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  • Primal Challenge Journal - Brooke

    Well... I'm a day late starting my journal but I'm here Yesterday I had a ton of work so my exercise was limited. I did manage to coerce a co-worker to walk instead of drive to Starbucks with me for her afternoon coffee fix (I just went for the walk) So... I got in 20 minutes of hills and 2 sprints across the street HA!)

    I successfully made it through day one with NO DAIRY!!! That is my biggest goal for this challenge but I am also striving for 100% primal diet

    Day 1:

    Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs w/ homemade salsa & black coffee

    Lunch- Big A$$ Primal Salad w/ salmon, veggies, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette

    Snack Handful of almonds

    Dinner grilled chicken drumsticks & steamed broccoli It was YUMMMMMMMYYYY

    Note: I won the grass-fed steaks yesterday!!! I am SO excited