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    Originally posted by WTFOMGBBQ View Post
    So by dipping my toe into the water of going away from a more standard american diet and experimenting with a high fat/protein low carb, all natural sources diet, and not moving directly into eating high fat meats, i'm not doing myself any good?

    I won't lose weight and lower cholesterol, based up me staying away from high fat meats until i am more comfortable with the plan?
    Pretty much. Look, I lost over 90 pounds in less than a year eating PB - which meant a diet that was about 75% fat (and more than half of that was saturated fat), 20% protein, and minimal non-starchy carbs. I never counted calories, and I'm healthy as a horse. My cholesterol's improved, my blood sugar is normal, my IBS and migraines and arthritis went away completely. Dipping my toe in would not have made those things possible. You must jump in to the deep end of the pool and trust that you can swim, here.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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      P.S. Do you have any real data proving that eating saturated fat raises cholesterol? The body makes the cholesterol it needs, which is always more than is taken in.

      And, which kind of cholesterol does eating fatty meat raise? HDL is good, you want it very high. LDL, the "bad" cholesterol, is okay if it's the big fluffy type. That leaves only the little gritty type of LDL, which can enter artery walls, but my impression is that the little gritty type is formed from eating carbs, not fatty meats.

      So, if you get a cholesterol test, unless it also tests which type of LDL you have, it's going to lead you astray and might alarm you unnecessarily. And it might give some ignorant doc a foothold toward trying to get you to take statins, which are highly dangerous, expensive, and unnecessary drugs. (Disabling the Krebs Cycle, reducing CoQ10, and blocking several other chemical pathways to treat a number could practically be the definition of Bad Medicine.)

      Griff can tell you all about cholesterol, plus what kind of test you should ask for, so you get data instead of an anxiety attack.


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        I thank you both for your input, however I am going to start like this and work my way into it slowly. I'm just not brave enough to go in full force. If anything my log will be used to help others like me that are scared to see the process..


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          There's nothing at all wrong with doing something your own way.

          Just don't get alarmed if you CAN'T get your cholesterol to "behave" by avoiding saturated fat and animal products. If you are basing your choices on mythology, even government-approved and long-established mythology, you will not get the results you have been led to expect. That's okay, so long as you realize that just "trying harder," when the whole effort is based on a mistaken theory, can do you a lot of harm.

          If you can avoid panic when numbers are this or that, physically you will do a lot better. Even good eating can end up going wrong if you are full of cortisol and stress hormones. Think of it like this: you can behave like an unbiased scientist, capable of objective observation without being dedicated to one result at the expense of another. And if your initial trial isn't working for you, you can quietly try a different theory, and see how that goes.


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            I started PB in February and my cholesterol was high and I was worried. I rode my bike across the USA in 07 and after that ride my cholesterol was higher than it ever had been and I was eating CW healthy fats along the way for the most part but I was eating grains then and some sugar in the form of gels and such. Oh, and some "Good and Plenty's" (I love that black licorice). To make a long story short I gave myself one month eating just as PB suggests including plenty "healthy" saturated fats from animal products. This included bacon and avocados and all the things I had not let myself eat in 20 years. I figured I had tried every CW diet/exercise plan there was and I was just getting sicker so what did I have to lose.

            I was really worried that first 30 days but I told myself that no matter what I did for 30 days (except eating McDonalds the entire time, see Supersize Me) would kill me. When my bloodwork was checked after 30 days all my numbers were better. My doctor was curious and when I told her what I was doing she warned me that I was going to hurt myself eating this way even though my bloodwork was better. She was convinced it was bad since it was against all the CW she was used to. I would have stopped if my bloodwork had not been better.

            Last month my blood work was much much better (cholesterol down 46 points) and my doctor was flabbergasted. The proof is in the numbers. If you read Griffs Cholesterol primer on this website you will have a better idea what good numbers mean. You cannot beat the kind of results I am having. I am losing weight very slowly though. Only 18 pounds so far but I don't care as long as I am getting healthier. I figure the weight went on slowly it should probably come off slowly also.
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              Your entry diet and exercise program is just fine. You don't have to "jump in" becuase not everyone wants to, needs to, or should live in the deep end of the pool. You (like everyone else here) will figure out YOUR "best" course over time. The changes you are already making will provide great improvements. No offense to Griff (he's a wealth of fantastic information), but he's pretty black and white with his views (all carbs are the devil and sweating is nonsense) and there's many ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

              I also love to cycle (and run long & lift heavy too) and support my exercise with good carbs (fruit/veg). Use your body, enjoy plants and animals , relax ,and live your life. Some here preach fear - don't fall for that crap...

              39, 5-10, 163, 10%-ish BF