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    Day #2 of the challenge for me. I ordered the book but am still waiting as I live in Nicaragua and the mail takes some time. I have read everything on the daily apple and will do the best I can until the book arrives.

    Goals: After many many years of working too hard to stay in shape with diet and tons of exercise I am looking forward to a easier lifestyle that makes more natural sense.

    Food: I'm trying to follow the guidlines and am not having too hard of a time as I was already unable to tolerate wheat.

    Exercise: I will begin to do sprints and will leave the long distance running behind.

    I am also on day 27 of P90X (not my 1st or even 4th time through).

    Will begin the daily food and exercise log entry later today.

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    Big food day and off to a bad start.

    B-4 eggs scrambled, coffee with milk

    L- 2 chicken breast, beans and veggies

    S- 2 nectarines, almonds, pecans

    D-Grilled fish

    here is where it went wrong- Ice cream with the kids

    Exercise- P90X Core Synergistics Day #27

    Tomorrow I will do better with the food. No Suger, No Suger, No Suger!!!


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      Day #3

      Good Day and I feel more on track.

      B-4 eggs scrambled, coffee with milk

      S-2 hard boiled eggs

      L-Chicken soup with 1 whole chicken breast and vegtables (no noodles)

      S- handfull almonds, handfull pecans, olives

      D-glass wine, salmon patties baked without bread binder (used potatos)

      Exercise-P90X Back and Biceps Day #28

      As long as I don't give in to suger cravings for the rest of the night, I'll be good to go!

      Upset that I can't take part in the challenges due to lack of camcorder!


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        Ok day

        B-2 banannas

        B-4 eggs scrambled

        L- chicken breast, veggies and salpicon

        S- 2 glass wine

        D-1 papusa, large piece fish, guacamole

        D- 2 nectarines

        Hope I didn't blow it with the papusa