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    Okay, this is day 1 for me, even though it's probably day 2 of the challenge already. Whatever!

    For more about me and my goals, look at this:

    So, I'm still in hospital and my food choices are limited. Just had breakfast and hate to say it, but I ate a slice of bread today. My doctor says I really should eat carbs and bread and stuff, but that's not only unhealthy from a normal viewpoint, but even more so when you consider that I have lyme disease (just found that out).

    So I'm gonna try to avoid any grains/potatoess and artificial sugars if possible (not that I really ate much of them before, but I didn't completely avoid them).

    Also told my mother to bring some boiled eggs and vegetables and additional to that I still have a tin of sardines and some coconut oil laying around here.

    So, my biggest goal atm is to stick closely to real foods. I already orderes some new kefir grains from eBay and as soon as I get home and the grains arrive, I'm gonna start to make raw milk kefir.

    This is where I'm gonna stray away from the primal blueprint. I'm gonna consume moderate amounts of raw milk and raw milk kefir.

    I don't believe that raw dairy products are bad at all and also there's this article at the Weston A. Price Foundation about someone who got rid of his chronic lyme simply by sticking to a diet based on grass-fed animal food, raw dairy and fermented vegetables. I'm gonna try to emulate this at least a little.