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    Hi all,

    After stumbling across PB, buying the book & making it my mission to live a primal life, i realised i still have trouble being accountable. So im resigning myself to a daily post with the day's nutrition and fitness, and check in monthly with my weight.

    Im 28, happily married to my soul mate (miss h) & live in Sydney, Australia with our fur-baby (Lola). Last week a brand new strength training park started being constructed 50 meters from my gate (a sign from the universe)! So the time is right, the rules are primal & im making the change, for good.

    I was always a tubby kid, but athletic, until a shoulder reconstruction which led me to stop playing soccer competitively in my early 20s. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago, which is a monster- and funnily enough, some of the earliest advice i got was 'quit wheat, now!' (i wish i did then).

    I love bike riding, soccer, hiking and kickboxing, but havent had regular workouts for years. Im convinced im really an athlete in an obese girls body, so im excited about finding a way of life that finally feels right.

    Today, I weigh 137kgs. (its never going to be that again)

    Any support is welcome!

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    Welcome Bedouin and good luck with the journey!


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      B: 2 scrambled eggs with a dash of cream and butter with 3 rashers of bacon

      L: salad of lettuce, carrot, beet, tomato and cucumber with grilled fish

      S: 95g can of tuna chunks in olive oil

      Not sure whats for dinner... but im decidedly hungry today :/

      Tonight im going to a Zumba class for the first time! Its mostly for a laugh, and ill try anything a couple of times. Ive heard they darken the room, and play live percussion instruments and bongos so miss h and i are dragging our friends with us excited!


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        Thanks! I love how supportive this community is. Lovely warm feelings of love and support already transversing the interwebs


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          Welcome, Bedouin!!!


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            Yo, so zumba was pretty fun & tough! Def. going next week too because I felt so great afterwards also, dinner was about 300 grams beef mince cooked with lots of hot chillis, garam masala and tomato paste served on blanched choy sum and bok choi and topped with a bit of shreded cheese.

            Before work tomorrow I'll prepare the slow cooker with gravey beef, mushrooms, some red wine and baby carrots. Love coming home to a fragrant, cooked dinner with minimal prep and I guess I should start taking photos of my meals...

            All in all, a productive, happy day. Nighty night


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              Tues am

              Not sore from zumba surprisingly, felt energetic. Shared a drinking coconut with miss h-sooo good. Had a swig of chocolate milk straight after- shocked to discover the coconut was far more delicious.

              I've packed a bad ass salad- iceberg, baby spinach, raw macadamia, olives, 1 tblspn of Dutch smoked cheese and a big can of tuna in olive oil. I've got some trail mix, an apple, kiwi and banana to snack on but lately I have been only been eating 1-2 fruits pet day. It was 3-4 when I first started pb, maybe it's got to do with adjusting?

              Dinner is still slow cooked beef. Will take Lola my dog out to the doggy park and maybe try sprints wooooo.

              Till tomorrow.


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                Happy Bastille day for yesterday!

                I flew interstate very early for work, had a small fruit salad at about 6.30am and some cheese and mini toasts at 10am. Nothing primal at the work lunch- so had a couple of cheese pastries :/ Got home at 8pm, exhausted- to find miss h had prepared an AMAZING primal French feast!! Salad Niccoise (was amazing!! green beans, boiled egg, boiled potato and sliced olive in a mustard, vinegar dressing) and brie stuffed chicken breast, roasted. For dessert she made strawberries and cherries dipped in organic 70% dark chocolate... WOW. We also uncorked a 2004 Chateuneuf-du-pape we picked up in the south of France last year on holiday... Im a lucky girl.

                Breakast this morning was a tablespoon of almond butter, wasnt feeling hungry but wanted to try it. nom nom

                Lunch is left over salad Niccoise with small can of tuna and some spinach leaves and a small portion of left over slow cooked beef with mushroom and carrot left over from dinner two nights ago.

                I just nom'd on some trail mix and have a kiwi and banana for fuit today, as well as a couple interesting types of herbal teas (currently sipping cinnamon, lemon balm, rosehip, apples, cloves, ginger and cardamon blend called 'Harmony' by Husk teas- mmmm).

                its a lovely, sunny day, so ill spend the afternoon working outside and plan to walk Lola when i get home from work.

                not sure about dinner, may take a drive to the butcher and pick up some great lamb and grill it on skewers with a cabbage and orange salad.



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                  Maybe someone can help with this:

                  I bought a bottle of coconut oil from an Indian grocer- and the instructions were to microwave the bottle for 30 seconds to melt it (if its gone hard). so I did that and when i started heating it up in the wok, it started to smell, really, really bad. like an acrid, instinctivly-chuck-the-whole-thing-out kind of smell. I wasnt sure if thats just how it is, so i stir fried some eggplants with chilli and ate them, i couldnt taste anything wierd, but had lost my appetite due to said stench. Is this smell normal??


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                    I can't ever remember getting a bad smell. It always smells like coconut to me. I don't heat it up first either though. I dig in with a spoon and slap into/onto whatever I'm using it for.

                    I have no idea why it might smell unless it's gone bad. But I think you would have known that after eating it.


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                      Thanks X... i might just bin it and buy another from somewhere else...


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                        So yesterday was a good food day after work i cooked a couple different small meals, first was a copy of a fav dish at a szechuan place i love, double cooked pork. i used bacon instead and stirfried with hot chilis, chili bean paste (just a bit), garlic shoots (yummy) and whole chillis. Then roasted some capsicum halves with a cracked egg in it and finished up with 2 beef sausages. YUM.

                        This morning had 3 egg scramble with a left over sausage and olives, snacked on some kiwi and blood orange. Had lunch with a work mate, and got a thai curry, extra hot. had a small portion of rice tho.

                        going to a bavarian beer cafe tonight, so will tuck into pork knuckle and stay of the wheat beer!


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                          whoops... been missing in action but ive not been too badly behaved...

                          Ive worked out at least once a week on the strength park and LOVE it. im doing about 2 x 10 push ups, 5- 10 second hang on the pull up bar where i try to raise my knees up and down (not sure if this is actually a good idea but it feels like im working something!) 2 x 10 dips, 2 x 10 situps, a round of 3 different size step up blocks and this hopping circuit you have to go around three times. I really feel it two days after and love it! This week I also did some boxing using focus mits with my work out buddies doing different interval punching type stuff.

                          There is a 50 meter line marked out on the grass at the park, so ive been jogging up one way and walking back the other a couple times, and will try to start sprinting soon!! i think the last time i sprinted was years ago and it didnt go too well, as my calf muscle just cramped up straight away.

                          Now, food... well.. for the most part im primal, but there have been a number of times where ive cheated, half out of convienience, half because my will power failed. My strategy to counter-act this includes purchasing quality grass fed meats and preparing much simpler meals. I tend to over-do it because i LOVE cooking and food, and get carried away. I just need to learn to appreciate the simple, honest, meat, veg, fish, nuts and fruit weve been blessed with.

                          Todays food:

                          BF- 1 x protein shake, wasnt hungry

                          Lunch- spinach leaves, red cabbage salad with 95g tin tuna in oil

                          Dinner- chilli stewed fish in oil with cabbage, lamb ribs

                          snacks- have some good quality trail mix, a mandarin, another protein shake and some homemade sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin soup on hand


                          Set my alarm at 6am with the intention of riding my bike- didnt happen, so ill do it when i get home from work. ive worked out a 1 km circuit around the park, so ill aim for 3 times around today- in total about 3.6 kms.

                          Ill do a good afternoon strech at 3pm

                          ohhh AND im obbsessed with coconut!! is it ok to have one everyday? im talking the large-ish drinking ones... mmmmm


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                            Good morning from Sydney, Australia!

                            Weekend summary: mostly primal, but did have take out twice... late last night after a gig- was starving! Did lots of running around shopping and errands- but have stocked up on Asian green veggies, salad stuff and fruit, and have planned this weeks menu in advance, so there should be no excuses!

                            Breakfast was a 5 egg omellette split with miss h, a shred of cheese on top, shallots and cayenne pepper.

                            Lunch is a BAS with chunky tuna

                            Dinner is going to be seasoned pork steaks, baked, with asian greens and cauliflower mash

                            ive got a kiwi fruit, mandarin and bananna, some walnuts and a protein shake for snacks and maybe try a new 75% chocolate bought on the weekend.. Old Gold.

                            Tonight will take the dog out for a walk

                            I also figured i should start taking photos of my meals, so ill update this journal at night from now on and post pics.

                            have a big work out planned tomorrow night with the girls, im looking forward to hitting up the strength park!


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                              Sounds like some good eats!

                              What's a strength park? Is it similar to the fitness trails we have in the states? An area where you can run, and stop at various "stations" with equipment to do things like pull-ups, dips, situps, etc.