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  • Primal Challenge Journal (suzyschnitz)

    I knew this was starting up today, so I made the best of this past weekend in Memphis... A bit of debauchery and good food. I did okay, but pizza and coke *really* is a great hangover cure. Anyway...

    Okay, I admit it, I was a terrible grokette.

    Now is the time for a fresh start. I did really well for May and June and felt amazing, but life was getting in the way in July and PB living went downhill after the 4th.

    My goals aren't lofty. I just want to get back on track and make as big as a difference as I can in how I feel.

    I think I'll go to the gym tomorrow to get my measurements taken and go from there. I'm not going to be number oriented, but I'd like to know at the end of the challenge where I stand and how far I've come.

    Also, I'm suffering from some sort of tendonitis in my left elbow, so I haven't been able to get in a good workout. I usually do Bikram, but I haven't been to class in over a month. Blah. I'll need to find other ways to play if it isn't healed soon.

    So, there you have it.

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    I fasted from 18:00 yesterday until 17:00 today--nothing but a few almonds last night before bed.

    I'm on nightshift for a couple of weeks, so I'm just grazing all night.

    Tonight's menu: Giant salad with cukes, avocado, red pepper, a few grape tomatoes... some beef jerky... prolly half a roasted chicken, apple with almond butter, tea.

    I'm not all that hungry, to be honest.

    My WOD was prying myself out of bed.


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      Here's food for 8/3:

      1/2 head of romaine

      1/2 red bell pepper

      1/2 avocado

      1/2 cucumber

      1/2 roasted chicken

      5 grape tomatoes

      beef jerky

      couple servings of nuts

      1/2 apple

      1 tablespoon of almond butter

      56.7g total carbs

      60% fat, 27% protien, and 14% carbs.

      I'm not all that hungry tonight, either. Didn't work out. Tomorrow I'm making myself go to yoga. I have a couple of days off so I'll have time to sneak in a workout sometime. I'm going crazy without it.


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        The menu for 8/4 looked pretty much the same, but maybe less veggies and more nuts.

        1/3 head romaine

        1/2 red bell pepper

        1/2 avocado

        1/3 cucumber

        The rest of my roasted chicken

        A few grape tomatoes

        1 oz. beef jerky

        NUTS--I need to lay off the nuts for a while. Once I get started, I can't stop.

        1/2 apple

        1 tablespoon of almond butter.

        OH, and I had some homemade cucumber and celery juice with a little sweetener added to it. YUM. I love my juicer!

        Macronutrients... Probably around the same, but the nuts may have thrown a wrench into it.

        No workout. Working 12-hour shifts is for the birds.

        Also, I weighed myself Tuesday when I got up. I have a Tanita bodyfat scale at home, and I have no idea how accurate it is. I'd like to think it runs on the high side.

        129.8 lbs.

        29.4% fat


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          Went to yoga. Sat out postures that required my elbow to bear weight or be twisted. Was teh suck.

          Coconut water

          ~30 almonds

          8 oz. beef skewer, broiled

          Steamed broccoli and cauliflower with butter

          Still not all that hungry these days. What's up with that?


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            Had a date and we had a primal picnic and watched The Big Lebowski downtown STL. I was very impressed at the spread! He put a lot of thought into it.

            Woke up and had a handful of trailmix to get me going.

            Picnic included the following:

            Homemade Spanish frittata with potatoes and onions (I maybe had a half of a potato, tops)

            Fresh homemade gazpacho (had a bit of bread blended into it)

            Fresh homemade cucumber soup (made with cream and Greek yogurt... got my dairy fix)

            Russian smoked salmon

            Greek yogurt




            honeydew melon wrapped in prosciutto (got my fruit for the day)

            Then I was surprised with my favorite dark chocolate, so I had two squares of it.

            WOD was ghetto hiking downtown

            MMMmmmm... The Dude Abides.


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              Not terrible. I think I'm doing pretty good!

              ~40 almonds

              Bison snack sticks from Bowood Farms

              3 squares dark chocolate

              Scallops cooked in butter


              Apple with almond butter


              1,280 cals

              87.2 g fat

              69.0 g carbs

              71.7 g protein

              14 grams of carbs were from the kombucha alone... grrr.

              No workout.

              And today is turning out to be a protein shake day. Grrr... Will explain tomorrow.


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                I'm cutting myself off for the night...

                Went to yoga.

                Grabbed a protein shake from the organic place nextdoor. Winced as the magical shake maker lady squirted chocolate syrup into it.



                3 squares dark chocolate

                Protein shake: whey protein, banana, milk, mystery brown syrup.

                Bison snack sticks

                Cucumber soup: cucumber, cream, greek yogurt, dill.

                1.5 oz. beef steak strips

                1 avocado

                I am really thirsty. Think I'll have a lot of water and fast till tomorrow afternoon/evening.


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                  Almonds are evil. That is all.


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                    Nuts... my nemesis...

                    Was going to IF last night, but I got bored at work and snacked on almonds and other nuts.

                    Things got really bad around 2am when I came down with a very very very bad headache. The only cure for a headache is about 800-1000mg ibuprofen and a diet soda.

                    (I do NOT have a caffeiene addiction, yay).

                    Then I had some chocolate when I got home.. Then some trail mix...


                    40 almonds

                    1/4 cup mixed nuts

                    1/2 diet pepsi

                    handful of trailmix

                    4 sq. dark chocolate

                    2 oz. steak strips

                    3 eggs, scrambled

                    steamed broccoli and cauliflower


                    1/2 avocado

                    coconut water


                    1 T almond butter

                    No workout today.

                    So, I've been REALLY REALLY thirsty all week. Not sure if it is a med side-effect or if I am really really dehydrated. I have no idea what is going on with my body. Fairly odd. Salt? I'm eating unsalted nuts...

                    My goals for this week are:

                    1. Eat more protein,

                    2. Get moving,

                    3. Get back to my salads, and

                    4. Stay away from the nuts.


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                      Oh, I agree with you about Almonds. Once I start eating them, I just can't stop! At least, I'm glad it's almonds and not potato chips.


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                        Yeah. They're like candy.


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                          My sister was in town. I didn't do too horribly. She cooked.


                          Cobb salad from Panera, no dressing

                          Small bite of the Panera bread (sshhhhhh)

                          Pork tenderloin


                          Baked zucchini w/tomatoes and mozzarella

                          1/2 a dark chocolate bar


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                            Sis was still in town. Was almost a disaster.

                            Eggs and meat plate at Cracker Barrel

                            1/2 piece of toast... booo...


                            dark chocolate

                            Ate dinner at Frazers:

                            Mussels in broth, wine, and tomatoes

                            Asian lettuce wraps

                            Pesto tilapia on a bed of steamed veggies

                            !3! small pieces of bread... couldn't resist sopping up the mussel juice... OMG good.

                            Then... we split a blueberry crisp.



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                              It was a valiant attempt to stay primal. At least you split dessert

                              Nice goals for last week, I think I'll borrow some of them, especially the nuts-I could eat almost 1000cal in those things and not even realize it.

                              Did you find out why you were thirsy? I experienced the same things and noticed that my unsalted nuts DID have salt added (Lies!).