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Recommended PB Carb intake for Fat Loss?

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  • Recommended PB Carb intake for Fat Loss?

    Hi all, what is the recommended or preferred PB total carb intake when focusing on fat loss (eg 50gm a day)? Is one's total carb intake even relevant when focusing on fat loss?

    I've been aiming for no more than 100gms of carbs a day. Is this too much? Should I go lower?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Eh..I find that I do better under 50g (or atleast under 70)...100 is a little high for me in particular but depending on weight and health you may find under 100g to be fine for weight loss.
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      Hi Disco:

      Here's a link to Mark's blog post about the PB Carbohydrate Curve that speaks to your question:

      And if you haven't been there yet, this is a GREAT starting point for all things PB (especially if you don't have access to the book):


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        I wouldn't even worry about counting carbs from veggies.. limit your fruit and tubers if you want to keep your carbs low.. If you want to get into ketosis, you need to keep it under 50g for up to 2 weeks (but most people can switch faster than that.).. Cutting sugar and grains is enough for most people to start losing weight.


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          It depends on how active you are as well as what works for you, personally. If you are very active you can absolutely lose weight well with 100g carbs/day. Most people do better in the 50-100g/day range. Some find they need to keep it below 50g.

          I find I don't have to keep track carefully if I'm sticking to meat, veggies, and fats. Once I add in fruits or anything else I need to be more mindful.


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            I did better when I cut them down to the bare minimum - trace, nothing more. That was usually about 20 carbs/day.
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              I also recommend cycling the carbs. I go low carb, under 50g for 3-4 days, and then I increase up to about 100g, and then back down again. I think your body likes a variety, and this keeps it guessing. It also depends on your goals as others have said.


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                Personally, I cycle them, conjunction with exercise. The days I ride my bike 2+ hours I have more carbs (usually when I'm on the bike so the extra gets used up). The days my activity is lighter is aim for 50g or less.
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                  Depends on your activity level (each day) and long term goals.

                  Short answer: Not active/rest day = lower carbs, Active/Workout day = more carbs.


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                    The paleolithic discussions on this site constantly mention how lean man was when we were hunters and gatherers. Does this mean our bodies have a preferred bodyfat level/percentage (eg single digit)?