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  • Primal Challenge Journal (ahhgrr)

    8/3: Lunch of spring green salad and smoked beef, homemade dressing, 2 handfuls of mixed nuts around 3:45PM.

    Gym: Deadlifts and Presses, per

    Dinner: strip steak, Caesar salad with a ton of anchovies.

    Also had 2 dark chocolate squares, and eliminated the last of the ice cream devils in the house (a bit more than a 1/2 cup total).

    That does it for dessert temptation until I'm at the in-laws for a week later in the month. That's gonna be tough.

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    8/4: lunch: spring green/smoked beef salad again. Some nuts. Chocolate square.

    minor grazing after work, then dinner around 8:00: chili with peppers from our CSA and garden, and ~2 lbs. of grassfed ground beef. Awesome.

    No workout.


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      8/5: full-day fast (22.5 hours if you're keeping track of such things), followed by a dinner of lots and lots of Italian sausage from local pastured pork, tomato/mozzarella salad (garden basil), and grilled organic fennel. 2 chocolate squares for dessert.


      Deadlifts and Presses in the gym today.


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        Fell off the tracking wagon for a bit!

        8/6: deadlifts and presses (notice a theme?); leftovers for lunch (chili and curried veggies). Cobb salad at the pizza place for dinner with friends, and a beer. Two spoonfuls of soft-serve ice cream as dessert.

        8/7: 4 pieces cottage bacon for breakfast -- felt crappy, needed food early for a change. Lunch was smoked beef (~6 oz.) (no salad) and a whole cucumber. Some nuts. More deadlifts and presses. Dinner was some grilled chicken and kale+bacon.

        8/8: eggs and bacon for breakfast; cheese and apples for lunch; poblano chicken and fajita peppers/onions (from local Mexican place) for dinner. Lots of guacamole ... and probably too many chips.

        8/9: huevos rancheros for breakfast; nut-grazing for lunch; burgers (no bun), tomato/mozz. salad and pickles for dinner.

        Lots of running about with preschoolers both days, including some seriously relaxing time tossing rocks into the river with my son.