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Primal Health Challange for Deacucina (Kristina)

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  • Primal Health Challange for Deacucina (Kristina)

    I am very excited to begin the Primal Health Challange. I am a little concerned that I might not be able to give it my "all" for the whole month, however. For the last two weeks in August I will be heading on a two week road trip to visit friends, relatives, and participate in a family member's wedding. I will be staying with four different sets of people and will have at least five or six nights in a hotel with no access to a kitchen. I will be in the car a good deal (over 2000 miles) and will be traveling with my six year old, my sister, and her boyfriend.

    This is going to make for some challenging primal living indeed!!! I plan to do my best; stock my ice chest with plenty of primal snacks (bring on the beef jerky and smoked salmon!), choose the most "primal" options at the restaurants, and try to squeeze in exercise where I can. I know some things will be unavoidable: the pre-ordered pasta at the rehearsal dinner, etc... but I will do my best.

    A little about me and my health.

    I am one of the people out there that looks and is relatively healthy by American standards. I have a "normal" weight for my height and frame, a "normal" BMI, and I look reasonably in shape. I have no acute medical issues.

    But I don't really feel healthy to MY standards.

    *I am fine with my overall weight but know I have too much body fat and not enough lean muscle. I know I strengthen up easily: when i do weight bearing activities I gain strength and good muscle quite easily. But sticking to it has been an issue for me.

    *I have mild back issues do to poor core strength and poor muscle tone.

    *My endurance is beyond ridiculous: I feel that I become winded and reach a high heart rate with very little exercise. My mother, who has my same frame and body type but weighs 60 lbs more than me, can run (or bike, or swim...) me into the ground. I know that I have not nearly reached my body's true potential.

    * I get sick too much. Lots of colds, especially. I hear it all the time, "Oh, you have a child in preschool. Being sick all the time is TOTALLY NORMAL." Um, getting sick each and every month of the school year (sometimes twice a month!) is not normal. Also, I have a strange immune reaction to the cold virus: on day five of my cold I always break out into itchy hives for one week. Maddening!

    This last year I started supplementing with vitamin D (my levels were very low) and high EPA/DHA fish oils. Instead of getting sick 10 times in nine months I only got sick 4 times in the whole calender year. But I still think I can do better.

    *I do not like my skin tone. I do not have outright acne, but the skin on my face is very rough, especially on my forehead, and I often get breakouts. I have a feeling this is diet and lifestyle related.

    How I Eat

    I love food, and I love to cook. Since I was a small child I have felt at home in the kitchen. I try to pursue a more whole food eating style. We eat very little processed food (though often times the mac cheese and pizza will take over). I shop at the farmers market often, get organic produce from our local co-op, and source local pasture raised beef, lamb, and eggs. i also enjoy free range chicken. Homemade bone broth is a staple in my kitchen. I cook with coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, and pasture raised lard.

    However, despite how good all of that sounds I feel like I really don't eat that well. I find myself not eating nearly as much produce as I'd like, and relying too much on grains and wheats for calories. Too often is seems easier to grab a pastry at the coffee shop rather than go home and cook up all that bok choi and chicken in the kitchen.

    To be continued...