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  • Going Primal!

    So I cut out grains and processed foods in May 2010. I was doing a 30 day nutrition challenge with my crossfit trainer. I have been doing Crossfit for the last year usually about 1-2 days a week but in the last 4 months have stepped it up to 3 times a week consistently.

    I did pretty good for the 30 days although I had a few slip ups. I usually have one or two cups of coffee in the morning and I did have cream and sugar in it. I cut back a lot on how much I added but still had some. I also had a few slip ups with my other weakness, Oreo cookies.

    After the 30 days were over I did notice that I was a bit leaner. Most likely would have been a lot better without the indulgences. I have kept up with avoiding grains and processed foods but am still having occasional slip ups with ice cream and cookies. I really want to cut this crap out so I can become healthier, stronger and look better than ever.

    I'm 39 and have 2 girls. I want to set a good example for them and help them to eat better as well. My youngest (9) is very good about eating healthy foods although still likes to have chips and chocolate once in awhile. My oldest (13) is very hard to feed. She refuses to eat meat (her best friend is a vegetarian). The only good thing about that is that she now eats red peppers, which she refused to even try before. I know that's lame, but I'm trying to look at the positives She is also very picky about the foods she does eat since she doesn't like most fruits or vegetables!! It is a constant battle trying to get healthy foods into her. I am hoping that she will come out of this phase soon.

    Today I am starting this journal in hopes of becoming better with my nutrition. Since I am constantly thinking about it, even when I cave for the junk food, I think I'll be better if I have some accountability.

    I am going to stay away from cookies and ice cream. Hopefully they will become as disgusting to me as bread has become. I am going to eat meat, veggies, a bit of fruit, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. I am going to do crossfit 3-4 times a week, reduce stress, get lots of rest, play with my kids, move slowly when I am doing my housework, have fun in the sun and hopefully avoid doing anything stupid.

    Any advise or wisdom is appreciated! Thanks for helping me on my journey.

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    I'm relatively new to the Primal life but have been fully Primal for about a month with no cheats in the sugar and the only thing I can tell you is that once you detox from it completely for a good couple of weeks, resisting it is way easier. Clean out your pantry and remove all that stuff that tempts you. Don't buy Oreos. Don't have ice cream in the house. If your girls want a treat, take them to the store and let them buy one rather than keep it inj the house. You'll get through the withdrawal (and for some people it SUCKS) and you'll do great!
    I create Whole/Real Food recipes without grain, gluten, or refined sugars! I'm a working mom with two gluten-intolerant kids proving a real food lifestyle isn't hard! Life As A Plate.

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      I haven't been posting daily as I planned to initially but I am happy to report that I have not had sugar in my coffee for the past 2 weeks. I am just drinking it with cream now and am actually liking it!
      Food wise I have done well except for the blueberry and cherry overdosing that I have been doing. They are only around here for a short time so I have been eating them by the pound.