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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Dave Fish)

    Day 1: Primal Food Intake Today:

    B: Scrambled eggs with onion, mushrooms and buffalo sausage. Prunes

    S: Iced Green Tea

    L: Chocolate Shakeology with Almond Milk

    S: Handful of mixed nuts (pecans, almonds, cashews and macademia nuts).

    D: Buffalo skirt steak, sauted zucchini and mushrooms.

    Exercise Routine:

    Push Ups, Pull Ups, Sledgehammer and Slosh tube exercises.

    Took the dog for two walks today.

    Built a pull up bar using 3/4" pipe and attached it to the underside of my deck. Now I can do pull ups outside!

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    Yo Dave,

    No posts for a few days. Still in?



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      I'm still doing the challenge. Just haven't had much time to post. I'll see if I can rectify that.


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        OK, so I've been following the Primal Challenge but had house guests most of last week and a big work project this week that has limited my time to post to my journal.

        Primal exercise has been:

        Saturday August 8th - Hiked up to Upper Mohawk Lake near Breckenridge. This was a 7 mile round trip hike with a 2,000 foot elevation change. My wife and I did this hike in 4.5 hours. Pictures available here:

        Prior to that I did some sprinting and Interval workouts along with pull ups and some sledgehammer work.

        This week:

        Monday August 10th - P90X Ab Ripper X and 30 minutes of Sledgehammer workout.

        Tuesday August 11th - P90X+ Interval X+ workout. Really pushed it!

        Wednesday August 12th - 30 minute Slosh Pipe and Pull ups workout. This was a killer! 4"x8' slosh pipe filled 2/3rds with water. I did 10 different exercises. After each two slosh pipe exercises I did a set of pull ups. Ended up doing 8 sets of pull ups (wide grip, standard grip, reverse grip and close grip) for a total of 62 pull ups. I even did one set with a 15 lb backpack strapped on!

        My primal eating has been a lot better this week than last. My house guests did get to sample some primal fare but for the most part it was less than primal eating. This week it has been grass fed beef, buffalo and natural chicken made into a delicious curry!

        I had coconut pancakes for breakfast yesterday flavored with pumpkin pie spice! Delicious!


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          Newsflash! My wife and I have decided to cap off the Primal Challenge by climbing a 14er on August 29th!

          This will be the first 14,000 foot mountain for both of us. We are going to climb Mount Sherman in Colorado. Arguably the easiest 14er to climb it should still prove challenging enough.

          No I won&#39;t be doing it barefoot or even wearing Vibram Five Fingers (unless someone wants to dare me to <g>) but it should still be a great primal experience.


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            Just got back from Home Depot with material to build a 3" x 10&#39; slosh tube. I also picked up a 10# sledgehammer to go with the 16# one I already have.

            Last night I made sliders from grass fed hamburger. Instead of a bun I used an iceburg lettuce leaf. Chopped up some onions and added some mustard and just a dab of ketchup. They were great!

            Tonight&#39;s dinner will be salmon with a salad and 1/2 a sweet potato.


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              Primal workout today, Friday August 14th:

              Round 1

              Diagonal Sledgehammers - 10/10 with 10# hammer

              Wide Grip Pull ups - 10

              Standard Push ups - 30

              3" x 10&#39; Slosh Tube held overhead - 30 seconds

              Round 2

              Sledgehammer Butter churn - 1 minute with 16# hammer

              Reverse grip chin ups - 10

              Decline push ups - 25

              Zercher carry 4" x 8&#39; Slosh Tube - 4 laps around yard

              Round 3

              Sledgehammer Tricep Blaster - 30 reps with 16# hammer

              Standard width pullups - 10

              Diamond push ups 20

              3" x 10&#39; Slosh Tube bicep curls - 15

              Round 4

              Overhead Sledgehammers - 30 reps with 10# hammer

              Close grip pull ups - 10

              Military combat push ups - 10

              4" x 8&#39; Slosh Tube held overhead - 20 seconds

              Round 5

              Sledgehammer Tuck the Bales - 30 reps with 16# hammer

              Reverse Grip chin ups - 10

              Standard push ups with 15# backpack - 25

              Forward/Backward 3" x 10&#39; Slosh Tube paddles 20/20 reps

              Bonus Round

              Diagonal Sledgehammers - 20 reps with 16# hammer

              Standard Grip Pull Ups - 10

              Burpees - 15 reps

              3" x 10&#39; Slosh Tube side bends - 5 each side


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                Farmers Market for fresh produce and meat this morning. Then went on a 3 mile hike around a mesa nearby.

                This afternoon we are going to buy some bikes for the kids.

                All in all a good start to a Primal weekend.


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                  Reasonably primal day today. Walked the dog, went for a bike ride, and did yard work. Also spent time on the couch watching Tiger lose the PGA Championship (congrats Y.E. Yang!) and took a nap.

                  Big Primal strength training workout planned for tomorrow morning. Sledgehammer, slosh tubes, pull ups, squats and deadlifts. Oh and a little thing called Ab Ripper X from P90X!


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                    Rested today. Was going to go for a run and do some sprints when I got up but it was abnormally cold outside. Got busy with work and decided that this would be a rest day. Tomorrow I will sprint.


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                      Back from a great weekend in Glenwood Springs. Bike riding, rafting, sitting in the hot springs pool. Grok would have loved it!

                      Today will be the Mother of all Primal Strength training workouts. Slosh Tube, Sledgehammer, pull ups, push ups, oh and a little thing called Ab Ripper X!


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                        Change of plans. The rain made a backyard workout out of the question so I did Ab Ripper X, Total Body Plus (from P90X+) and then when the rain let up went for a 30 minute bike ride.

                        Total Body Plus is a bear of a workout but it felt good. I hadn&#39;t done any "lift heavy things" workouts since last Monday and I was ready for it.

                        The bike ride was mainly to cool off and to get some hill climbing in. Wanted to give the legs a bit more of a workout.