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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Mark Lepper)

    I've been very low carb/zero carb for 2 weeks. Last night, I had some of my daughter's birthday cake and some ice cream. I'm back on VLC today...might go for zero carb though I have some really good eggs we got at the farm that might make it in...

    My foot is aching from beach sprints on Saturday - I need to dial it back and rest. I feel so good on the PB, though, that I just [b]want</b> to be active.

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    Last night, I had some spinach, EVOO, balsamic, celery, chicken (leg/thigh) and a small bowl of berries and cream with a few handfuls of nuts. A lot more carbs than I&#39;ve had in two weeks combined. Oh yeah, had two tiny squares of Lindt 99% chocolate.

    Today, fasted until lunch around noon. Had a chicken leg/thigh w/ the skin and a whole ribeye (on the bone). The ribeye was cold (cooked it last night but wasn&#39;t overly hungry). I also had a tablespoon of coco oil in my roobios tea.

    Dinner is maine shrimp (the little ones), zucchini/summer squash sauteed in EVOO or coco oil. I&#39;ll probably throw some macadamias on that too and I&#39;ll likely add some coco oil to some tea to make sure the meal is fatty enough. I hope that is carb intake has been higher than I want the last two days.

    No exercise yesterday. I wasn&#39;t going to do anything today, but thinking about some KB work. We&#39;ll see. Left foot still aches (badly) from a session of pushups/lunge walks/sprints on the beach saturday. Been icing it.


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      Did the 555 KB circuit in this video (by Craig Ballantyn)

      100 KB Swings (35#)

      BW Squat(100)/Swissball Jackknifes(50) (superset)

      BW Squat(100)/Pushups (105) (superset)

      100 KB Swings (35#)

      Took me 16min.


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        Was doing great yesterday...then meltdown.

        Breakfast - none.

        Lunch - 3 grass-fed hamburgers, 2 pastured boiled eggs, coconut oil in my tea.

        Dinner - grass-fed porterhouse off the grill, bacon, asparagus sauteed in the bacon drippings.

        I was full. I also had bought some organic cherries, some macadamia nuts, and some whipping cream at Trader Joe&#39;s. Since I bought it, I had that for dessert. I was stuffed and yet...felt compelled...then I ate a bunch of crap, each thing progressively worse. Peanut butter, dark chocolate, some milk chocolate, home made ice cream, TJ&#39;s ice cream. What a disaster. Carbs...they do evil things to me, even if they are natural like cherries and macadamias.

        Peanut butter is a trigger food. I should have known better. When I eat that, I start binging.