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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Aegle)

    So, I suppose I'll start this off with a description of my goals. Over the next 30 days, I'll attempt the following:

    * Follow the PB eating guidelines all month, allowing one cheat meal per week (date night!);

    * Walk at least 3 hours per week;

    * Do at least 2 high-intensity workouts per week;

    * Do a sprint workout at least once per week;

    * Maintain my sanity to the very best of my ability as I begin taking all the crazy drugs required for my upcoming IVF procedure!

    This seems so very basic as I write it out! I definitely want to lose some weight, but hesitate to state any specific weight goals as I just don't know what effect the IVF drugs are going to have in that department. I figure that sticking to the above goals will probably result in some weight loss. Most importantly, if I can accomplish these goals, I'll feel confident that I'm taking really good care of myself during what promises to be a physically/hormonally challenging month!

    I apologize if the IVF stuff is TMI for some folks! We've found that being open on the subject feels *much* better than all the secrecy we previously employed.

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    Good luck with the challenge and the IVF, Aegle. I find the members of this forum to be very supportive. I've shared information here that I would never have imagined I would post on the internet.


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      Thanks, maba, I'm impressed so far with the sense of community around here. =)


      B: nothing, as I was not hungry after a pretty big dinner the night before.

      L: big-ass salad (that's the official term, right?) (mixed lettuces, onion, radish, cherry tomato, cuke, avocado, hard-cooked egg, salmon, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, S&P), raspberries

      S: soaked & dried cashews

      S: a spoonful of almond butter and a square of 80% dark chocolate (Taza Chocolate, it's fabulous!)

      D: green beans cooked in homemade bone broth with bacon, two poached eggs


      55-minute walk around the neighborhood wearing a friend's old nike free's (trying to get my feet used to less shoe so I can be ready for some vibram's!)

      Lots of stretching, as SoG's beginner's workout kicked my butt yesterday (thanks, Catalina, for the recommendation!)

      I suppose that's all for today. I feel like I'm off to a pretty good start, and am surprised at how few cravings for bread/sugar I seem to be having so far. =)


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        B- 1 apple with almond butter

        L- about half of a BAS. was it a half-assed salad? oh, no! (salad had mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, radish, hard-cooked egg, salmon, oil, vinegar); 2 cherries (just wanted a sweet taste in my mouth!)

        S-2 slices of bacon, 1 fresh fig.

        D- tapas-style! tiny bit of cheese (raw-milk blue), 1 meatball, small pile of swiss chard, sliced avocado, 1 glass of red wine.

        S- i'm planning on having a square of 80% chocolate before bed. =)


        about 1 hour of walking/ bouldering on the rivah. fun!

        I think my food intake was kind of weird today, but i felt ok and am proud of my newfound ability to ignore bread & pastries!


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          Sounds like you're off to a great start! SoG's workout kicked my butt today, too. . .only got 10 minutes in. It looked so easy just reading it!

          Good luck with the challenge and the IVF!


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            B: 1 apple, almond butter, 1 slice of bacon

            L: braised chicken thigh, mashed cauliflower with plenty of butter, zucchini

            S: a small pile of fresh figs. yum!

            S: (post-workout snack) 1 slice of cold bacon ( I made two for b'fast but only ate one. it was actually pretty good cold!)

            D: 2 scrambled eggs, cooked with lard and butter, swiss chard, watermelon.


            Did SoG's Beginner workout for the second time today. It felt hard, but not brutal. Ha! That's how it felt on Sunday, and then I was super-sore for days!

            Catalina, I agree, it looks so easy! I was worried it might be too easy, even for someone who hasn't exercised in ages... Definitely NOT too easy. I'm sure the 10 minutes felt like plenty! I did 20 but got slower... and slower....... and slower. =)