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GOMAD & Primal - S*** is going down!

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  • GOMAD & Primal - S*** is going down!

    I've decided enough is enough, no more stalling on my weights due to not enough food, no more poor rest days and workouts feeling drained due to not enough food. I'm biting the bullet (or the udder? ) and chucking in an additional 1000-2000 extra kcals ON TOP of what I already eat.

    I will give it a strict month and see how it goes, the main, and ONLY goal is to get stronger. I'm bored of my same ol body frame, it needs a good changeup.

    I do Stronglifts (3x5 criteria), and my current PB's are (or current work weights):

    Back Squat 107.5k
    Press 50k
    Bench: 62k (I want to take this exercise to the cleaners)
    Bent over Row: 65k
    Dead (Current run 110k), 135k PB (with questionable form)
    Chins: 10 max
    Pull ups: 8 or so


    As you can see I barely have a chest, and I hate it.

    I like my legs, and I love squatting . I've ripped my training pants and a pair of suit pants thanks to squatting, and that's before this mission! I welcome even huger glutes and bigger quads.

    notes: Some days probably won't be a whole gallon, but I will be incorporating a fair amount to add kcals to my diet. For instance my breakfast of Egg & bacon, the scrambled egg mix will have milk added in. Black tea w/ milk will be making a heroic comback which is a godsend for a Brit.

    It's not exactly primal, but I'm wanting change. I've not found many cases of people doing GOMAD and Primal/Paleo on the net. So i'm doing this for me, and the good of the internets!

    Wish me luck

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    I wish you luck.

    ...but nothing is for the good of the internests.


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      First extra milk powered workout day today:


      5x Eggs & 100ml milk, scrambled
      4 rashers bacon
      Coffee with Whippin Cream / UHT Cream
      Cod liver oil & Glucosamine supps

      2 hours pre W/O

      Milk (Filled my smoothie jug with it)
      2x raw eggs
      Scoop of Whey.

      During the 2 hour wait I had a couple more sips of milk.

      Workout - I deloaded a tiny bit due to a week off, Easing back into it.

      Squat 97.5k Solid form, ass to ground as ever. 3x5'd
      Overhead press 45k - Again nice, I normally clean the bar, but now Im unracking and using a wider grip. Nice power base now.
      Deadlift - 100k. absolutely SMASHED the deadlift, 100k felt like nothing.
      Chins - 7,6,4 (3m rest between each).

      Great to have that 'fueled to kick ass' feeling, ive been lacking that in the past months due to slight undereating. Bring on the personal bests.


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        Just bought me 6 pints of whole milk today. If it wasn't a non workout day, this would be gone already!


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          I think you're confusing strength with size.
          Edit: You'll probably also put on a lot of unwanted body fat doing this, I have no basis for this other than the many excess calories you're taking in. If you're looking for strength gains why not just eat more protein, balanced fats and keep training like you are? high intensity but low volume, plenty of rest, etc? Help me understand the whole galon of milk a day thing.
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          I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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            105kg handled with ease.

            110k dead was good.

            finally nailed 47.5k on the overhead press! I bet 50k will be easy , I always find the early numbers of a 'new ten' real easy to breeze through, it's the 5's and 7.5's that are a real bitch.

            Still cant manage 10,10,10 on chins. Still 9, 4 , 4 !


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              107.5k also handled for 3x5 with ease. New PB! Now entering uncharted territory, squat weight wise! 110k will be fun!


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                2 weeks - how's the bodyweight?
                Never, never, never quit! -- Winston Churchill


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                  3-5 pounds up. Cained 110k on the Squat today. 3x5 no problem, normally I stall once on 'new weights' but I went right through, now 112.5k will be waiting for me wednesday, I say bring it on. Call me crazy, but I think it's easier to keep better form with heavier weights.

                  Didn't do so well on the overhead press. I managed 5 very slow and hard reps. 4 good ones, then 3 average ones. Looks like 50k will be paid another visit. Really wish my shoulders would get better / more powerful.

                  112k dead. Nice, didnt go upto 115k from 110k as I think im gonna take it gradual from now, I usually take 5k bumps but sometimes that's just too much, and I wouldnt want to disturb my good form.

                  Really nice chin ups today, no messing around, starting from a dead stop, grippin bar hard, chin ENTIRELY over bar. Reps were 9, 5 ,5 . Up 1 in 2 last sets, down 1 in first, but the quality of the 1st set was excellent.

                  Good workout.


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                    Ohh and he crashes out on the Friday

                    Have had a good week this week though, 110k and 112.5k cleared on the squat. Friday today and I only managed 115k for 4 valiant reps. I deloaded to 100k as I could kind of feel the wear and tear (have had shit sleep for 2 nights, so im paying for it). Not dissapointed, like I said I have had a wicked week, and I am at 115k on the SQ which is a PB!

                    50k Overhead press still not great. I have been making a habit of lifting the bar as close to my face as possible. I reccon next workout with this in, I will 3x5 it. Just missing 1 rep on each set, annoyingly slow but Ill manage.

                    Dead 115k (lol same as squat), I think the fatigue was setting in a bit, I managed 5 reps, but had lotta breathing time between reps, not the usual explosive ness.

                    I look foward to 2 days rest!!! Watch out weights, im comin for you monday.....


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                      Missed mondays workout (heavy weekend).

                      Tuesday has been fairly active with walking out all day, not much milk.

                      I think i will give it 1-2 more weeks, then im going to take up 2 weight sessions a week, one sprint session, and cut back kcals slightly. I'm happy with my results. 100k sq was the record and I beat it!