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    Okay. I actually started the primal lifestyle back in April after my Diabetes diagnosis. The hardest thing to do was to eliminate grains and processed foods from my diet.

    But three months later and I don't even miss them. To lose some serious weight and control my blood sugar, I came up with the following plan:

    Eating: I eat 6 smaller meals a day. Each meal includes a lean protein and low glycemic veggies. Eating this way gets progressively easier because I plan ahead. Part of my weekend is devoted to coming up with a meal plan for the next 7 days, shopping for ingredients and doing advance prep. I eat no fruits, nor do I drink fruit juice. I eat nothing packaged.

    Exercise: I started with 30 minutes of walking. Then I added weight lifting. I'm up to an hour of walking and 30 minutes of weight lifting. And when I can, I'm going to start swimming again.

    Motivation: Well fear was my first motivation. But that's not my style. So I use this site as well as a diabetes site for motivation, ideas and support. My current motivation is being successful in losing weight and controlling my blood sugar. The more success I have, the more motivated I am.