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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Kate)

    I started Day 1 of the Primal Challenge off right. Did a legs and abs workout in my simple-but-functional basement weight room, then took a nice 4-mile walk outside. I have strengthening exercises for my rotator cuffs to do, but I'll do them after work. It's an IF day, so I had a mug of black coffee then got to work (I telecommute most days).

    Took a dance break at noon (I do Middle Eastern dance...which I count as play). Broke my fast at 4 p.m. with a medium-sized Big Ass Salad, with lettuce, tons of fresh veggies, leftover grilled chicken and half an avocado.

    Dinner will be a grilled burger from the share of pastured beef we buy each year, along with ratatouille leftover from yesterday, and green beans I picked from my vegetable garden this morning. I'll top that off with a small bowl of strawberries and a dollop of the cream skimmed from the top of a jug of non-homogenized milk.

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    I am so excited that the Primal Challenge has finally begun. Here's my "Primal Dozen" list of goals:

    1. Keep carbs below 150g/day. Around 100 is really what I'm aiming for.

    2. Limit grains to whole grains twice a week, maximum, and then only if they are properly soaked and cooked to remove antinutrients (sorry, but I love an occasional bowl of steel cut oats or bulgur salad).

    3. Get off the "more is better" exercise bandwagon for good. I am taking this month to figure out how much exercise I need for good health and weight maintenance.

    4. Remember to take the fish oil supplements that I stocked up on!

    5. Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night.

    6. Get 15 minutes of sunscreenless sun daily.

    7. Go barefoot whenever possible.

    8. Make the switch to pastured eggs from the farmer's market, instead of organic eggs from Costco.

    9. Practice meditation.

    10. Cut already minimal sugar intake to the bone: limit to some dark chocolate on the weekends.

    11. Limit alcohol to one glass of red wine, 3x a week.

    12. End my addiction to the roasted, salted peanuts my husband keeps in the pantry!


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      Primal Challenge Day 2: Morning

      4.5 mile walk along Lake Washington.


      - Coffee with organic, non-homgenized whole milk

      - Two organic eggs scrambled with mushrooms and beet greens (sauteed in coconut oil) and topped with feta cheese

      - Small fruit bowl (strawberries, blueberries and pineapple) topped with organic whole milk yogurt

      - Water


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        Primal Challenge Day 2: Afternoon

        Lunch: Big Ass Salad with greens from my garden, raw peppers and cucumbers, roasted beets, grilled chicken, half an avocado and olive oil & vinegar.

        Play: Bellydance DVD that really focuses on the core muscles.

        Snack: Green tea, cherries and raw almonds.


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          Primal Challenge Day 2: Evening

          Play: 30 minutes of bellydancing with finger cymbals!


          - 3 slices Italian salami and white cheddar on flax seed crackers; green Moroccan olives; sparkling mineral water.

          - Grilled wild Pacific salmon with garlic and rosemary (from my garden); ratatoullie; green beans (from the garden) steamed and finished with butter; small glass red wine.

          - 2 figs straight from the garden.


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            it all sounds yummy !! I have a bellydance CD that i need to try !

            Check out my new blog at


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              Primal Challenge Day 3: Morning

              Play: 90 minutes of bellydancing (with DVDs)


              - Coffee with organic, non-homogenized whole milk.

              - 2 organic eggs scrambled with mushrooms, beet greens, pastured ground beef, tomatoes (from garden) and feta cheese.

              - Small fruit bowl (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple) topped with organic, whole milk yogurt.


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                Is bellydance primal?

                While I doubt Mrs. Grok bellydanced (the art form is old, but it's not THAT old), I like to think that our primal ancestors participated in some form of dance.

                Music and rhythm is part of nature. It's in the wind, in the crashing surf, in the birdcall. Even in the days of Grok, you would also find rhythm in the sound of a tool striking an object, in hands clapping, in the gentle thudding of footfalls on the forest floor.

                At their essence, the movements of dance, I believe, are a natural part of our bodies and beings. I'm not talking about uber-choreographed modern dances (which you find in all dance genres, including bellydance), but in the movements that come unconciously when you hear the rhythm. Just try to stop your foot from tapping, your fingers from snapping, your hips and shoulders from swaying, your head from bouncing.

                A drum solo (some would call it a duet) with a bellydancer and a tabla (Middle Eastern drum) player...if that isn't primal, I don't know what is!

                In modern terms, I feel that bellydance fits in perfectly with the principles of primal living, in that it's both play and exercise. It appeals to both the creative spirit, and the physical body. Depending on how one practices the dance, it can serve quite nicely as low-intensity exercise, or it can produce a nice sweat (shimmy, anyone?).

                Yeah...I highly recommend it.

                (So get out that CD, Primalmom!)