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  • Primal Challenge Journal (BryNZ)

    Sun Surf and Sand this xmas! Here goes. Gidday from downunder. Five weeks into Primal and still adjusting to the new life style. But enjoying the experience! Looking forward to a lean healthy outlook for summer. In the mean time hoping to see some good results and get totally on track during the 30 day challenge!

    Primary Goal - to reduce body fat!I will be totally stoked when at the end of the challege my weight and fat will be reduced!

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    Day 1

    B – 2 boiled eggs, slice of picnic ham

    S – 3 slices of picnic ham

    L – salmon salad w lettuce, sundried tomatos, celery, feta cheese

    S – pear and mandarin

    D – chicken tikka masala (no rice)

    S – trail mix

    WOD: midday 1hr 15min walk


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      wow - taking this challenge has made you look 100% primal from the start! Looking good Bry!


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        whoa - after looking at some of the other journals i will need to up the anti on mine and get more detailed!


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          Day 2

          5 August Wednesday

          B – Organic muesli w full fat yogurt

          S – couple of handful trail mix

          L – tuna salad w lettuce, sundried tomatoes, celery, feta

          S – couple of handful of trail mix

          D – sausages,kuara, mushrooms

          S – banana, berry, yogurt, milk smothie. / fish oil capsule.

          WOD L- upper body workout. Abs, biceps, triceps.


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            Day 3

            6 August Thursday

            B – 2 boiled eggs / fish oil capsule

            S – carrot

            L – tuna salad w lettuce capsicum, feta, celery, sundried tomatoes

            S – a couple of handfuls of trail mix

            D – chicken, broccoli, kumara and carrot mash, cheese

            S – nil

            WOD 60min walk


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              Day 4

              7 August Friday

              B – Organic muesli with full fat yogurt. Fish oil capsule

              S - mandarin

              L – banana, berry, yogurt and full fat milk smoothie

              S – handful of trail mix

              D – chicken, lamb, and beef w broccoli and coli flour

              S - nil

              WOD - nil


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                4 days; 2 walks and an upperbody WOD...not bad. I hope I am going to see another more intense shorter WOD from you sometime soon! You don't eat as much as me thats for sure! Your food intake is looking good - how are you feeling? Are you hungry or ok? I can see the food pyramid in your diet - you might just need to work a bit harder (when the body is ready) to get the fitness pyramid right, but you are on the right track! You will see on my log that I am a hog and a sweet tooth! Its not been a typical week for me, but I have got my two intense WOD's in, and have hiked a min of 2 hrs. The sprinting will come later!


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                  Cheers Mike M! Still nursing the knee injury, so sprints and leg exercises out for the mo. Still adjusting the upper body weights to low rep high weight to failure. Got hold of a indoor bike wind trainer to trial so will be doing a bit of that if the knee allows it.


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                    Day 5

                    8 August Saturday

                    B – fresh fruit salad w full fat yogurt

                    S - sausage

                    L – chicken and small amount of cheese

                    S – handful of trail mix

                    D – chicken nibbles and kumara chips w sour cream

                    S - banana and berry smoothie

                    WOD - nil - time for kids sport!


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                      Day 6

                      9 August Sunday

                      B – omelette w cheese, ham, tomato, spring onion.

                      S – trail mix

                      L – cold chicken salad w lettuce, sundried tomatoes, feta, capsicum, and balsamic vinegar

                      S – trail mix

                      D – pork chop w crackling, w mashed kumara, and mushrooms

                      S - banana and blueberry smoothie

                      WOD - play! 1hr bike ride with kids


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                        Day 7 Status Update

                        10 August Monday

                        Monday morning Weigh-in = 92.5kgs!! (1.2kgs lighter than Day 0 at 93.7kgs).

                        Status - always feeling hungry but eating lots (portion wise) but feel slimmer! Right knee still not 100% but on the improve. Hiighly motivated!!!


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                          Going well dude! Congrats on the weight loss. Great to see you are into it!


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                            check out the latest post on this site by Mark - its a good wrap on Primal fitness and will give you some good ideas on how to match your Primal nutrition efforts:


                            And he did hill sprints when he had a knee injury, so maybe thats an option for you. Otherwise try sprints on the bike - it is different to a spin class;

                            Cycling Sprint Workouts (All Levels)

                            Take a five-minute warm-up and cool down on bike at 55-75% of maximum heart rate for each workout.

                            Workout 1: Interval “ladder” consisting of a 15 second sprint, 15 second rest period. Then a 30 second sprint with 30 second rest. Then 45 second sprint, 45 second rest. Then 60 second sprint, 60 second rest. Back down (45 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds) to complete ladder.

                            Workout 2: 6-8 x one minute all-out with two minute recovery between efforts.

                            Workout 3: Tabata Intervals. Tabata is a workout protocol where you achieve four minutes of intense effort in sprinting, weight lifting or any other maximum effort exercise, using the consistent work/rest ratio of 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds rest – repeated for four consecutive minutes.


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                              Day 8

                              Tuesday 11 August

                              B – 2 x boiled eggs and yoghurt. One fish oil capsule.

                              S – trail mix

                              L – tuna salad w lettuce, feta, capsicum, celery, nuts and seeds, cherry tomatoes.

                              S – muscles, trail mix and 2 x glasses of milk.

                              D – chicken breast w pesto & roasted pumpkin, carrots, kumara, garlic, broccoli. One fish oil capsule.

                              S - nil

                              WOD - L- upper body work out with high weights and low reps. Bices, triceps, abs, shoulders.