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  • Primal Journal - Roberta

    Okay I am going to take this challenge. I have to say doing the journal will probably be the hardest part but I figure it is worth a try. You never know what you will get out of something unless you try. Soooo

    A little background. I have been lowcarbing for about 7 years now. I did really good in the beginning but got really comfortable and have been having regular cheats like when there is a holiday, vacation, or visitors in town. My main diet is low carb, I will always eat this way. Though I have never reached my happy point with my weight. I have exercised for most of my adult life so I have a really good muscle base. I just can't see most of them and I will really love too.

    When I first started lowcarbing there was a boom of products on the market (frankenfood) and I ate a good bit of it, but slowly it started disappearing and I started cutting it out, so over the years I have pretty much cut out all processed foods, except diet soda's and I hate to say lc monsters (I think I will miss them, but then I didn't think I could ever live without pasta and now I just don't have any desire to eat it so that gives me hope)

    My challenges will be to slow down the cardio, cut out the diet soda's and artificial sweetners, and I am also going to try to give up most dairy. Mainly cheese, I love cheese but am going to try to give it up at least for a little while to see if it is having any ill effects on me. Oh, I need to cut down on wine too. I love wine and cheese.

    When I first joined the forum I managed this for 10 whole days but then I had visitors in town and fell back to my normal way of eating (though no cheats, yay me )

    Today I am starting again. Here is my log

    b - doing if's
    l - chicken thighs dipped in peanut flour and fried in coconut oil (yum!), 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of bacon (nitrite free), and a bowl of blueberries
    d - planning on a BAS with leftover pork shoulder

    I have had coffee, water, and alot of iced spiced tea. I am really missing my soda, I have been sluggish all day.

    Not up for exercise today but I did do a yoga dvd for fun, well it was more like exercise for me so I will count it as both. (I did sprints yesterday )

    I have made a conscience effort to get some sun, but it is really hot today so I have only gone out for short spurts.

    I played a video game and am listening to music and am planning to quilt and read if I can drag myself away from the forum, ha ha. It is keeping me focused right now.

    No trama or poisenous things.

    I am trying to learn Spanish so that was my brain work for the day.
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    Okay I am kind of regretting using my real name. I wasn't planning on journaling and now I wonder if I should start all over with a new handle? I might be more comfortable. hmmmm can we change our handle?


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      Day 1 went really well. I actually feel fantastic today. I didn't post my nutritional stats for yesterday so here they are.

      1380 cals, Fat 66% (100.0g), Carbs (not subtracting fiber) 4% (17.1g), Protein 30% (98.1g) - Not bad

      Day 2 - I will start with my nutritional stats.

      1386 cals, Fat 66% (104.6g), Carbs 6% ( 18.9g), Protein 28% (90.7g)

      How wierd, look how close they are. I am not trying to eat so low on the carbs, but I was trying to get in a proper amount of protein. Wow is that hard! I need to really work on that and hopefully will come up with some staples in the next few weeks of experimenting. Today my protein was really low so I thought I would try some egg protein powder (which was tolerable with sugar free torani's) in some almond milk. Bleck, ack, it was horrible. I had to choke it down. So I will need to find some other way to eat it in a pinch if I need to up my protein. Say on weight days. Hmmm, maybe I will try it in those coconut pancakes.. Note to self - buy more coconut flour.

      Food for today:

      b - if'ing
      l - bratwurst wrapped in cabbage leaves, blueberries. Protein powder in almond milk , boiled egg.
      d - chicken thighs, 1 dipped in peanut flour, the other in almond flour and fried in coconut oil (the almond flour is better, plus I shouldn't be eating legumes I guess - I just hate to waste it), scrambled eggs.

      Today went really well with the execption of trying to find protein I like. I need to work on this. I got some sun at a birthday bbq playing with the neices, nephews, and puppies. Not much though it is HOT again. I walked slowly on the treadmill for half an hour and did some stretching. Benefit of the slower walking is it is way easier to read. I relaxed today by staying in bed and enjoying my coffee while watching the Tour D'France. Nice way to start the day. Oh, and I did my Spanish.

      I am a little frustrated right now because I was going to try to post a beginning picture but discovered my old photo software won't run on windows 7 so I had to order some new software. So it will be a couple of days. Maybe in that time I will have lost enough weight to not be too embarrased to take a picture that might show my shape .. oh that won't ever happen, just gonna have to be brave, ha ha

      I believe I made my goals for the day. This isn't really that hard so far. I not having any problem with giving up dairy, or my diet drinks. I am actually quite enjoying my spice tea
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        ¡Buena suerte ! (on learning spanish) Thanks for sharing your story and keep grokin on ! Im an Argentinian diet soda addict, and the switch has been torturous. Eventually you will find something else that will do the trick! I do cheat on special occasions though, I'm not gonna lie


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          Gracias Evita . I have never had an Argentinian soda. If this was a month ago I probably would of went in search of them to try. But I think I better not right now, ha ha.. Have you found something else that works for you? Right now I am really enjoying my iced tea made with Good Earth Original spice. When I re-introduce dairy I am going to try it with cream.. oooh just the thought excites me, ha ha.


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            It's all the same brands! Coke, pepsi, mtn dew, etc etc. Just you say "light". I've been in the states for the last 10 years, now finishing up college in Florida I like diet everything: coffee, iced tea, crystal light and the list goes on. For primal-I love a little fruit flavored seltzer water with cream if I'm craving the fizz and I dig the unsweetened tea with a little natural sugar or the truvia/stevia stuff. The cream will be well worth the abstinence period lol grok on!


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              mmmm. I will have to try the cream and seltzer too. Thanks.


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                Day 3 - So far so good. I did a kettlebell workout today and found that I got really hungry for dinner earlier than normal. But I did try to kick it up a notch. I love kettlebells.

                B - If'ing.
                L - BAS with pork shoulder, egg, avocado, and pecans. Yum
                D - curried beef with vegies, blue berries

                1733 Cals, Fat 71% (141g), Carbs 7% (30.7g), Prot. 22 % (92g)

                Getting my protein was easy today because I was really hungry and ate a big dinner. Can I just say WOW, who knew coconut milk had so many calories? Tracking food is eye opening. But at this point I am not worried about calories.

                I had fun today taking my nieces on a shopping spree. I don't see them very often. I didn't have time for Spanish (my brain work) and I still have to go for a walk and hopefully get a little more sun. It is really hard right now because we are having a heat wave and I don't like the heat.


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                  OMG! I can breath. ???? It has been a long time since I didn't have congestion. Now to figure out why. I did this exact same eating for 10 days last month but I didn't get this benefit. But then there may have been more pollens. Could be we are finally getting some moisture. I love this. I have to be very careful if/when I starting adding foods back in. (really I didn't change much, artificial sweetners, wine, dairy)


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                    I had the exact same reaction. My sinus has not been this clear in forever. Very nice benefit. I began noticing clear sinus about 2 weeks into Primal. My wife says I'm not snoring any longer either....I'm sure YMMV on a lot of this but its nice to discover side benefits.
                    They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                      Chaz - Thats great! I was thinking it might just be some wierd fluke. A very nice benefit indeed


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                        Day 4 - I am feeling really fantastic!

                        B - If'ing
                        L - scrambled eggs, bacon, blueberries
                        D - steak, salad,pecans

                        1062 calories - Fat 63% (77.3 g), Carbs 7% (18.9 g), Protein 30% (76.3 g)

                        I know my calories are low. I even ate the pecans even though I was no longer hungry because I didn't want to drop below 1,000 calories. I just wasn't that hungry today. My protein could have been higher too, even the carbs but I am having no ill effect from the VLC.

                        I did my Spanish, went for a 30 minute ride on my stationary bike, HR 125 (it was so easy). I was going to go longer but the book I was reading did not catch my interest. Tomorrow the weather should be better so I plan on going for a hike on the top of the mountain. I hope all falls into place for that. I did not have time for play today. I must be in a funk because I can't actually think of anything that sounds fun. A hike sounds fun so maybe tomorrow.

                        I have been sleeping really well. Not doing anything dangerous and have avoided poisen.

                        Tomorrow I will try to get a picture up (ugh!) and maybe do a journal template. I am also going in to get my bloodwork done.


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                          Trying out my new format. Will update it later tonight. Thanks Sheglowspale .

                          Day 5

                          1. Eat lots of animals, insects and plants.

                          B- IF - 17 hrs
                          L - steak, fried eggs.
                          D- Stir Fry, berries, Pecans

                          1328 cals, Fat 53% (80g), Carbs 9% (35g), Protein 38% (121g)

                          2. Move around a lot at a slow pace.

                          4 mile hike, very slowly 1 hour 24 minutes. 2 miles up, 2 down

                          3. Lift heavy things.

                          lunges -body weight - 166 lbs, deadlifts 50lbs, bicep curls 15 lbs, shoulder press 15 lbs, delt lifts 15 lbs, tricep pushes 12 lbs, crunches 75, reverse crunches 25. I used dumb bells. It might not have been the right amount of weight but I was too lazy to switch and I just threw this in after walking on whim.

                          4. Run really fast every once in a while.

                          Not today

                          5. Get lots of sleep.

                          8 solid hours

                          6. Play.

                          Not yet. My Zune broke and I had to go buy a new one so I can get through the waiting room tomorrow at the Dentist tomorrow. I have spent so much time in waiting rooms the last few years because I take care of parents, that I cannot survive it without some sort of entertainment. But then again getting a new toy is fun. I just have to transfer my music. Not so much fun. I guess the fun will come tomorrow.

                          7. Get some sunlight every day.

                          Lots. Though I had to use a mild sunscreen (redhead and all)

                          8. Avoid trauma.

                          So far.

                          9. Avoid poisonous things.

                          The scorpions are out at this time of year. I have seen a few in the house but haven't stepped on any yet. Thank goodness they are not the deadly type. I have stepped on them before without any damage.

                          10. Use your mind.

                          Did my Spanish

                          I had to eat pecans again to up my calories WTF?? I have never ever had problems eating enough

                          Had a bit of unexpected stress today, but I handled it well. Luckily it was after exercise. I am feeling pretty good right now. No let me rephrase that, I am feeling fantastic these last fews days. I am loving this PB life so far! I need to make a benefits list, but I am too tired right now.

                          I got my photo software so I can crop and re-size now, but no energy to deal with it today. Maybe tomorrow.
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                            I struggle to get calories in each day too... but I'm just not that hungry... I've been thinking of doing some kind of protein smoothie in the mornings to address this....


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                              Thats a good idea. Now that I know how many calories are in coconut milk it might be a good additive. Mmmm blueberrie coconut milk protein shake, you got me thinking