I'm going to make an effort to get more green stuff (and orange and red, etc.) into my diet. More salads will be a large part of this, since they are a convenient way to prepare and eat veggies.

    3. Eat less grains. The biggest hole in my diet is that I've been eating too many grains. I'm going to cut out as many grains as possible. Switching from lunch sandwiches to lunch salads (hold the croutons, please) is a start, but I'll also be passing on things like rice or noodles to eat more veggies instead.

    Bonus Goal: Try to sprint more often. I think my exercise regiment is already very primal, except I don't do the sprint thing yet.


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      And now some background about myself:

      I'm a 26 year old male. I have been hovering around 22% body fat and just under 175 lbs for a while. I work out ~3 times a week for less than an hour lifting heavy weights. I also walk for at least 15 minutes to and from work each day with a light weight on my back (backpack with laptop and some other small things); the way back is mostly uphill. My diet has been reasonably healthy for the past year or so (I've already dropped from about 220 lbs. a few years ago and gained a lot of muscle), but now I'd like to take it even more primal.

      Things I need to watch out for:

      Alcohol: As a social twenty-something, I frequently go out drinking with friends. I'm pretty good about not getting smashed too frequently, but I'm also a bit of a beer and wine connoisseur, so if there's an interesting beer on tap, I will usually have a glass. This would be part of my 20%, I suppose. The plus side is that, since I appreciate beer for the flavor, you won't find me pounding back can after can of bud light. In fact, unless a bar actually has interesting, craft beers, I'll usually stick to water.

      Sleep: I definitely don't get enough sleep. I have my reasons for this. They're bad reasons, but I'm sticking to them for now. Long term, this is something I am going to have to work on.

      Also, I have a vacation at the end of the month to visit my family in New York. Unfortunately, that means I'll definitely be spending some 20% time to enjoy some of my childhood comfort foods, like good Pizza. Hopefully, I can balance that out over the month by being more primal during the first three weeks of the challenge.


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        Day 2 - Aug 4.

        IF day, so no lunch.


        Grass-fed steak marinated in red wine and spices.

        Salad: Red leaf lettuce, carrots, gypsy sweet peppers, roasted red bell peppers, zucchini, red cabbage

        Dressing: Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari soy sauce, garlic, spices

        S: Smoked salmon, small bit of cheese.

        I should also add that I left out the cup of joe (double tall capuccino, actually--I live in Seattle ;-)) that I had with my lunch on Monday. I figure coffee + milk is a sensible indulgence. I don't add any sweeteners or other ingredients to it.


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          Day 3 - Aug. 5


          Salad: Organic spinach, bacon, avocado, red onion, mushrooms, carrots, chicken.

          12 oz. cappuccino

          S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

          "D": Organic, grass-fed beef jerky, a few baby carrots dipped in hummus (homemade), two small pieces of cheese

          I got home late from watching a soccer game. I was pretty hungry when I got home, due to not eating any dinner at the soccer game. I wandered around to the food area, but I was appalled at how bad the stuff there was. Almost everything had bread or was breaded (plus many came with fries). The only thing I could find that might have been primal was a Caesar salad (but I didn't trust the dressing not to have HFCS or something else nasty in it). The only nuts they sold were peanuts (sigh). It crossed my mind to get a sausage or burger and just discard the bun and fries, but thanks to IF, I was able to just ignore the hunger until better options presented themselves.


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            Day 4 - Aug. 6


            "Chinese Chicken Salad" - Cabbage, cilantro, red onions, green onions, carrots, chicken, red bell peppers, sesame seeds. Sesame seed dressing.

            12 oz. cappuccino

            S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

            D: Greek yogurt w/ protein powder and mixed berries

            S: Baby carrots w/ hummus and a small piece of cheese.

            I was a bit worried I didn't get enough protein yesterday, since my lunch only had a small amount of chicken in it, but I guess I got enough from the greek yogurt and protein powder.

            I need to start prepping my own salads (or at least bringing my own dressing), since I also learned that the place I order from does use some crappy stuff like HFCS in their dressings.


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              Also for Day 4:


              5x5 Backsquats at 255 lbs.

              5x5 Incline bench press at 140 lbs.

              3 sets of Inverse Rows until 'failure' (which for me is bad form). Ended up doing 7,6,5 good ones plus ~2 bad ones per set.

              25 push ups.


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                Day 5 - Aug. 7

                L: Chinese food for an intern's going away lunch...

                "Triple Delight with Vegetables": Beef, chicken and shrimp with a mixture of different vegetables.

                S: 12 oz. cappuccino

                S: macchiatto (another coffee beverage, but with much less milk)

                D: Cauliflower Crust Pizza (crust was made of cauliflower, egg and mozarella) with assorted veggies and sausage on top.

                Discovered that the salad dressing at the place I've been frequenting might not be so good for me (ugh, they use corn syrup in one). I'll need to start bringing my own dressing.

                Lunch might have had some grains... looked like the shrimp and maybe the chicken was dredged in flour or corn starch. Not a lot though, so acceptable. Not sure about the qualities of the sauce (did they use healthy oils? probably not), but it was for a going away lunch, so I think I did pretty well given the circumstances.


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                  Day 6 - Aug. 8

                  L: Eggs with onion, peppers, mushrooms and sausage.

                  S: Greek yogurt with berries and protein powder (post-gym)

                  D: Big ass salad (lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, onions, home made dressing), sausage link

                  S: A piece of cheese


                  5x5 Deadlifts at 205 lbs.

                  5x5 Overhead press at 105 lbs.

                  3 sets of pull ups

                  Day 7 - Aug. 9

                  L: Grass-fed beef jerky, rainier cherries

                  S: Macchiato

                  D: Chili made with lots of fresh farmer's market ingredients: grass-fed ground beef, four varieties of fresh peppers, fresh onions, fresh garlic, canned tomato paste + diced tomatoes, canned kidney and black beans, various spices

                  Didn't get nearly enough peppers to match the 3 lbs. of ground beef in the chili. Will need to buy more peppers for next time. It's still yummy at it's my lunch today, also.


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                    Monday Morning Stats:

                    Weight: 169 lbs.

                    Body Fat: 21.1%

                    Waist: 35 1/4 in.

                    I'm wondering how accurate my scale is with the body fat. I tried a measurement-based calculation and the results were way different.


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                      Whoah, I've gotten behind. I haven't stopped the challenge, just been lax about the journal. Let's see if I can remember my meals...

                      Day 8 - Aug. 10

                      L: Beef chili, cappuccino.

                      S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

                      D: Korean food, meat and lots of veggies.

                      Day 9 - Aug. 11

                      L: none (IF)

                      S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

                      D: Greek yogurt w/ fruit and protein powder, beef chili

                      WOD: heavy lifting

                      Day 10 - Aug. 12

                      L: Beef chili, cappuccino

                      S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

                      D: I forget, I think a failed attempt at a salad

                      Day 11 - Aug. 13

                      L: Steak and salad.

                      S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

                      D: Japanese food, meat and veggies

                      Day 12 - Aug. 14

                      L: Salad, cappuccino

                      S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

                      D: Salad with chicken

                      Day 13 - Aug. 15

                      L: Lamb meatballs (no breadcrumbs), salad, espresso

                      S: Beer tasting (less than a pint, part of a planned trip)

                      D: Japanese food, some pork mostly veggies

                      Day 14 - Aug. 16

                      L: Eggs with veggies and sausage

                      S: Macchiatto

                      D: Salad with chicken

                      S: Ice cream

                      WOD: heavy lifting

                      Day 15 - Aug. 17

                      L: Salad, cappuccino

                      S: Frozen yogurt w/ almonds

                      D: Sausage link, turkey, cheese

                      Monday morning stats:

                      Weight: 167.2 lbs.

                      Body Fat: 20.7%

                      Waist: 35 in.