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  • Primal Girl Jess Jane's Journal

    AGE: 18

    WEIGHT: 110-113lbs

    HEIGHT: 5'4


    Hello fellow primals...I have recently been introduced to this caveman lifestyle and am really feeling the whole concept of it. My goals are to figure out what my individual needs are in terms of diet, and how certain foods/changes in diet affect me and my performance. I am also a consistent fitness junkie always looking for new ways to kick my ass. Suggestions welcome...

    This is technically not "Day 1" of the primal lifestyle for me, but we can pretend can't we?

    DAY 1


    Handful of almonds and sunflower seeds, banana, and turkey slices

    Coffee, lara bar (pecan pie no less!), and dark chocolate square


    Giant salad with spring greens, green pepper, squash, tomato, pumpkin seeds, five slices of deli turkey, dried apricots and raisins, and portobello shrooms all drizzled with olive oil and vinegar


    Mighty generous helping of pistachios nuts and more almonds, an apple, large carrot with sunbutter, small salad with leftover veggies, and protein shake with water


    Swordfish with half a sweet potato


    Large cup of cooked brocolli and tomatoes with some mint tea


    FINALLY DO ONE UNASSISTED COMPLETELY LEGIT PULL-UP! Realize it is impossible to do a second, but do a couple not-so-legit ones afterward (VERY slowly..)

    Try running barefoot again for 1/4 mile (really enjoying this,) along with a few pushups, ab things, and jumping squats for about twenty minutes

    Bikeride around town with a friend for about two hours

    Enjoy an hour of stretching and light yoga towards the latter part of the day...


    Felt sort of fatigued riding around, almost cranky. Felt better after eating my mid-afternoon snack. Tired and lazy after work, couldn't complete the 90 minute yoga segment I had wanted to. Wonder if I am getting enough carbs...?

    On a mission to help others master movement, build unbreakable strength, & eat MORE food (can't beat that.) Weekly fitness, health & nutrition articles at

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    You look really good girl.


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      Jess, I guarantee if you are 5'4 and only 110 lbs, you are no way 19-22% body fat. I bet you are closer to 16%. Not sure if that makes a difference to you or not, but you are a lot leaner than you're indicating.


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        Oh man, I forgot I even started this! I've been recording everything in Fitday now, and a nice big notebook..Doing much better than when I started! More eggs, meat and fat. Mm mm..

        I did an online "fat test" (what are they called now?), from a few different websites to get an average, and it was about 14-16%, but somebody else told me that I'd be super ripped it I was that low, so I assumed I was a little higher since online isn't the best way to do it. Nah, doesn't make much of a difference, although I am pretty damn sure that eating this way has leaned me out pretty good! And thanks, phillips..I'm a hard worker.

        On a mission to help others master movement, build unbreakable strength, & eat MORE food (can't beat that.) Weekly fitness, health & nutrition articles at


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          I think its bodyfat analysis now but really long as you look great which you do and feel great its not that big a deal. and yeap you a hard worker it shows keep it up and thank you for the comment feedback on some of my topics.