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  • Primal Challenge Journal (darienx19)

    Primal Challenge Goals:

    1) Adhere to 80/20 for food, doing my best to stay as high above 80 as possible.

    2) Walk AT LEAST 4 times a week in our park (1.66 mile trail)

    3) Run Really Fast session at least once a week.

    4) Incorporate Lifting Something Heavy at least once a week.

    5) Kick the alarm clock addiction by the end of the month.

    6) Practice silk reeling exercises at least 2 times per week.

    7) Identify and eliminate/solve at least 3 major sources of stress in my life.

    And lastly, as more of a 'PS Goal,' I want to drop from XL shirt size to L, and from the 36/38 range of pants to 34's. I don't include this as a goal for the end of the month because I am not sure that when losing BF and gaining muscle that my body shape will make that possible. I hope to prove myself wrong!

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    Day 1:


    B: 2 eggs, sliced mushrooms, wing sauce, glass of water

    L: 5 oz beef, 2 or 3 oz pork slices, med apple

    D: 3 small/med experimental Pecan/Almond meal pancakes, 2 or 3 oz pork slices, unmeasured small amt of squash from cooking.

    S: 8 oz glass of apple juice


    -Walked the park one lap, threw in some "play" by skipping, side stepping, and otherwise acting silly on the trail.

    -Sprinted the 2 blocks from the park back to the house (not counting towards sprinting session goal)


    I made a wing sauce that I think is primal, but would love thoughts: melted a stick of butter, added equal part Frank's Redhot (INGREDIENTS: Aged Cayenne Red Peppers, Vinegar, Water, Salt and Garlic Powder... seems ok?), juiced an orange... then added a little juice, more red hot, and salt at a time until taste was right. That's all there was to it.

    I didn't do very well with veggies today, I didn't have time to cook them the night before to bring with me to work. I am going to train myself to get up at 530 from now on so I can have time to walk in the morning and make food for the day before work.

    Oh, and I know the apple juice is probably not the best, but it satisfied my need for flavored liquid and is unsweetened and not from concentrate. Going to start drinking unsweetened green tea as soon as it arrives.

    Speaking of getting up early, it's 10 after 10 local time, g'night all!


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      Day 2:


      B: 2 eggs scrambled w/ yellow bell pepper and mushrooms, tomato sauce on top

      L: 4 oz beef, julienned zucchini and tomato sauce

      D: Bowl of chili, baked chicken thigh

      S: small glass of apple juice


      Walked the park (1.66 mile track)

      30 mins of Silk Reeling exercise


      Walking on day 1 just before bed was fail. I had waaaaaaaay too much energy after and couldn't get to sleep until around 11:30pm. I woke up at 5:30 on day 2 and immediately left the house for another walk in the park. It took almost 10 more minutes than the night before, and my legs ended up hurting all day for it. I'm going to try walking again on day 3, but this time in the evening around 6pm or so. I think I will also try doing a 5:30am walk again on day 5 to see if morning walking will work for me without having done it just 8 hours before.

      I made primal chili using some homemade tomato sauce (tomatos, onion, garlic, butter, and salt), ground meat, and spices. Also baked a whole bunch of chicken that I plan to clean from the bone and turn into a curry on day 3.

      That's all for now, will right about day 3 tonight (hopefully!)


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        Day 3:


        B: 2 eggs over, covered in chili

        L: Bowl of chili, piece of baked chicken

        D: Bowl of chili, 4 oz beef tips w/ wing sauce, grilled tomato covered w/ mozz cheese.

        S: Small glass of apple juice (My tea needs to arrive!)


        And on the 3rd day, I apparently rested lol


        Nothing went as planned today... not that it's a bad thing. After work, I ended up hanging out with some friends and playing MtG... at least it was mental exercise! I didn't get to cook or go for the walk I planned, but it was worth it. Since I'm now all rested and such, I'm going to move my morning walk experiment to tomorrow morning rather than day 5.

        In other news, my energy levels are getting off the roller coaster. It seems that after having been primal for a while, then falling off, it's easier to get back to "good" than when just starting.

        AND! I avoided a cookie trap today at work, then again when I got home! Roomies can be dangerous to my health hehehe I didn't partake though and stuck to my primal guns! It makes me want to explore primal treats a little more though...


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          Hey darien,

          Great job avoiding the cookie trap. More than once, I've been tempted by my housemate's pita and hummus. One thing to consider is your vegetable intake. I've dropped from a size 38 to 34, from a L to M. I'd definitely thank all the salads and veggies I ate. Still, I think it's awesome you're taking a step in the right direction!


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            Thanks Zephyr!

            Now that I've been keeping track of my diet, I've noticed the lack of veggies. I'm going to make a bigger effort to add more of them when I get to the store next (I go on sundays).

            Day 4:

            I didn't go walking this morning as planned, but experimenting with my sleep habits has made some progress: I went to bed at 10:30pm, and woke up naturally around 3am ready to start my day... looked at the clock and laid back down lol. the alarm went off 2.5 hours later and I didn't want anything to do with it and fought it until 6, when I finally got up. I also know that if I go to bed at or after midnight, I don't want to get up at 5:30 either. I am going to try 11:30pm and see how it makes my morning.


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              Day 4 cont.


              B: 3 egg pizza omelet

              L: 2 baked chicken thighs, sauted yellow squash and mushrooms

              D (or snack, as it wasn't much of a dinner): 1/2 bowl of chili (all that was left lol)

              I ate lunch around noon, then had something again at about 9pm. does that count as IF?


              Whole day managed to not go as planned, but I guess you can count walking around walmart while waiting for an oil change? I don't feel right about counting it towards my weekly goal, but I'm sure it didn't hurt


              As I re-read what I've been writing, I noticed that it reads waaaaaay more schedule-interruption-dramatic than it is. I don't mind the free flow of life... I rather welcome it!

              In other news, I got a julienne slicer at walmart for under 4 dollars that looks kind of like a potato peeler... and it's FANTASTIC!!! I carved up a zucchini and yellow squash (stopped when I got to the seed area, noticed that part tends to break up when cooking) and will be having spaghetti squash for lunch today omnomnom =)


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                Day 5:

                Went to bed last night at about 11:45, got up ready to go at 5:30. Was still to the alarm, so I think if I make 11:30 my limit, I will be on the right track.

                Went for a walk this morning, took about 1/2 an hour to do 1.66 miles. Not bad for shaking off the morning zombie-ness.

                Ran out of eggs and thusly skipped breakfast, had a glass of OJ to take my vitamins with.


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                  Day 5 cont:


                  B: Skipped

                  L: Zucchini spaghetti, tomato sauce, 4oz of meat.

                  D: Chinese Buffet


                  Walked the park this am


                  exercising this morning was awesome. I'm glad I was able to and I think I will continue morning walks when they aren't done the morning after 9pm exercising.

                  I'm working on my stress goal, the first stressor I've identified is one of the relationships in my life. I've begun the process of working it out... hopefully, as time passes, we can both be adults enough to fix the issue. I'm not going to go into detail, just wanted to record working on it.

                  I used up my 20% for the week on tonights dinner. I stuck with veggie and meat options (avoided noodles and rice) but caved on some of the sauces and fried food. It was tasty and for the bro-in-quasi-law's graduation though, so it's written off and out of my mind now that it's posted here

                  After dinner I went and got my self a pair of vibrams! I can't wait to use them! Got a pair of KSO's and they are extremely comfy and surprisingly don't cause my feet to sweat. Going to break them in tomorrow with my last required walk of the week.

                  It's just after 1am central and I'm pretty sure I'll be going to bed soon. I intend to use no alarm tomorrow, so I can get a good idea of how much sleep I naturally need. G'night all!


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                    Day 6:


                    B: piece of baked chicken

                    L: Curried Chicken w/ mushrooms and onions

                    D: Skipped

                    Awful Binge: 1 bottle of wine, unknown amts of $1.00 frozen pizza, M&M's, pork rinds, and gooey butter cookies, and who knows what else.

                    My friends are out to get me I'm pretty sure LOL. I went to the store on the way to hang out, got a bottle of wine to share and some pork rinds to snack on. I intended to have A glass of wine and share the rest, have a pleasant evening and go to bed. Of course, I allowed myself to have another glass and another until goodbye bottle in about 1.5 hrs... and hello to random party junk.

                    Didn't get to bed until about 2:30, didn't exercise, pretty muched failed Saturday all together.


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                      Day 7:


                      B: skipped

                      L: leftover curry

                      D: Fruit Smoothie

                      After yesterday, I decided I would only eat today when hunger hit, and it did a little while ago so I had the left over curry. I plan to only have a fruit smoothie after exercising tonight. Gonna go do my last walk for the week and some silk reeling exercise... Also possibly the sprinting? We'll see how the evening goes


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                        Went and walked in the park, love the vibram's for that. Tried to do sprinting in them... and it hurt LOL. Was only able to do it 4 times before my feet hurt too much. I'm guessing that will get better in time. I also noticed that I can run a lot faster in regular shoes, but it is probably just time and practice needed. I will also try doing sprints in wonderful forgiving grass rather than angry pavement.

                        I did end up having a nomtastic smoothie after running and also sampled a pork patty I made for this week's breakfast. Also rendered some fat tonight for making eggs


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                          Nice day today, darienx19! I keep hearing similar reports re: vibrams: that they're good for grass and sand, but for pavement--not so much.

                          Keep up the fight!


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                            Primal Challenge Week 1 Review:

                            1. 80/20 food rule: Stayed primal for all but 2 meals this week and didn't have any cheat-ie snacks. even if I count the fail saturday night as 2, that's still only 3/21. 14~15%, not bad =)

                            2. Walk 4 times: done and done.

                            3. Run Fast 1 time: Did it on day 7, not as intense as I would have liked, but will work on it in the future.

                            4. Heavy Lifting 1 time: Not this week =(

                            5. No more alarm: Learned my sleeping needs, step in the right direction

                            6. Silk Reeling 2 times: Did it once, need to make more time for it.

                            7. ID and solve 3 stress: ID's 1, working on fixing it.

                            All in all, not bad I call week one a success. Week two, here I come!!


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                              Day 8


                              B: 2 eggs scrambled, sauted yellow squash, onions, and spinach

                              L: Curried Beed and Chicken, mushrooms, and onions. Broccoli, an apple

                              Scavenge: 6oz pork (patty style), grapes, 3 or so small pieces of extra sharp white cheddar

                              D: Zucchini dough pizza


                              Day of rest


                              My legs hurt more than I was ok with today, so I rested... also, I was eaten alive by bugs and want to not itch all over while I walk lol. The Zucchini pizza is still baking (almost done woot!) and looks fantastic. I'm not going to have a lot, but will try it tonight.

                              All in all, today was ok. Work was way more stressful than usual. It wasn't even "stupid people day"... it was more like "too-lazy-to-help-myself-and-mad-about-having-to-wait-for-you-to-do-it-for-me day." No fear, tomorrow will be better!