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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Gregg)

    I've been doing ok with the 3 elements of exercise: especially the lifting and sprinting. The general slow movement is harder since I'm tied to a desk... at least in theory. I've been doing Methode Naturelle inspired training since April, based on the WW1 era books of Georges Hebert. It's full body functional exercise. Since I started, I have gone from a fitness level of +12.1 to +44.65 last month.

    The tests are 100m, 500m, 1500m runs, hi and long jumps (standing and running), rope climb, press, shot put, swim 100m and dive (time)

    Lunch = Beef, peas, potatoes, carrots, corn on cob, water.

    I am still thinking about my goals for August: for fitness, it's a +54. That's a big increase, but it's not unreasonable. Sprints, heavy lifting, and lots of fun. I play outdoors a lot.

    Eating: It's usually whatever I can find. While I still plan to eat rice, potatoes, corn, etc... I plan to eat it in as natural a form as possible. Cut down on sugars and HFCS. I'm not up for bugs... sorry.

    Sleep: This is a hard one for me. I don't get enough sleep. I will try taking naps, prioritizing time better. It's also a social thing - keep my wife happy = better sleep for me.

    Avoid stupid mistakes. Oog. I need to re-read this.

    Use brain: I want to write a song, a story for kids, and a 24 page comic book this month.

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    MON: Got outside and walked around on break.

    Supper: Chicken vegetable curry: Chicken, curry, onion, potato, purple sweet potato, carrot, water, and coconut milk. I ate it over rice. Drank 1 oz root beer, and then water. I've been LOSING weight since Thanksgiving - 19 or 20 pounds in 8 months. A lot of that was bulky muscle - from doing a lot of 450# leg presses, eating a lot, etc.

    Went to class: Love and Respect, a marriage enrichment class.

    After, I just did "Antidote" with 5 pound dumbbells. Feeling a little R ankle weirdness, so I'm babying it a little.

    Did a couple comic strips: "Is that your dad?" and "100% organic". Basically, start with a title and do a comic. I was going to do a page, but strip came more natural for what I was thinking. They were very poorly drawn, but still funny.

    TUE: Sleep = maybe 5 + 2 hours sleep. I feel good. <3

    At work, everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. 46 today. I got cookies, and haven&#39;t eaten them.

    Lunch: Chicken salad: chicken, carrot, onion, greens, chopped nuts, and a light vinaigrette dressing.


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      TUE: Aft break: peanuts, water, and a short walk outside. Co-workers had cake for my birthday so I had a small piece and some juice.

      Eve: Walked from G&#39;s work to my work. Hopped the wall. Changed.

      Barefoot: Went to the wall and got my "mace" a 5&#39; chunk of metal pipe with a big jagged chunk of concrete at one end. I balanced on wall and swung that around for quite a while. Then I walked to soccer field and did 2x 24&#39; hang traverses. My arms were shot, so I did punches, back fists, hammer fists, chops, ridge hands, palm strikes and elbow strikes. Then I climbed on top of the goal, and tried to do support traverse, but only got 8&#39; or so. I stalked a cat, and charged it when I got about 10&#39; away. Jogged 60m figure 8s, trying not to step on any of the lines where the mower had chunked the earth. Did 6&#39; wall pops, and support shimmy traverses and cat crawls. I couldn&#39;t get 7&#39; Climbed on top of the goal again. Did 18&#39; support traverse. Set slippas on ground 12&#39; apart. Tried to running long jump over them. I was consistent at about 11&#39; 6" to 12&#39;. Did practice taking longer strides before jumping. Got one about 12&#39; 6". Walked my recoveries. Did a few pull-ups in tree. Climbed fence. Swam front crawl sprints 20 sec, with as much recovery as I felt like taking.


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        TUE: Walked back to G&#39;s work. Ate a cookie.

        Supper: Curry chicken over rice.

        Sleep: Many interruptions.

        WED: Biked to work.

        Break: Banana and mango. Jog/ walk with 6 vaults, 10 box jumps, 4 precision jumps, 5 dips, 5 pull-ups. Just to get a snips and some cable ties ;D


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          THU: Fun hike with Tim and Tom from BApk @ Iao Valley. I went barefoot, but carried slippas just in case. I never wore them, tho there were a couple times I wanted to. My first decent jump I hit a slippery rock. I fell back into the stream, my glasses fell somewhere else... into 3&#39; of whitewater. I wasted 5-10 minutes underwater before I found them. Put them in the pack.

          Because I was barefoot, and the trail was fairly rocky, I didn&#39;t run. I let them take the lead into Iao, about 45 minutes. We stopped for guava [yum]. I didn&#39;t stop for mud [squish]. On the way back, we 90% rock-hopped in the stream. They were taking long precisions, larger drops. Because I was barefoot and couldn&#39;t see well I was a lot more cautious. They both took their share of wipeouts. I&#39;m looking forward to the pics and video. Grin

          A lot of QM, a lot of small jumps [and a few bigger ones], a lot of walking. Some balance. A little climbing. Some swimming. I carried their packs a little, since I was taking safer routes. It&#39;s amazing how a little pack can throw your balance off, or get caught on a tree as you QM under. I don&#39;t even usually wear a shirt when I train, so wearing a wet shirt, plus a pack, plus the slippas over my hands...

          Finished off with some regular PK stuff by the bridge. Rail vaults, wall vaults, precisions, cat crawls, rail-walking [I didn&#39;t]. I had one bad landing. You can REALLY feel the difference barefoot.

          One thing - they got bit by mosquitos. I didn&#39;t. Was it because I spent that time underwater at the beginning? Or was it the curry I ate WED night? I don&#39;t know.


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            FRI: A few miles biking. Recovering from THU and dghs.

            Sleep: Noises that normally put me to sleep startle me awake. Got tons of rest, tho mild interruptions.

            Food: Mostly not eating. The little I found was carbs.


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              SAT: Biked 14 mi or so, then hiked 2-3 mi. Biked back to work. Swam.

              Food: As bad as yesterday.


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                Eaten poorly all week. No real workouts, either, though I did some biking MON, quite a bit of walking TUE, and a night walk last night.


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                  Stupid mistakes wreaked havoc on diet, exercise, and sleep the last week. I was able to get in short walks and bikes, and played outside every day. I took some naps, and was able to meet 1 of my 3 "brain" goals. I can still finish strong.

                  THU: Bike + wrote song

                  FRI: Bike + "mace"

                  SAT: Bike + walk (and read books that inspired me to write). Wrote a bit.

                  SUN: Helped tear down set. Jumped around a little.


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                    MON: Biked a couple miles

                    TUE: Only biked to work.

                    WED: I lose conditioning too fast. Walk. Dead lift rock x10. Wall pops [in slippas] x10. Barefoot: Bent arm hang shimmy on soccer goal, sprint one field length, run one length [x3]. And I was done in, so I climbed a fence and hit the pool for freestyle/ rest [4 lengths total]

                    WED PM: 50+ usher from KC saw PK vids on recent Russia trip. Thought of me. I was doing some minor barefoot vaults and stuff. Went from that to guitar - Put slippas on after we played. Got in a LOT of trouble from my wife. Barefoot = breaking the rules.

                    DGHS: 10 pm to 5:15 am. Tried to catch micronaps where I could. Exorcise in between - lot of walking, some pulls, chin-ups, basic learning exercises, moving stances, all the basic hand strikes, dynamic stretching.

                    THU: Walked barefoot to work - I must have a bruise under R heel from hitting that lamp post - felt it last night in slippas, and again when I hit large gravel area. I put my shoes on for that. Popped wall to work, QM under/ thru the bushes.

                    THU: Barefoot: Walk, lift container of water (19 gallons = 158#?) x10, rock climb (static holds, small moves), supports (inclined and uneven level), more climbing, 10 more lifts, swam 6 lengths.

                    FRI: I can really feel yesterday... especially in lats. Wow.