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Khrystyna's diary: fine tuning my life

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  • Khrystyna's diary: fine tuning my life

    Hi everyone!

    Been toying around with the idea of keeping a jornal here for the last few weeks and think it's time to make the plunge! I figure the diary will help keep me motivated, be a good chance to get some feedback from other primal people and generally help me chart my progress and keep track of changes I make.

    My background: I'm a 25 year old nutritional scientist living in the south of Ireland. I went primal a few months ago after being a veggie and often vegan for the twelve or so previous years. Long story short it worked, I went from having really bad cramps nearly every day to having had one or two flare ups in the last few months. Although I still suffer from the intolerances I developed due to the IBS (bananas, avocados, eggs etc) I'm hoping in time to heal my gut and maybe reintroduce some of them again the future when the time is right. I'm not trying to lose weight but I do find it very easy to put on a few pounds so it's something I need to be a bit aware of.

    Where I'm at now: I'm doing pretty good at this stage, I've eliminated processed sugars, I've been 100% off dairy for the last week or so with the exception of butter and I'm learning to appreciate more types of meats and not just living off bacon. I don't smoke and I rarely drink, at this stage only a few times a year which is phenomenally little for a young Irish person!

    My main indulgence is 85% dark chocolate, I don't particularly try and restrict myself with it, I eat what I like but it would never really go above 50g in one day, usually I'd only eat half that. I drink plenty of water as herbal tea and I don't have problems drinking enough so I won't bother mentioning how much I drink in my diary.

    I eat a lot of fresh veg, we grow most of our own veg and a bit of fruit. I blog about my attempts to be somewhat self-sufficient, nutrition and my primal recipes here: We're currently thinking about starting to raise our own pigs.

    My goals: to eat more leafy greens, to eat more fish and less omega 6 rich foods, to take my vitamin D and calcium tabs everyday (I am awful for remembering), to keep my carbs fairly low (sticking to root veg, potatoes the odd time and a bit of fruit) and to go for more walks and stay on top of the gardening.


    Breakfast: 3 smoked mackeral fillets and 2 big tomatoes fried in a bit of ghee (clarified butter)

    Lunch: Beef tagine made with carrots, swede, tomato, coconut milk and prunes

    Snacks: 1 handful of raw cashews

    30g 85% dark chocolate

    Dinner: Same as lunch
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    Hello Khrystyna! Your food looks good, and I am with you on the 85% dark chocolate. I need to pick some more up
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      You've started a journal! I was hoping you would.

      After reading Davis and Cannel on the subject of D and calcium, I've strongly reconsidered how much calcium I'm taking now that I'm D replete (65 ng/mL = 162.5 nmol/L). I'm now taking 500 mg per day from all sources. For a time, years ago, I did 1200 mg, then 100 mg, then a few months ago 800-900 mg, then a month ago 600 mg per day (always divided doses).

      Seriously though, if D repletion can increase intestinal calcium absorption fourfold, then 250 mg calcium with serum 25(OH)D levels of 65 ng/mL would be possibly equivalent to 1000 mg Ca at much lower D levels. I still find I'm needing a lot of magnesium and potassium....400-600 mg magnesium and a 4ish:1 ratio K to Kcal.
      Here's a curious observation I've now witnessed a number of times: Some people who supplement this dose of calcium while also supplementing vitamin D sufficient to increase 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood levels to 60-70 ng/ml develop abnormally high levels of blood calcium, hypercalcemia.

      This makes sense when you realize that intestinal absorption of calcium doubles or quadruples when vitamin D approaches desirable levels. Full restoration of vitamin D therefore causes a large quantity of calcium to be absorbed, more than you may need. In addition, two studies from New Zealand suggest that 1200-1300 mg calcium with vitamin D per day doubles heart attack risk.

      Results Myocardial infarction was more commonly reported in the calcium group than in the placebo group (45 events in 31 women v 19 events in 14 women, P=0.01). The composite end point of myocardial infarction, stroke, or sudden death was also more common in the calcium group (101 events in 69 women v 54 events in 42 women, P=0.008). After adjudication myocardial infarction remained more common in the calcium group (24 events in 21 women v 10 events in 10 women, relative risk 2.12, 95% confidence interval 1.01 to 4.47). For the composite end point 61 events were verified in 51 women in the calcium group and 36 events in 35 women in the placebo group (relative risk 1.47, 0.97 to 2.23). When unreported events were added from the national database of hospital admissions in New Zealand the relative risk of myocardial infarction was 1.49 (0.86 to 2.57) and that of the composite end point was 1.21 (0.84 to 1.74). The respective rate ratios were 1.67 (95% confidence intervals 0.98 to 2.87) and 1.43 (1.01 to 2.04); event rates: placebo 16.3/1000 person years, calcium 23.3/1000 person years. For stroke (including unreported events) the relative risk was 1.37 (0.83 to 2.28) and the rate ratio was 1.45 (0.88 to 2.49).
      Calcium supplements not necessary for vitamin D sufficient

      In my opinion, no vitamin D sufficient person should be taking 1,000 mg of calcium/day in supplements, unless they get zero from their diet, pretty difficult to do. Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Calcium. National Institutes of Health.
      No one knows how much calcium supplements vitamin D sufficient older people need to take, but it is undoubtedly less than the 1200 mg/day the NIH recommends, as someone with a 25(OH)D level of 32 ng/mL (80 nmol/L) absorbs a lot more calcium than does someone with a level of 10 ng/mL (25 nmol/L). If you want an answer to the question of vitamin D/calcium interactions, the person to ask is Professor Robert Heaney and I know where you can ask him. Dr. Heaney is speaking to an all-day Grassroots Health seminar on vitamin D in San Diego on Friday, April 9, 2010. His talk is "Interactions: vitamin D, calcium and safety." Please tell me what he says.
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        If you are going to raise pigs have you thought about what you are going to feed them?
        A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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          Chocolate is irresistible! There is a 99% chocolate that I could get around my parts which is simply delightful. Nice and bitter just the way the Holy Church Of Bacon likes it!
          Here it is, your moment of zen.

          It's a no brainer: The journal of the cerebelum