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Losing weight: my healthy solution to a happier life!

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  • Losing weight: my healthy solution to a happier life!

    Hi Fellow Primatives!

    My 30 day challenge is to lose 10 lb. I need to lose more and I'll be happy if I do but I'll aim for 10 lb for the challenge.

    Over the last 6 months, I've lost about 37.5 lb. I think my top weight was about 225 lb but I didn't want to know so I didn't keep records in those days. After losing about 25 lb, I stalled for a long time but I think I've finally worked out why.

    If I lose 10 lb/month for another 5 months I'll be close to my goal. Of course, I want to lose more/month and as I get going again I probably will. But setting goals too high can upset my rythm/momentum, lower my confidence! Better to be realistic. Of course, I'll be ecstatic when I do lose >10 lb/week and that'll keep me 'moving'.

    Losing weight has already improved my back problems, my acid reflux is gone, I walk upstairs with both legs (instead of one, then the other to that step etc as I have since my knee surgery) and so many other things. I need to do this for my health! I need to this for my life!