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    I was already starting my "new beginning" today when I found the link to this through Coach Scott Sonnen on Facebook.

    I'm currently starting a green juice fast based on Dr. Gabriel Cousens books on reversing Diabetes. I'm not diabetic yet, nor do I want to be.

    What I am is a 50 year old man weighing 360lbs, living on Social Security from multiple health problems. I have a great 4yo son, and an amazing wife. Reasons enough to live.

    I completed my first day on the fast:

    1 large head of Romaine lettuce

    1 large Cucumber

    1 whole head of Celery

    Cilantro, onions and garlic to taste

    1 lemon

    Into my Vitamix ... Puree and Strain


    Beginning warmup from Circular Strength Training For Groups (CSTGX)

    Beginner FlowFit flow

    8 minutes on the Gazelle

    CSTGX Warmdown