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30 Days without soda

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  • 30 Days without soda

    Simple. This is probably one of my larger weaknesses. I've been drinking soda for as long as I can remember. I switched from "regular" Coke to Diet Coke a few years ago, but now is the time to drop this all together.

    Day 1 was today. I haven't had a diet coke or anything carbonated today. I took an aspirin though. Headache. Caffeine withdrawal.

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    Good luck! Soda is still my one last vice. I need to give it up (AGAIN), but right now I'm giving up alcohol, too, and I can only do so much at one time!

    Really wierd, for me once I stop I can't have ANY. I gave it up a couple of times last year, once for almost 3 months, but as soon as I start with one, it goes downhill.

    Unfortunatley there are no 12 step programs for diet soda.

    You can do it though! What kind of other drinks are you drinking (besides water?) I liked to have tea, but also some flavored mineral water, or plain mineral water flavored with stevia ... just in case I had that craving for something fizzy and flavored.
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      Way before PB I used to water my soda down, started 30% water and went all the way to almost 80% to the point where I was having flavored water. Eventually I did away with it but if I EVER have soda, it's always 60% water at least.
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        Good luck!

        I just went soda-free two weeks ago. Replaced it with coffee, tea, milk, and water. So far it's been good, though it's harder when I'm eating out...
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          I'm right there with you going cold turkey on the soda. I'm like Minxxa, I can't seem to stop once I start.
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            I have been diet soda and lc monster free for 4 days now. I didn't think I would be able to do it but so far it has been really easy. I am really surprised. I have replaced it with iced tea made from Good Earth's original. It is really spicy and a little sweet and really tasty.
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              I posted a few months back about my DH. He dropped soda on a cruise we took in Sept. As they were charging $3.00 per can. He got the crazy look from me... "kill yourself but not our bank account." He lost over 20 lbs in 7 DAYS! Yes, 7 days. He's down 60 (I think) so far, just cutting soda. NOTHING else!

              Hope that adds to your motivation. Soda is by far the worst thing we can consume. ZERO nutrition... full of chemicals and sugar. Basically it feeds illness!

              Good luck btw. I have a feeling you are going to feel AMAZING soon!!!!


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                I recently dropped the Diet Pepsi maybe 2 months ago now.

                I was having up to 6 cans a day. The first week was somewhat uncomfortable with some headaches. I basically went cold turkey and replaced what I was drinking with water.

                I tried one of those mini cans while camping a couple weeks ago and I couldn't drink even 1/3 of it. I have apparently lost my taste for the stuff, for which I am grateful.

                @Iskander - It felt weird at restaurants too. I was so used to ordering a diet soda by default that I actually felt a little lost for a while.
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                  I drink carbonated spring water... not sure if it would be a suitable replacement for pop but it might help. Good luck


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                    Hi everyone. Many thanks for the words of encouragement.

                    I wish I could say I had 5 days without diet coke...but...I cheated! I had one yesterday. Convinced myself of a day of rest. I wanted to reward myself for holding out for so long, good idea or otherwise. But I'm back on the the wagon now, nothing for today. Considering I can't remember the last time I went through almost a week without a diet coke, that's pretty good.

                    I can totally relate to being "lost" at a restaurant. So far, I've been drinking coffee (without sugar), water, milk %2 or so and some unsugared ice tea. All and all, not bad deal so far.

                    My goal is to honestly minimize the refined sugars and I think soda has been one consistent source.


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                      if caffeine withdrawal is a problem...don't hesitate to have some coffee or tea. Both are primal friendly, calorie free (almost), and taste good.


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                        Best of luck to you on removing the diet soda. I'd say that it has probably been three months since I have had any, and I completely understand how hard it is to do. Aside from not putting the chemicals in your body, if it helps any, my cravings for sweets has completely gone away since I have stopped drinking soda. Major additional plus!


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                          @maddie427 that and I'm hoping that will help with training my pallet to be more accepting of vegetables. We'll see. Fingers crossed.