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    Hello all,

    I did a bit of a naughty thing today. I could resist it I jumped on the scales. Strike me!! I had lost 2kg/4.4lbs. I actually expected to have put on weight as i have had to take some heavy duty painkillers and have been eatting way more than I am use to. My clothing was more comfy and I have lost weight - I have a very happy girl.

    I started taking some pre-pregnancy vitamins today to give my body the best optimal chance.

    Check out todays offerings, note dinner - that is easily four times what I am use to eatting, i am stuffed and so very satisified.
    Breakfast - 1 egg, 1 rasher of bacon, 1 mushroom, 1 tomatoe, 5g goji berries (I can't be bothered frying my eggs, I prefer my egg and bacon cooked int he microwave)
    Lunch - 1 kiwi, 1 small tinned salmon in springwater
    Dinner - 1 cup salad, 2 boiled eggs, 2 rashers of bacon
    I am so very happy and now can quieten my mind that I have made the right choice. I won't weigh myself again for at least a week, that would be self destructive.

    Thank you all.



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      Hey Victoria,

      The other thing I notice that probably significantly impacts your fatigue is your low potassium and magnesium intake. Please see my potassium doc linked below as well as for her potassium and magnesium information.

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        Argh frustration. I just got mid way through making a massive post when I logged out in error.

        Today I am trying not to kick myself, I should have planned far better than this but I didn't and look what happened:-
        Mid night snack - roast beef, dijonnaise, kiwi
        Breakfast - 1 egg, 1 bacon, 5g goji berries
        Snack - 3 x small tins salmon
        Lunch - the canteen had nothing but chips and rolls so I found myself with a bar of dark chocolate - which I ate all 200g of it
        Dinner - Salmon, 1 cup salad

        I am trying to be positive about the dark chocolate bar. There was nothing else on offer and no other shops near, I weakened due to hunger (oh I am so very hungry today). I cracked open the chocolate and just found myself nibbling quite happily. I actually did hit my limit (with about two chunks left). If I had planned far better I would have been one step ahead. Also once a month for about a week my muscles spasm, I think this is from a mineral deficency of some type but with everything I take and eat I thought I would have had that covered. Any way I haven't managed to sleep as the muscle spasming (which doesn't normaly bother me) hurts when you have two broken elbows. I have been getting up in the middle of the night to take pain killers (which I really don't want to do) and then find myslef seated on the sofa until they kick in. Currently I am taking 500mcg folate, 1000mg fish oil, probiotic, 1800mg elemental calcium which also includes 600IU vitamin D, zinc, copper, magnessium and manganese as well as an Executive B which contains 75mg B1,10mg B2, 100mg nictotinamide, 68.7mg B5, 25mg B6, 30Ug B12, 145mg calcium ascorbate, 250mg vitamin C, 50IU vitamin E, 140mg magnesium phosphate, 100mg calcium phosphate, 117.3mg potassium phosphate monobasic, 150Ug folate, 250mg oats extract (not primal but the best I could do), 100mg passion flower, 50mg lecithin, 25mg choline bitartrate, 25mg inositol. Where am I going wrong??

        Thank you all for your kind thoughts, your tough love and your honest responces.

        Thank you kindly.



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          Okay, I am a walking eating machine. I thought I had this under control but I am so frigin hungry it isn't natural. All I managed to find was some more dark chocolate and some fish bites. Not good. What a bad day. I am really battling with dropping back into an old habit of laxative abuse, however I haven't done this for some time and I don't want to start. Don't worry by teling you about it I am putting myself in a position where I can't do it. Focus on my goals, ignore my bad days. As the pschy says it is like sun bathing some days you have to wait for the clouds to pass before you can enjoy the glorous sun. Oh I do hope I haven't gone backwards today. Oh pooh, I am really angry at myself. I have all these plans wating in the side lines for days like today and I never employed oe of them. Okay on the positive side I have learnt a great deal from today. No more dark chocolate for me as I can not stop at one peice, lots of planning before hand, i.e make sure I have enough good stuff on hand and if I get the munchies and it is genuinely the munchies then it is okay as long as i eat the good stuff, no good stuff the no eat, hence the planning. Oh I could just scream so very angry at myself and more to the point utterly disappointed. How many days have I been doing this and I fall of the wagon now? Well time o dust myself off and give myself a good shake. Lets get back on the PB horse!!

          I could make reasons for my poor mindset, but that would just be excuses. Oh angry, so very angry. I figure I have eaten about 3000cals today, humm!!



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            Okay. This is odd, I got home and put on my gym gear to for a walk with my husband and dog and my gym gear was more comfy than normal. My muffin top was reduced. How is this considering all I have eatten? Did my body need the calorie boost? I don't intend to question it, I also don't intend to do sweet things again. Firstly I felt the sudden increase in my heart beat, my viens becoma very enlarged and visual, I was a bit spaced out and skitty, the dark chocolate gave me an upset stomach and well I didn't enjoy any of it. So now more sweet stuff. I suppose I had to make the mistake to remember the reason why.

            Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to a really nice resturant, the menu is below.
            House Baked Dukkah Cob
            served with confit garlic clove, Pendleton extra virgin olive oil and 10 year old aged Balsamic
            | 12

            Pee Wee’s Taste Plate
            A gourmet tour of our Chefs entrees
            For 2 | 38
            For 3 | 57

            Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon (GF*)
            stained smoked salmon on poppyseed blinis with marinated fetta, textures of beetroot
            and a wild rocket and ruby grapefruit salad
            17 | 34

            Prosciutto Wrapped Roast Chicken Roulade (GF)
            stuffed with braised field mushrooms, baby spinach on spiced honey pumpkin puree
            17 | 34

            Soused Local Seafood Salad (GF)
            local seafood with a green paw paw and lychee salad, finger lime cocktail sauce
            and salmon pearls
            23 | -

            Braised Beef Cheek
            red wine, thyme and roast garlic braised beef cheek, served with Yorkshire pudding,
            green pea puree and horseradish cream
            20 | 40

            Salt and Pepper Fried Chilli Soft Shell Mud Crab (GF*)
            wild caught (imported) soft shell crab served with an avocado, nori and picked herb salad
            with chilli coconut caramel
            19 | 38

            Char Grilled Quail Breast (GF*)
            with dehydrated cranberry, coriander and pickled cucumber salad and a
            pomegranate dressing topped with eggplant chips
            19 | 38

            MAIN COURSE

            Apple Glazed Pork Belly (GF)
            with char grilled asparagus spears, Spring Bay scallops, potato puree and crisp pork rind
            | 38

            Spiced Pan Roasted Wild Caught Saltwater Barramundi Fillet (GF)
            on saffron mash with steamed bok choy and crispy shallots, black sesame & tomato salsa
            and native finger lime
            | 39

            Double Roasted Duckling (GF)
            on buttered baby spinach, preserved lemon and kipfler potatoes with citrus master stock
            | 39

            Seared Lavender Salt Lamb Fillet (GF)
            with mustard green beans and a cucumber & mint yoghurt
            | 38

            Char Grilled Kangaroo Tenderloin Fillet (GF)
            marinated in Tandoori spices on sweet potato, braised black beluga caviar lentils, mango foam
            served with a Dukkah yoghurt ball and Rosella flower
            | 39

            Sautéed Local Tamarind, Lime & Ginger Prawns (GF)
            served in a crispy wonton basket with coconut jasmine rice and a pineapple and coriander salad
            with house made chilli jam
            | 43

            Certified Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin (275 gram cut) (GF*)
            with potato and prosciutto galette, onion and red wine cinnamon jam
            and Pee Wee’s Shiraz jus
            | 48

            Fresh Fish of the Day
            | MP


            Thyme Roasted Portobello Mushroom (GF)
            stuffed with butternut squash, spinach and onion jam
            17 | 34

            Eight Spiced Eggplant, Chickpea & Smoked Raisin Curry (GF)
            with coriander and lemon gremolata and curry crumble
            16 | 32

            Panko Coated Zucchini & Tempura Cauliflower
            with horseradish dressing and beetroot glaze
            16 | 32

            SIDE DISHES
            Rocket, Pear & Parmesan Salad (GF)
            with white balsamic dressing
            | 13

            Sautéed Green Beans (GF)
            with flaked almonds
            | 10

            Wok Charred Seasonal Vegetables (GF*)
            with sweet soy and sesame oil
            | 10

            Buttered Kipfler Potatoes (GF)
            with a rosemary, pistachio, black sea salt praline
            | 10

            Pee Wees ‘Chocolate Slut’
            rich Belgium chocolate genache pudding on a hazelnut tuille
            with chocolate jelly and vanilla anglaise truffle
            | 16

            Vanilla Bean Crème Bruleè (GF*)
            with cocoa biscotti and white balsamic strawberry compote
            | 15

            Rum & Raisin Sticky Date Pudding (GF)
            with vanilla & lavender ice cream and burnt butterscotch sauce
            | 16

            Citrus Crepe
            with Cointreau orange sauce and coconut ice cream
            | 16

            Trio of Sorbets (GF*)
            served with wattleseed tulip
            | 16

            Dessert Taste Plate
            A gourmet tour of our Chefs selection of desserts
            For 2 | 32
            For 3 | 48

            I have decided that no dessert is needed and that I am going to have a starter and a main. But what to have?
            I am thinking the soused seafood for starters but then I can't decide between the braise beef cheek or the quail, but then there is the pork belly (hold the potatoe stuff though). Mmmm they all look so good, I will see what the husband orders and then take it from there. The desserts look nice but they actually don't interest me. Then again after my self induced diabetic coma from all the dark choc I have eatten today I think I have safely managed to turn myself off the sweet stuff.

            Trying to ignore today and focusing on the positive.



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              Today is my birthday. Sofar it has been an awesome day. I have been spoilt rotten nd left alone at work. I got up at 5:20am and took the dog for an hour walk. What a brilliant start to the day, I love it then the darkness makes everything mystic and romantic. After my walk I put on a dress that I could only wear if I was wel under 60kg and yet here I am in it and comfy. I planned for success and fried up some snacks for today and thought I would nibble on one or two bits, I must have been hungry as I ate the lot. I did panic a litle when I realised what I had eaten but it is all proper food so I am reframing from stressing over it. Also I probably won't eat like this ever day just the cycle of life, som days I am hungry others I am not.
              Breakfast - 1 rasher bacon, 1 egg, squirt of olive oil (yep I put them all ina fry pan), 5g goji berries (not in the fry pan)
              Lunch - 2 small tins salmon in spring water, some avocado
              Snack - 2 rashers bacon, 3 chilli sausages
              Dinner - going to a nice restaurant so I don't know yet.

              I am having an awesome day. I feel lean and sexy. Things can just keep getting better and better.



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                Wow! It's great to see your menu progress from the beginning of your journal. What a change.

                Happy Birthday!
                Little Saiyan


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                  From reading through it appears you're still not eating enough, and you're overly worried about calories. Looks like you need to eat a lot more veggies.
                  Part of the reason the Primal eating lifestyle works so well is that you don't have to track calories.
                  Base your diet off of meat, lots of vegetables, and lots of healthy fats and you won't have to track calories, you won't be hungry, and you'll still lose weight. Better to eat too much then to come up short and get the munchies and fall into the carb craving cycle.


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                    The 19th I ha a bit of an upset. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day and (I feel like) I ate too much. Then today because I was a bit upset at myself for the last two days I did the same and ate wrong.
                    I really struggle mentally some days and I also think my cycle really isn't helping but I know this lifestyle works so I am taking on board all the valuable advise I am being given and making an effort to succeed. Only I can do this and unless I break the cycle I will be stuck here.

                    In the next day or so I will find out if I am pregnant, to be honest I don't think I am but there is always that chance. Oddly enought knowing that I am going to be a vessel for a new life hs change the way I look at my body to some degree. I have to make a good safe home for a baby to grow in and therefore I am changing my eating regimen to give any life within me that optimum chance.

                    Fingers crossed.



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                      I quickly skimmed through your posts. Happy late birthday!

                      My unexpert opinion is saying you should eat more. Seriously, if you're hungry it means your not eating enough in my book.

                      I remember reading something somewhere a while back that you can basically eat as much as you want as long as its in line with an evolutionary diet (paleo or primal) and you wont gain fat. You will arrive at a healthy fat level and build muscle.

                      If you want to make you're body safe for a baby you got to get some more food down that gullet.

                      Finally, as i read through your posts you really are doing great. Its so cool to see how you started and look at your food intake now. I'm blown away by the increase. Keep up the excellent work and eat good foods when you are hungry. No need to feel bad about eating "too much" as long as they are good foods. Keep it up!



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                        Wow thank you BArefoot Paul,

                        Yesterday was a right off. I am not going to think about it, however I felt so il yesterday that when I got home I was soo sure I had to be pregnant. Nope, not. Utterly peeved and so totally gutted that the only thing I fancied was a chip sandwich and icecream. Talk about the utlimate no no.

                        I did it, I enjoyed it and thankfully my body hasn't hated me too much this morning.

                        Back on the wagon again, however I feel so rank. I have an upset stomach that feels similar to motion sickness, a strange head that feels like I am on a boat going up and down and the acid reflux and indigestion is just awful. I can't make head nor tail of it. I have eatten and everything but I still feel like I could crawl under the desk get into the feotal position and sleep.

                        Breakfast - 2 small tins salmon in spring water, avocado
                        Lunch - Meatloaf
                        Dinner - Do know yet, but probably salmon fillets and salad.

                        Oh I feel wrong.



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                          Hey gumdrop, I'm new here but I've been doing the Primal thing for about a month now, and just wanted to weigh in (har!)

                          First, this and some of the other posts I've seen by you suggest to me that you have a really negative relationship with food- you are really into the weighing and counting and being down on yourself for "bad" choices.

                          I think the best thing you can do for yourself is try and stop the focus on rules and weights and just eat! I'm American, so your weights and measures confuse me, but it just looks like you're not eating enough. After just a month of this lifestyle, my body is pretty good at telling me what it wants. It is tough to let go when you want control over the eating thing so bad. I think the most important thing is to let go of the "food is evil, and more food is more evil" mentality and try to let in "food is awesome and it nourishes my body" mind set.

                          Also, it is good to eat so you feel healthy and full of energy... it is bad to assign morality to food choices. You are not "bad" when you drink diet soda and eat too much chocolate (although I take issue with the sugar free... eat real 85% cocoa! it is the best!) I had a piece of pizza yesterday. It gave me tummy pains. Did I immediately explode and gain 50 pounds? Nope. Am I going to hell for it? No. Just felt like crap for a couple hours, but whatever.

                          I think it's def a good goal to try and get into a good headspace with food before you get pregnant or have your baby. My mom had a very disordered relationship with food (which I know she got in turn from my grandma) and so it definitely affected me growing up, and helps me to understand some of what is going through your head now.

                          So just relax! I agree with others, I think it is awesome how far you've come since starting this journal. Please don't take this as criticism, just a little honest concern. Sounds like you're on the right track


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                            Yesterday I felt as rough as guts and I am still not on form, however some great news. I have managed to wash my own face, I feel like such a big girl! Sorry all joking aside with the elbows as they are this is a fantastic feeling, I am starting to feel clean and good. Today regardless of the terrible nights sleep and the un-steady feeling that I have generally I still managed to got for 2 x 1hr walks with the dog. I would have easily covered 12kms (about 7.5miles). It felt awesome, I had the sun shine on my face, and I could hear the trees rustling and the children playing. Laughter is so infectious.

                            I have eatten more than I planned to, however I feel I made some good choices and therefore I am not too bothered about the intake.
                            Breakfast - (Usual) 1 rasher bacon, 1 egg, 5g Goji berries
                            Lunch - (This is where I went a bit wrong, however it was my poor planning). I had a chicken kebab and a packet of unsweetened carob coated ginger. I think carob is PB, however it probably isn't. I went for a natural one as it had the least amount of yuck in it and I was hoping that the ginger would settle my stomach a bit.
                            Snack - a little slice of roast beef
                            Dinner - Lamb mince curry and salad.

                            I have found that any meal that normally included pasta or rice such as bolognesse or curry works exceptionally well (or at least I think) with salad. My husband who is refusing to go PB looks at me with disgust but I am happy.

                            I am still bigger than I wish to be and get frustrated when I can't fit into my favourite clothing, however it will come. I trust this lifestyle change and truely feel that if I follow it then it will all come together.

                            Thank you everyone for your kind words, your tough love and your concern. There have been massive changes in my food intake and just as an example before I took on the primal lifestyle I would eat an apple for breakfast, an apple for lunch and dinner would be a small tin of salmon and a salad this would average at about 250 calories. Now I don't want to think how many more i am doing, but it is good stuff, stuff that my body needs to make me healthy and, when fate decides, a healthy baby. I am very frustratef that I am not pregnant yet, but when my body is ready then I will conceive.



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                              G'day all,

                              Well yesterday after I forced myself to go for a walk I felt a lot better. I did the same again today and it worked, I am begining to wonder if I am reacting to my body detoxing or something. Oddly enough I got a stash of 85% lindt dark chocolate, it is real good quality stuff. However I just don't fancy it. I would rather opt for some nice fruit or a tomatoe or a chunk of cucumber but not chocolate. I am feeling a bit odd about this fact.

                              I am still feel off colour and I just don't know why. I am thinking of seeing a doctor next week, but I don't really rate them very highly.

                              Todays menu is as follows:
                              Breakfast - 1 egg, 1 rasher bacon, 5g goji berries
                              Lunch - a little left over lamb mince curry, bag of cherries
                              Dinner - lamb steaks marinated in lemon, squirt of olive oil and some greek spices, 1 cup salad

                              Everytime I eat something I feel I have to drink some water at the same time to settle my stomach. All very odd as I don't like drinking whilest I am eatting. The last few days I thought that may be I was hungry so I ate a bit more than normal but that does not appear to be the case so I am having more water and hoping to flush it out.

                              Walked this morning which I always enjoy, then taking the dog for a play date soon and I am hoping to talk my husband into going for a nice evening walk with me. I don't like my chances but it is worth a try.



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                                Hello all,

                                Today was such an awesome day. It was so totally unplanned that it was shocking. We had planned to meet some frineds for breakfast with friends in the city. We meet up and had such a great time chatting that before we knew it the lads were of too the pub and we were off shopping. All my big plans of getting the house clean and doing a shed load of baking etc went to pot. No cleaning and no baking as us girls kept checking in with the lads and we noticed that the more they drank the more we were able to go shopping. At about 4pm we went back to the boys (who were utterly drunk) and then suggested an inpromptue dinner so we went to the wharf. What a great day.

                                Breakfast - 3 rashers bacon, 1 sausage, 2 poached eggs
                                Lunch - IF without realising it
                                Dinner - grilled barramundi and salad, 200g sausage, 20g lindt 85% dark chocolate

                                I got home from the barramundi and salad and was still hungry so I nibbled on some sausage and then after taking a pregnancy test I felt I deserved 2 chunks of dark chocolate.

                                Sorry, but I am gutted, totally gutted that I am not pregnant. I honestly thought I was, but I am not and that upset me greatly (tears and everything). To make matters worse I was at a psychic and the first thing she said to me was could I be pregnant, also the dog won't leave my side (more so than usual). Add that to all the other stuff and well I was so sure. I am gutted, my husband says that it doesn't matter, that it is a lottery and it just means we get more chance to practice. Gutted.

                                A friend said do the test again in the morning and have postive thoughts throughout the night. I don't think I will do that again. I hurts.

                                On a positive note, normally at this point I could be found knee deep in comfort food (all the bad shit), but no I had the 20g (2 chunks) of dark choc and yes I could eat some more but to be honest I am not going to. I am learning that two wrongs don't make a right.

                                I think the reason I have been feeling a bit ill and sleeping like a log recently (isn't from being pregnant) however instead is becuase my body is adapting to the new way of burning fuel. I am expected to feel this way for three weeks or so until my body realises the other way to burn fuel. Or at least that is what I think. If anyone else went through something similar I would be interested to here about it.

                                I am going to go and meditate. Night night all