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  • Primal Challenge Journal, Catalina

    Whew. . .here we go!

    I started with doing weight/measurement/before pictures. Trying not to let THAT get me down, but here are the stats:

    Weight: 158.8

    Bust: 41"

    Waist: 37.5"

    Hips: 45"


    B: 3 strips bacon

    2 eggs


    L: BA Salad w/avo, pine nuts, roast beef, EVOO

    4 ounces red wine

    snack: dehydrated kale chips

    D: shrimp sautÚd with spinach in butter


    Wasn't too hungry for dinner (warm evening), so that was lighter than usual.


    Meander with the dogs at the beach in the morning. (One dog is 14, so it can't be called a walk).

    Walk with friend in the park in the afternoon (1 hour)

    My friend took a couple "first day" pictures of me, and I hated to see them. . .it's not like I don't know how I look, but still. . .well, I'm on my way, though!

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    There's "knowing," and then there's "staring at photographic evidence." You'll be glad you have those pics when the 30 days are up, though! (by the way, some of us aren't brave enough to take pictures! thought about it, but wimped out.)


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      "staring at photographic evidence"--heehee, I like that! Thanks for the encouragement!


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        Day 2

        Weight: 158.8 (how can it stay exactly the same?)

        Breakfast was a protein shake + 3 strips bacon.

        Lunch: salad with crab and avocado (yum)

        Dinner: will be roast beef + broccoli

        Treat: a beer if I go to the Irish pub with my friend!!

        Exercise: Did pretty well today--

        10 minutes of Son of Grok's beginner workout (hopefully, I'll do 20 by the end of the challenge!)

        1/2 mile meander with the dogs

        2 mile walk with the younger dog

        1 mile walk--errands (bank and Trader Joe's) I'm trying to do that sort of thing as much as possible.

        Here's hoping things keep going well!


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          Day 3, wow!

          Wt: 158.2 (.6 lb down--yay!!)

          B: Two slices of the primal pumpkin loaf (recipe from forum). A bit carby (30) but high in protein, too.

          L: Crab salad again

          D: Roast beef, broccoli w/butter, roasted parsnips (I had about a cup on my plate, remembered breakfast, and cut the amount in half), 4 oz. red wine (that's the end of the bottle, and my plan is to not buy another during the challenge, although I may have a beer or wine when I go out.)

          Exercise: Morning beach meander with the dogs.

          Feeling good--looking forward to the next couple days when I have plans to go kayaking!


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            oooh, I love kayaking! I keep hoping to find one for cheap on craigslist, but no luck. Enjoy!

            How's the pumpkin loaf? I saw that recipe and thought it looked wonderful.


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              Hi Aegle. . .the pumpkin loaf is pretty tasty. . .very eggy. I used Stevia rather than honey just to avoid the sugars, and it worked pretty well. Warm with butter is the best, and it's very easy to make, which is a plus!


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                Day 4!

                Great day!!

                Wt: 158.2

                Breakfast: 2 more slices of pumpkin loaf

                Lunch: innards of a carne asada burrito (I plunked it in a bowl and threw away the tortilla) + carrot

                Snack: Kale chips and handful of macadamia nuts

                Dinnner: Ground beef sautÚd with chicken sausage and chard, roast parsnips


                Beach Meander

                I found a group class a block away from me: Fit after Fifty. Great, fun circuit training that gave me a workout.

                Kayaking--about an hour on the bay with my friend. He made me a beautiful wooden kayak, and it was a lovely late afternoon. I LOVE being on the water.

                Tomorrow, I'd like to add meditation.


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                  Day 5 . . .another good one!

                  Wt: 158.2

                  Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with turkey in bacon fat

                  Lunch: crab salad (no avocado. . sad)

                  Snack: handful of macadamia nuts

                  Dinner: Salad at concert in the park (with a little goat cheese) wine

                  Snack: 1 tblsp almond butter mixed with 1 tblsp cocoa


                  Beach Meander

                  Kayaking--about an hour with my sister.

                  Didn't meditate though, and I really think that is a missing piece here. Maybe tomorrow I'll get down to it.


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                    Wow. Kayaking. A fantastic sport. An exemplary day for you.


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                      Day 6 - a slightly off day.

                      Wt: 158.2

                      Stupid mistake #1: I stopped on the way to the beach with the dogs for a coffee w/cream. That really doesn't work for me on an empty stomach.

                      Stupid mistake #2: I took my eyes off a rambunctious puppy who wanted to play with my dog and he body slammed me in my right knee. Bad dog, Wendell! It only hurts when I go down stairs, so I'm hoping it is VERY minor and won't get in the way of my new-found activity level. . .

                      Then I went to Trader Joe's because I really had nothing to eat at home. Got bacon and eggs and fried them up--the bacon was awfully salty, but tasty.

                      Tummy still wasn't feeling well, so I went to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping and ate a banana right when I got out of the store. Felt a little better.

                      Lunch: I made this yummy salad recipe I found on the internet--it was great!!:

                      Curried Turkey Salad


                      1 1/4 cup Plain Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

                      1 Tbs. curry powder

                      4 cups cooked turkey, cut into 1-inch chunks

                      1/3 cup scallions, finely chopped

                      2 cups seedless red grapes, halved

                      3/4 cup slivered almonds, or walnuts, toasted


                      In a large bowl, combine the yogurt and curry powder. Add the turkey, scallions, grapes and almonds. Toss together to coat. Serve chilled.

                      From Nutriondata: Calories: 602, Carbs: 14.5%, Fats: 45.5%, 40%

                      I love Greek Yogurt!!!!

                      Dinner: A carnitas salad from Chipotle (lettuce, carnitas, guacamole and salsa fresca. A small serving of plain yogurt after--it really soothes my stomach.

                      Exercise: Beach meander w/full body slam

                      Walk to errands (water store for two 1/2 gallon water bottles (I have a cunning plan!), ATM, and Chipotle), about 3/4 mile.

                      I think I'll try meditating for 10 minutes after I post this--I could use it.


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                        Your turkey salad sounds delicious - I make something similar with boiled eggs and apple. I'll have to try this. I *heart* yoghurt.


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                          Ditto on the turkey salad!


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                            The turkey salad is awfully good--I think I might try using almonds instead of walnuts next time since the walnut flavor is very strong. . .

                            Day 7 (1 week!!)

                            Wt: 157.4 (yay!)

                            Got up a bit late and raced to meet a friend at the beach for a meander with the dogs, took along a small handful of macadamia nuts and grapes to snack on the way.

                            Went to the farmers market. . .got first apples of the season as well as strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber and eggs

                            Breakfast: 2 slices bacon, 2 eggs, strawberries

                            Lunch: curried turkey salad, sliced tomatoes

                            Snack: small helping of Greek yogurt with a spoonful of almond butter

                            Dinner: Mark's Primal Jambalaya--tasty!!

                            Exercise: only the beach meander, I'm afraid, but it is Sunday after all. Feeling lovely right now, but trying to force myself back into the kitchen to wash up the dishes from making the jambalaya. I've really been enjoying cooking this summer, but I'm afraid when school starts, I'll be frantically searching for really easy dishes.


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                              Hi Catalina,

                              thanks for stopping by my Journal.

                              Great salad recipe, Im going to try it soon.

                              Im envious of your beach meandering, we don't live very close to any (and we've had nonstop rain for the past 3 days...)